What’s Your #1 iPad Question?

By  |  Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 11:25 pm

I’m not the only person with lingering questions about the iPad, and there are far more than 25 things left about it that aren’t entirely clear. So I asked my Twitter pals–I’m @harrymccracken there–what their #1 remaining question was. I got lots of good responses. If you’ve got answers, or informed speculation, or even more questions, please dive in…


Will iPad OS updates be free like iPhone or paid like iTouch?



Oh, also, Does the iPad signal the end of traditional Mac OS X? Will Macs run iPhone OS in the future? Seems possiable...



How is the search-from-webpage/screen keyboard interaction? Does the keyboard get in the way of scrolling the results?



My question is when can I use the #iPad as the worlds best home theater remote? $999 for a remote like: http://bit.ly/cXrdPx



Why doesn't it sync wirelessly? It's 2010, and your plugging this 10-inch device into your 13-inch macbook to sync?



visually, it looks great for movies, games and music. But what about sound? Good external audio or earbuds?



Why didn't Apple just include iWork for free as pre-loaded apps on the iPad? Don't think it'd lose them much money.



#1 question is can you tether the ipad to your iPhone and use your phones Internet connection?



my #1: will the iPad display PDF's ?


(Harry says: Yes.)


can it function as a scanner and will there be an optional document feeder? Will our pockets get bigger next season? :-



the iPhone supports MS Exchange well, how about the iPad?



Who in god's name is this thing for?



will more devs embrace HTML5 (eg Google Voice) for iPad in lieu of App Store approvals?



The iPad clearly crosses into other techs/gadgets. Which gadget/tech do you think it affects the most?



Q: If I already have an iPhone and a MacBook (Pro), why should I get an iPad?



can you make VoIP calls?



I'm interested in knowing about Apple's new chip used in the iPad. Is Apple in the chip business now? Or is it outsourced


(Harry says: They designed it–I assume someone else manufactures it.)


heres one. How do you PRINT those iWork docs from the iPad. Do you need to transfer to laptop or will it connect directly?


(Harry says: I asked about this. You can create PDFs, then transfer them via e-mail or computer sync for printing from your PC or Mac.)


How long until it adds flash to mobile safari



What's the deal with this A4 processor?



Q: Why? (I have a smartphone, I have a notebook) #1



Question: Why no flash support, again?


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7 Comments For This Post

  1. heulenwolf Says:

    When is this going to leave the coffee table?

  2. JP Says:

    Question : Can I put hand-written notes on a document (word, pdf or other) as with the IRex Iliad?

  3. JP Says:

    Question : Do I need a Mac Computer to reach the I-Pad full potential?
    I-Pad…what a bad name by the way.

  4. andy Says:

    How long before it’s jailbroken?

  5. Bryan Says:

    i heard it was unlocked out of the box, it just requires the micro sms so curently you could only use at&t, and in the future t-mobile, but you cant use verizon or sprint due to different technologies

  6. ipad 1 Says:

    There are not many other mobile devices that let you watch Netflix movies on a handheld device. Obviously, you can on laptops, but they take forever to boot up and are considerably less graceful in use.

  7. Rosie Medina Says:

    What can I use in place of Flashplayer ? I tried using a application Shutter fly and I need Flash player. Help I have I-Pad #1