Hulu Figures Out Its Future

By  |  Friday, February 19, 2010 at 11:06 am

Most people who want Flash on the iPhone and iPad don’t really care about Flash–they care about the profusion of video, games, and other content that currently uses Flash. Near the top of that list is TV megasite Hulu. Will it come to Apple’s mobile devices, as well as other newfangled gizmos like TV boxes? It wants to, says All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka–but it thinks that consumers should pay for the privilege, and is trying to figure out the logistics.



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    Hulu is great because its free. If it were paid theres other ways to get what they offer. Dont they get enough from advertising?

  2. Michael B Says:

    Hulu’s great as a free service, but it’s severely lacking as a paid service. If I were to pay for Hulu, I’d want full access to the entire season of a show, not just the most recent episodes. In fact, I probably would only pay for it on a subscription basis if I got *all* seasons of the show. That would definitely make it good enough for me to pay for it.