PC vs. Mac: The Straight Scoop

By  |  Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 10:32 am

(Here’s my latest FoxNews.com column–this one’s my attempt to compare PCs and Macs for non-geeks.)

Want to start a fight between computer geeks? Bring up one simple question: PC or Mac?

Windows advocates will start accusing Mac users of being members of a fancy-pants cult. Mac fans will maintain that Windows users are the undiscerning owners of hunks of generic junk. It’s a pretty undignified squabble, and both Microsoft and Apple egg it on via contentious TV ads.

Me, I’m cheerfully agnostic: I recommend both Windows PCs and Macs all the time, and use them both, too. The last computer I purchased was a thin-and-light Asus laptop running Windows 7; the one before that was a 15-inch MacBook Pro. When it comes time to buy a new machine, I’ll consider both options. And if your budget permits, I recommend you do the same.

The PC-or-Mac debate has been raging for more than a quarter-century, but making sense of it requires considering the situation as it stands at one moment in time. Here’s my take on things as of early 2010.

Cost. Venture into the computer department of a store like Best Buy, and you’ll find scads of computers priced well under $1,000 and a handful for a grand or more. The former are almost all Windows machines, and many are respectable choices. The latter, however, are nearly all from Apple — hence the common perception that Macs are way overpriced.

Every time I do the math, though, I come to the conclusion that the cost of Macs isn’t out of whack with that of similar Windows machines. Apple isn’t selling $750 notebooks for $1,500 — its portables tend to use higher-end processors, mostly have aluminum cases rather than plastic ones, are typically thinner and lighter than garden-variety laptops and run longer on a battery charge than many of their Windows brethren. The Microsoft-powered laptops most directly comparable to Apple’s MacBook Pro line, HP’s Envy models, actually cost more than roughly equivalent Macs.

Another point to consider: All Macs come with Apple’s excellent iLife suite, which provides tools for editing, organizing, and sharing photos, video, music, and more.  Bargain-basement PCs come with much more basic software at best.

Bottom line: You certainly don’t need to splurge on a system in the Mac’s price range to be a happy computer user. But with computers, as with most things in life, you generally get what you pay for.

Selection. The best thing by far about Windows PCs is the sheer unending variety of choices. They come in every size from teeny-tiny to extra-large. There are boxes with touchscreens, Blu-Ray players for high-definition movies, and TV tuners that let you watch and record cable and satellite TV. You can buy a PC that’s pink, or transparent, or designed to be as close to indestructible as possible.

Apple, meanwhile, makes Macs in nine basic variants: the basic MacBook laptop, the MacBook Pro laptop in 13″, 15″, and 17″ models, the MacBook Air ultraportable, the Mac Mini microdesktop, the iMac all-in-one desktop in 21.5″ and 27″ models, and the Mac Pro power desktop. And the company doesn’t do Blu-Ray, TV tuners, touchscreens, and other features that are commonplace in the Windows world. In short, getting a Mac requires that you buy into one company’s take on what’s important.

Operating systems. From early 2007 until late 2009, Microsoft’s operating system was Windows Vista. It was short on fixes for long-standing Windows annoyances, and often sluggish and crashy even when pre-installed on new PCs. It was a powerful argument in favor of buying a Mac — especially since OS X, Apple’s operating system, was (and is) a slick piece of software that stays out of your face rather than complicating your life.

In October of last year, however, Microsoft shipped Windows 7, the solid upgrade to Windows XP that Vista never was. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard remains more consistent, and less quirky, and some PC makers muck up Windows 7 by larding it up with demoware, adware, and other irritating extras. But the gap between Apple and Microsoft’s offerings is as small as it’s ever been. If you’re a basically content Windows XP user, you’ve got less reason than before to contemplate switching to a Mac when you buy a new system.

Security. The vast majority of the world’s hackers spend the vast majority of their time making trouble for the vast majority of computer users. That’s why almost all known viruses, trojan horses, and other malicious applications attack only Windows PCs. Including really dangerous ones that can steal your credit-card and banking information. Recent releases of Windows security suites such as Norton Internet Security are pleasanter to use than their predecessors, but they’re still not exactly entertaining.

Buying a Mac doesn’t let you simply opt out of worrying about computer safety, however. For one thing, Mac owners are equally vulnerable to the growing number of threats that target social networks and other online venues, not Windows-based computers. Still, a Mac owner who runs no security software is vastly less likely to be the victim of a successful attack than a Windows user who’s protected up to his eyeballs.

Service. The best time to think about whether a computer company builds reliable machines and backs them well is before you plunk down any money, not after something goes wrong. No manufacturer ships defect-free systems or makes every customer happy: At the moment, for instance, Apple is dealing with widespread complaints about faulty iMac screens.

Even so, the company has a more consistent reliability and service record than any of its Windows-centric rivals, as shown by surveys conducted by both PC World and PCMag.com. Check out these studies for invaluable real-world data before you buy from any major company.

The best thing of all about the PC-or-Mac decision? Despite what impassioned partisans may contend, it’s not a big, existential question. Whether you buy a Windows system or a Mac, you’ll find that the Web is the Web, that good software (much of it free) is plentiful, and that printers, cameras and nearly all other hardware work fine. Hey, they’re just computers, folks — and the only thing that really matters is choosing one that fits your needs, taste and budget.



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  1. thepeng Says:

    I didn't realize you write for fox news… how does that work? Do they just buy the odd article off of you or what?

  2. Muay Thai Says:

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  3. Richard Says:

    When I price Apples to PC, especially Mac Pro to high end Windows desktop the Mac is way over-priced. Sorry Harry but dat be the truth.

  4. zach Says:

    Macs are not over priced in my opinion i have had the same mac for 3 years and it runs perfectly, just a bit of cleaning out over time but thats all. no viruses nothing. in 3 years time of having a pc im sure i would have gotten a virus as my friends have and most of them have paid alot of money to have their computers rid of these bugs. So they have ended up paying the same price for their computer as I did mine. Im never buying another PC again……… EVER

  5. gannggstaz Says:

    You're making a hypothetical argument, and that doesn't work if you really aren't sure. I've run windows for 3 years and have never gotten a virus, though I deviated to linux recently for the faster boot time and learning experience. If I do get a virus I would just set windows to restore to the most recent restore point, or reinstall and copy over files from my backup drive. Windows computers are overpriced compared to custom built PC, but because mac controls the hardware that their OS is put on, they can charge whatever they want, and generally add a couple hundred dollars.

  6. Max Says:

    If you know what you are doing you do not get thoose viruses and if you know what you are buying you can buy a windows computer running the latest games on max even though it is 3 years old… A new 27" iMac can't run the latest game maxed… They tried it like 2 months ago in a computer magazine here in sweden… My friends 3 year old computer cost him 1400 usd aprox, the apple 27" costs aprox . 2800 here in sweden!

  7. Luc Says:

    Well, that really isn't the idea of this article. Why would you worry so much about price if you are buying that high end of a computer?

  8. The Dude Says:

    Are you considering the pre-loaded software, tech support, and general longevity of the machine? And ANY laptop is obviously going to pale in comparison to ANY desktop if you're analyzing cost to specs. The whole point of laptops is that you sacrifice some of the processing power etc. for portability.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    I have 2 pcs and 5 macs in my office – the PC laptop is 2 years old and it's functionality is very limited, and the tech guys suggested we get a new one, they couldn't fix it's problems. The PC desktop got very slow after 2 years (it is 4) – I only run one program on it, have taken most of my docs off of it to keep it running at all, but it is VERY SLOOOOW!!! All of the macs are between 3 and 6 years old and run incredibly well. So the macs are more expensive initially, but they stay relevant for a lot longer – less trouble and ultimately less money spent.

  10. mikethetator Says:

    wow, can't fix a pc….get new tech guys. macs, no matter which way, form or fashion are over priced and over rated period – i'm a technician, i work on both macs and pc's all day about 15 hrs a day, 6 days a week. I'm on my 2nd pc in the 10yrs i've been using computers and cannot fathom going to a mac based platform at all.

  11. Alex Says:

    A balanced post on the Mac v PC debate. Recently I went Mac after years and years of PC. The screen on my Dell laptop started to go, so it was time for a new computer. I looked at new Windows laptops, but for the kind of spec I was after, the price about the same as a Mac, and Macs seem to have better displays for photo editing, which is important to me.

    I plumped for an iMac with a 21.5" display. I love it. The built in apps are excellent and after years with a weeny laptop display, the iMac display is great. All has not been plain sailing in the Mac world though, duff memory messed up my iMac hard disk big time and I had to re-install the OS after two weeks! Still, faulty hardware does happen. Now the memory is OK, my iMac is fine, and great for me too.

    I have never really had hardware problems with PCs, but recently, and despite firewalls here, and viruses and malware there, PC hardware has not caused me problems. However the PC security worries are a pain in the butt. Windows Vista put me off too, and Windows 7 did not convince me either.

    Anyway, I think the main reason why Macs may be better than PCs is that they are designed from the ground up by Apple. Apple knows what goes in to them, and so the specs for hardware manufacturers for drivers etc must be consistent – for Windows though, you can have 50 zillion components made by 50 zillion companies, so the possibility that one bit won't play well with another must be much higher.

    All computers are complex beasts, and they are getting more complex. I believe that Apples integrated approach to design makes a lot of sense, and for people like me who want something which just works, Apple is the way to go.

    I have tasted the Apple, and do not think I'll go back to Windows. That said, my net book runs Windows XP – which is/was a good solid OS.

    My 2 cents.



  12. Ivor Biggun Says:

    well said

  13. Alan Says:

    Nice article, but there is one important caveat. Macs can run Windows now, too, using Boot Camp or VMWare Fusion or Parallels. This essentially levels the playing field of Windows' perceived software title advantage.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    I have put mac on my PC. The software is on all torrents. As a matter of fact with my newest laptop, { 8gig RAM, I-7intel 740, and 500gig 7200rpm(macs are at 5200 rpm i believe)} costed me 1440, while the same size (15 inch) Mac pro costed 2850. Its basically what they add for the name and cool stylish designs now that OSX is everywhere on the web. Personally I like Win7 but i love to show off my SLeopard to people with Macs 😉

  15. Luc Says:

    But that is difficult, and the general person would not be able to do that. I think some computers are incompatible with Mac OS X, too, further complicating it. But installing OS X on a PC is awesome!

  16. Ivor Biggun Says:

    you mean a " hackintosh "

  17. Max Says:

    You can run MAC OSX on a PC aswell….

  18. ediedi Says:

    Since i bought my first mac 3 years ago, I have had many times the mac vs pc argument with many of my friends. Two conclusions arise: macs are more expensive because the price of admission is very high, and no ordinary person (read – non-geek) will ever buy the ‘they cost the same when equipped the same’ argument (however true that may be). The second conclusion is that there is no better choice, as you said, the computer you choose must fit you. However, one should get over the preconceived ideas and try to make a conscious choice (ideally by using both platforms to form an opinion).

  19. Chip Says:

    I’m wondering if this article is akin to someone writing about turntables at the dawn of the CD.

  20. Samantha Says:

    Oh, Chip. Where's the dip? You little devil.

  21. Arturo Bandini Says:

    The Technics 1200 is still the Mac of turntables.

  22. Paul Says:

    Typically what writers like Harry would do would be to write an article dedicated to one site for their publishing. Fox pays him regularly to write x number of articles in say a month. As the writer, Harry will be allowed to republish them on his own website after a certain exclusivity period expires. In the mean time, he writes his own articles here and pays other people to write here as well.

  23. Sean Says:



  24. RagMopp Says:

    Whats the matter……..scared of the truth?

  25. The Dude Says:

    I'm dying

  26. Rebecca Says:

    well, if you are, Fox News is a good place to hide

  27. Partners in Grime Says:

    Actually, Richard, it's the opposite. High-end Mac Pros cost less than comparably equipped Dells.

  28. gannggstaz Says:

    Mac Pro:
    One 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem”
    12GB (3x4GB)
    2TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s hard drive
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB
    One 18x SuperDrive

    Studio XPS 9100:
    Intel® Core™i7-960 processor(8MB L2 Cache, 3.20GHz)
    12GB Tri Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz – 6 DIMMs
    2TB – 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 64MB Cache
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5
    Single Drive: 16X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability

    Now you're simply lying to make macs seem superior, well actually equal, to comparable windows systems.. Sure, there are some minor differences such as the CD burner (which by the way can be swapped for a blu-ray burner for 200$ with the xps) and I don't know the cache size on a mac processor, but even with those upgraded beyond the mac pros current configuration, the mac is still considerably more expensive.

  29. VR46fan Says:

    Don't forget to add software with equal functionality into that Widows box. The software including the cost of the OS will easily drive the price of that machine past the price of the Mac.

  30. VR46fan Says:

    Oh yeah, and another thing in favor of Apple is that if I ever did need to call support, and in the six years since I've owned my Macs I haven't yet, the phone rings here in Austin, TX. NOT in a third world country.

  31. ljhjhlkjhkljhl Says:

    Austin TX is just as bad as a 3rd world country.

  32. Harry McCracken Says:

    I’ve been doing a column for Fox News for a few months, and they’ve been nice enough to let me run them here after a few days. They show up first in FoxNews.com’s Scitech section, on Tuesdays…


  33. Ian Says:

    Recently I needed to buy a new computer. I asked my son, who is at university, which was the better, Apple or Windows. He replied that the consensus throughout the university was that although the display was a bit better on the Apple, their laptops would last only about three years, mostly due to overheating. It seemed that the people who bought Apples were either wealthy, or businesses that found the extra display quality necessary and were able to claim the higher cost against their tax bill.
    Being neither wealthy nor a business I am using a version of Unix but will go to Windows 7 later on.

  34. Seven Says:

    That Sounds like you didn't get good information… I Work in the IT Department at a Local College and we have about 10K Desktops/Laptops combined throughout our school. In that number we've got around 500 (+-100 or so) Macs from Mac Pro's, 27" iMacs, Mac Mini's and the Macbook Pro Lineup. We REPLACE all of our Computers every 3-5 years except our Macs. They are the Only Ones that Keep Work like they did the day we bought them… We only Replace the Macbook Pro laptops when they are Broken by someone or Theft.
    We've NEVER Had a Problem with OVERHEATING.
    I'm sorry you were lead down the wrong path with this wrong info but that isn't the case with Macs.
    In fact if you ever have a Problem with your Mac During your 1 yr warranty, Apple Will bend over backwards to Fix the problem!
    I know first had about this because my Personal iMAC has had a Bluetooth Issue since day one… I didn't notice it right off because I never used more than the bluetooth mighty mouse. When I hooked up a second BT item like the keyboard The mouse would start to LAG really bad… I then called applecare (Which I added to my Purchase for $170. for an extra 2 years warranty)
    After having the Bluetooth chip Replaced at the Apple Store I thought it was fixed… Turns out it wasn't. So i then called applecare again. They sent someone out to Replace the Chip again and this time the Logic Board.
    Guess what it didn't Fix it!
    I recently called Apple not a week ago and this time the Tier 2 Rep said, We want to Replace the your iMac with a New Version. We had a 20" 2.4GHz intel Core2Duo with the ATI 2600HD video card that had 256 ram on board. All in all the iMac was Great for what I did! It cost me about $1800 out the door almost 3 yrs ago. I was Happy and excited about getting my First Mac that I own!!! This time round!
    NOW I am getting the NEW iMAC 3.2GHz intel i5 processor , ATI 5670 with 512 ram on card. 1TB HDD
    Now how bout them Apples! LOL

  35. ^_^ Says:

    i c wat u did tharr

  36. IcyFog Says:


    My PowerBook G4 runs hot but that's because I assume it's doing its job and actually dissipating the heat. It's five years old, never overheated, to where it's become unusable, and I've used it religously and for hours on end too.

  37. herpaderp Says:

    My $200 toshiba (considerably more expensive now due to upgrades) does the same. I upgraded almost every single component and feared it would overheat because I didn't change the cooling system at all, but it's been running fine, even with lengthy gaming sessions.

  38. ivor biggun Says:

    that's exactly right. There is a strip where heat can escape from one end of the computer right across the top of an Imac. The heat there is the heat escaping as it should

    I have never had mac book pro overheating either

  39. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    In my experience, the Macbook Pro line is the very best laptop line out there. But when I need more power (for games or video editing) I always turn PC, because the available hardware really lowers the price and you can get a killer machine starting at 800 € 🙂

  40. ediedi Says:

    Among the ‘pc guys’ prejudices I found regarding macs, the heating issue was quite common. Also a prejudice (albeit ‘positive’) is the ‘mac screens are better’ one. Of course, having actually used macs, i find both statements to be unfounded.

  41. phil28 Says:

    Like Harry, I also use both PCs and Macs, but Macs are so much easier to use and more reliable based on owning about 8 computers over the past 10-12 years. And when I do run into a problem with a Mac, competent help is just a few minutes away by phone or a fifteen minute ride to one of their stores. When I open up my MacBook lid, WiFi is connected within seconds and I’m able to use the computer within 15 seconds. No interruptions or delays. With my PCs (even running Windows 7) I have to wait 30-90 seconds to connect and often WiFi doesn’t connect. If you go to the computer’s wireless settings there’s often conflicting programs (the computer company’s own and Microsofts).

    While Macs may cost a couple of hundred more for a top notebook, that’s well worth it in the time I save, easy repair options, and the lack of aggrevation.

  42. herpaderp Says:

    I run crux linux on an ibm thinkpad, from the late 90s I believe, and boot time is down to 9 seconds, to a GUI, wifi loads in the boot process. OS is free, I got the thinkpad from a garage sale, and it runs faster than both my windows and mac system because both OS's are memory hogs because of background processes and security problems. While setup may have taken about 3 days, it's well wroth the time I save, and the total lack of viruses.

  43. Tech Says:

    Personally I’m a PC person.

  44. kenh Says:

    All things considered, having used both for nearly 20 years, (I said ALL THINGS) from a value received point of view, the Windows platform is the one that is overpriced.

  45. Bob Abbott Says:

    100% correct and dead-on.
    I just bought a Netbook with Win 7 and it’s a tiny marvel but when my MacBook Pro needs replacing I’ll get another. And, if that isn’t possible and I get a PC instead i’ll be happy as long as it’s ok performance-wise.
    The argument always strikes me as a bit sophomoric anyway. Why not argue about cars too? Oh wait…. 😎

  46. Mike Says:

    I've always been a bit baffled by the cost comparison. It seems to run this course:

    1. Someone quotes the complaint about Macs being pricier than comparable PCs

    2. They give an example that shows the opposite

    3. They conclude that Macs are not pricier than comparable PCs

    I have found time and time again that Macs, indeed, are pricier (often 2X to 3X more) than comparable PCs. As one of many examples, I recently purchased a HP G60 laptop. The closest comparable Mac has a slightly smaller screen and half the RAM of the HP, and cost 3X as much, even when considering a separate MS Office purchase. HP was around $700 with tax, including a 2-year add-on warranty. Mac was close to $2000, and again, would have left me with half the RAM and a smaller screen.

    When you shop at manufacturers' web sites for your PC you'll get milked. When you look for bargains, you'll find them – and it will give you a much better machine than the Mac at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost.

    Simply stated, Mac users will be Mac users. I stand by my bumper sticker-esque philosophy on this: Mac isn't a computer, it's an attitude.

  47. lawlerskates Says:

    Very well stated!! I couldn't agree more!!! I'm a gamer, and I find PC's are waayy waaaaayyy cheaper to get where you want them to be power wise and graphics wise. It's also my understanding that with a PC, you don't have to worry about working on it yourself and popping that warranty! (Unlike Mac) My mother in-law just loves loves her Mac, but she doesn't have a clue as to where her motherboard is. Those are the people that need to use Macs in my honest opinion….the ones who can't point out where their hard drive is, or can't open up their control panel and actually uninstall a program themselves….yep. That's what I hate about pretentious mac users the most- they act like I'm the stupid one for using a PC, except when they had a pc it was messed up all the time….so who's stupid?? lol

  48. ivor buggun Says:

    yes well, a gamer would say that. Macs are professional graphics Arts machines. They were designed for graphic Arts, not gaming

    The ones that use Macs do not want to fix them. Macs don't break down like PCs do and if they did, you call the apple store to fix it

    So who wants to know where a hard drive is?

    What a stupid argument

  49. Garrus Says:

    Also consider that mac pro run Xeon cpu which are faster than core i7…

  50. Kim Says:

    Incorrect. Xeon and i7 are identical. One is optimised for Server instuctions and one isn't, but this has no effect on the Mac Pro.

  51. herpaderp Says:

    it's not faster because of the name put on it, there are different options for each in terms of GHz and caches. I personally prefer AMD as far as cost is concerned, but that's beside the point. Before you post lies look some of it up.

  52. Brutal Says:

    Excellent article … but, even though it tells the truth, I still will not be able to stop bustin’ on my friends who love and swear by their Macs … especially those who send me files I can’t open … LMAO!!!

  53. DG Reid Says:

    I always tell people that they should buy the least expensive computer that does what they want to do (web, email, word processing). This is the PC most of the time. At least compare the apps on each machine before deciding. Why buy a more expensive machine to get the same app?

    For iPad/iPhone developers, you may have little choice but to go with Macs since Apple seems intent on forcing the issue. I like the Mac hardware and software, but don’t like financing Jobs’ ego.

  54. Pete Says:


  55. Marky Says:

    I can agree to Macs being easier to use as I had to borrow one when my sister broke it, but PCs can be tweaked to your needs much easier. Can you upgrade your components as more recent ones come out? If so, I doubt you can do so on a Mac as easily as you can on a PC. Can you pimp out your Mac with a liquid cooling system and go 4-Way SLI with quad or more monitors? I don't think so. Feel free to prove me wrong.

    All in all, I believe that Macs are for those who can't be bothered to spend time studying their unit's inner workings to make full use of it. PCs are for those who can take pride in the rig they've set up and the settings and apps installed to make our PCs a force to be reckoned with.

    Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. This comes from the people I've met, Mac and PC users alike.

  56. MacProUser Says:

    The thing is… you don't need that crap in a Mac. It stays cool and yes, it can connect to 4 monitors, in fact I'm using 6 right now, plus a projector.

  57. Alex Says:


    On the tweakability factor of PCs, I’m 100% with you! I’ve built two PCs, and it was great fun – and they worked very well too.

    I know I cannot pull my Mac apart (well, I could – but I won’t, yet), but my tweaking days are now over – work, and child calls. Such is life. Macs are good for people who just want to use a computer, not pull it apart and play with it – and not many people want to, nor are capable of doing this. I love the built in software you get with Macs.

    I’m still happy to have gone from PC to Mac, even if my iMac has proven a little temperamental – trouble with memory, possibly, and file system errors too – not sure what the cause is, but I got an external HD for backups – just in case!

    What killed the PC for me, was all the malware, viruses and the like which managed to creep in – despite firewalls, antivirus etc. Mac seems very good from this point of view.

    If you are happy with a PC, great, if not, try a Mac!



  58. Mike Says:

    The main point that drove me to comment was the author’s statement, “Every time I do the math, though, I come to the conclusion that the cost of Macs isn’t out of whack with that of similar Windows machines”.

    Not sure what “math” that is, but it’s not true.

    @Alex – 3 responses:

    1. Built-in apps with Mac. I agree that’s handy, but the issue I’ve come across is compatibility “with everyone else” (who uses a PC). The built-in Mac apps don’t save in a native format that is completely agreeable with Microsoft Office products (even if the extensions look the same, there are small tweaks, anomalies, and formatting issues). To make it work you have to purchase and install the Office products for Mac (which are STILL not completely compatible, but a lot closer). If you have to go buy apps to be compatible with your office mates/friends, doesn’t that lower the appeal of the built-in apps?

    2. Your iMac is temperamental. This is proof (yet again) that the common refrain from Mac users about their systems not having any issues compared to PC’s is wrong. Thanks for being honest with that! 😉

    3. The malware issue. I hear this all the time, and it’s absolutely true. You have to ask the question “why” to get the full perspective. If over 90% of the folks on the earth use PC’s and you spend your time designing malware, who are you going to focus on? Mac users will experience more and more malware and similar issues as their users grow. This is ironic, as Apple continues to try to grow the number of Mac users while touting that they have no issues with viruses or malware. You can’t have both. If you are the most populous computer, you will face the most challenges with people trying to take advantage of you.

    I contend with the author that the two choices are very similar. If you want a Mac you are going to spend much more money than you would for a comparable PC. My old axiom holds true to this day – “Mac isn’t a computer, it’s an attitude”.

    That doesn’t mean you’re a jerk if you buy a Mac. It means you have bought into the Apple marketing and thus have spent more money than necessary for a decent computer. The caveat here is that some folks are forced into a Mac because of what they do (developing iPhone apps, for example). Can’t say much about that issue – they don’t have a choice.

  59. duh~ Says:

    i didnt bother reading the rest of what you wrote.

    PC users complain about officer not being compatable between mac and windows. the fact of the matter is PC users are to stupid to realize they need to update there office package. You have high paid buisness men walking around thinking there hot shots with there 10 pound dells that they purchased for 800$ thinking they got a good deal, running office 2001.

    Mac makes you be up to date.

    PC users need to take care of there PCs and stop complaining.

  60. Oscar Says:

    Is true. Very true. So very true. You should know better and you should get off the web with your little wimpy, inefficient PC. Don't be hating on Mac users just because you can't afford to use one. Boo hoo.

  61. Alex Says:


    I take your point on the apps front – but I’ve been having a heck of a problem with Office documents recently – everyone seems to have a different version of Office! Powerpoint is a nightmare – but can be exported to Quicktime video from within Mac – which allows transitions etc via iWork. iWork costs much, much less then MSoft office, but I do not think its spreadsheet is as powerful as Excel.

    An alternative is either to export docs to .pdf – which means format will not change, or use OpenOffice – which is fine for word processing, but the OO version of Powerpoint is clunky and if you run exported presentations on the latest version of PowerPoint, you can have formatting fun.

    OOs spreadsheet is OK, but it’s not as full featured as the Microsoft equivalent.

    I find that .pdf solves many problems with text documents- and creating .pdfs is very easy to do in Mac too.

    The compatibility of Office type programs needs to be looked at and sorted out IMHO.

    “Your iMac is temperamental.” Maybe I have been unlucky! Or maybe a few more Mac users will be truthful!

    The malware issue. – I partially agree with you here. The Mac OS is, I feel, inherently more secure than Windows – Unix systems seem to be tougher – BUT as you say, malware writers will start targeting Apple computers soon (Although the iPhone seems to have got away with it so far – I know Nokia’s which have been malwared). Once the bad guys start paying more attention to Macs, we’ll find out if the OS is really as robust as it appears to be. Time will tell.

    “It means you have bought into the Apple marketing and thus have spent more money than necessary for a decent computer.” I do admit that I find the look of the iMac very impressive – and the all-in-one aspect is very convenient too. It has a great display, and a ‘quality’ feel about it. I know it cost a little more (but not much when compared to good Windows boxes), but I feel I’ve got value for money.

    However, I find the Mac OS more intuitive – I can find stuff much more easily than I could from within XP. And, Mac’s have a silly little feature which is a killer app for me – if someone sends me an email with a date for a meeting, lesson etc – which happens very often – from within Mail I simply hover the mouse over the date and can add it directly to iCal. This is incredibly useful – I’ve spent some time trying to find a way to do this in XP, but could not.

    I guess too, that I grew very frustrated with the fact that Windows does not do anything new and useful. File management needs sorting out (maybe Windows 7 is better). I can tag blog posts and put them on categories – on the Mac I can create a cool thing called a Smart Folder – which allows me to keep all the stuff from certain projects or containing certain info in one place. Aside from compatibility issues, I think my Mac allows me to work smarter than Windows.

    The Mac OS is pretty zippy too – on the whole I prefer it to Windows. Indeed, I had Macized the look of my old XP laptop!

    I suspect I’m going to stick with Apple for a while. Marketing is all very well, but if the product sucks, no amount of marketing can save it, as MS knows from the Vista disaster. Apples are good – I know people who have used them for years – graphic designers and a film producer, and they swear by the things. Word of mouth beats marketing. Again, Vista is an example.

    I have a Blackberry, my other half has an iPhone, while I prefer my Blackberry, I have the admit that the iPhone is an excellent product. Apple stuff may cost more, but I think you get more in return.



  62. public Says:

    PC of course !!!!
    0-Day WORKING 100% KIS2010 KEYS,
    Tested by me ,,,
    EnJoY 😉
    h ttp://adf. ly/2PsA


  63. Mike Says:

    Alex, I appreciated your calm, collected response. I think that alone proves that you are not fully indoctrinated in the “MacAttitude” like so many others. LOL…

    You said, “Apple stuff may cost more, but I think you get more in return.” That’s certainly represents the Apple marketing, but I disagree with it. For almost every Apple product I have found other brands where I get more for my money. MP3 players are the only area where I have found this is not true. My whole family has 2nd generation iTouch’s and we love them. I am not happy with the lack-luster functionality of iTunes (Windows Media Player allows me to do a lot more, including networked syncing/sharing of music across our home LAN), but the iTouch’s as devices have been great.

    Our PC laptops cost 1/3rd of comparable MacBook Pros (even including separate software that was not included) and have more features and power. My homemade media PC cost about 20% less than the comparable Apple TV and outpaces/out-functions it by far.

    Having said all the above, I believe it’s still a matter of opinion (obviously). I chalk up my friends who own Macs as folks who just don’t want to spend the time to learn the inner workings of computers and want something simple, straightforward, and “glossy” – even if they have to pay more. My friends who prefer PC’s seem to want to dig a little deeper in functionality, don’t mind piecing things together, and appreciate the cost savings. Neither is “right” nor “wrong” in their decision.

    My only hard stance on the topic is that the axiom “you get what you pay for” doesn’t hold true here. You can almost always pay less and get more when you go the PC route. You just need to be comfortable with PC’s, which some folks aren’t (even though Win7 has come a LONG way from prior OS’s). And that’s okay. 😉


  64. heh. Says:

    You obviously have no idea when it comes to the funtionality of a mac vs a pc. please never post again.

    and by reading most of these comments ive noticed that most of them are pc users bashing on mac users saying that mac users put up the attitude. which is funny.

    kthxbye 🙂

  65. Amber Says:

    I don’t think there is much debate among true computer geeks over Mac vs. PC. Most hate the PC and prefer a Unix system any day. Most of us use Windows mostly because it is common place, but we all have our back-ups.

  66. Corbie Says:

    VERY important point you left out is upgradability, with mac its a buy new can’t upgrade and with pc you can, its the ONLY reason I still use pc over mac

  67. FredEx Says:

    I have a few friends that have flipped to Mac’s. They tell me how great they are. I take what they say with a grain of salt since whatever they have when it comes to anything is better than anything else.

    One is an average Joe. He still has PC’s at home since his wife has tried his Mac’s and hates them.

    Another builds custom PC’s and services or updates them. She has gone Mac and talks them up big time even though she builds PC’s all the time that could smoke her Mac and costs less.

    The third is a programmer that works at home. He supports a multi-million dollar company with programming and also does much networking set-up for them and customer support. Their network is PC based. He was a PC and Microsoft does no wrong person. Now he is as hard core on Mac’s.

    All three have had their Mac’s returned for the display issue the Pro’s have had. The programmer is tough on anything, he often at peak can work 12 hours a day. His Mac Pro has had to go in for a new keyboard twice. He has replaced the mouse twice. I know he hasn’t had to send in his PC laptops, except when he dropped one and cracked the display. Being in the field he is in he has a two year replacement policy because the company equipment sold has to be the latest. He needs to keep up fairly closely to what they sell. Also he has 4 desktop PC’s at home networked to provide updates to the company and customers and they tie in to the companies main network. Never a problem with them.

    Their IPhones make me laugh. They love them, there is nothing better, but then they were tied in to ATT which sucked. Then they are lined up when the next one comes out.

    Where I see problems Apple users claim to never have, is go to a few good Apple forum sites. A lot of, “How do I fix…” or “How the H*** do I…” questions for those simple flawless never have a problem computers.

  68. Glenn Says:

    Garrus: The Xeon is a much older architecture then the Icore7 which from my experience beat the living shit out of my old Xeon hell the machine I am using now a quad core 9400 beats the old xeon box I have according to benchmarking anyway.

  69. mike Says:

    I’m a PC, but not a Windows user, what’s the term for a Linux user? no matter what anyone says, I’ll use Linux through to the end. it runs godly amazing. I’ve used Macs, I like them for media editing (video/audio/picture), there’s nothing better. I liked windows for general use, but I do know my way around the regular troubles. When it comes down to it, I’m going with the free OS that i’ve never had to reinstall and can do a darn good job of picture editing through their programs. and for general use it’s lightning fast without an unearthly amount of RAM.

  70. Jim Says:

    What happened to LINUX? Don’t you even know that it’s not for geeks anymore. You get Open Office for free ( it’s free anyway ) which is like ms office the corporate edition. If you have not tried LINUX then you haven’t had the full os experence.

  71. Rachel Says:

    One point to bring up though about Macs is the expense that software can be for it. Yes, I realize there are plenty of free things, but really… if you need to buy a software, you essentially have to buy it from Apple, and that’s it.

    Also… not nearly as many video games for Macs. There are definitely some companies, like Valve who are venturing into Macs, but definitely not nearly as many – and they do not run nearly as well. My cheaper PC runs WoW, honestly one of the easier games to run, MUCH better than my Mac does. You will not find a gamer with a Mac though who doesn’t also run Windows on it (through bootcamp or something similar).

    Plus for Macs though: great for school. I love their word processor and data entry program, I can literally whip it out anywhere and it will come on in no time, the battery life is amazing compared to my PC… but wow is it LOUD when it is on battery life. I feel like it’s an airplane taking off as soon as I pull up YouTube.

  72. darksteele Says:

    You can’t play the vast majority of video games on a mac. You can’t customize or upgrade a mac. Despite what the article says, if you actually research you’ll see that Macs are vastly more expensive for the build quality.

    Get a Mac if you are a spoiled college kid or a photo/movie editor. Get a PC if you are anyone else.

  73. Bill Says:

    Yes, definitely get a Mac if you're going to college. If you work at Wendy's and spend the rest of your time video-gaming, then stick with a PC. That's all you'll be able to afford.

  74. Feanor Says:

    i am a pc, don’t have a lot of experience with apple machines, just know i hate itunes! i would consider buying one (i know a few people who are huge apple fans), but the last time i was in the market for a desktop i wanted to spend less than a thousand–apple had nothing in that category. i ended up with a gateway with quad cores and 3gb memory running vista–paid less than $800 for it too. that’s just not possible with apple.

    also on the price debate–those who claim macs are cheaper than higher-end windows machines, are you talking strictly list price, or retail? i see lots of good deals on windows systems, but it doesn’t seem like macs ever go on sale.

  75. Sage Says:

    The cost of a high quality, custom-built PC is RIDICULOUSLY lower than the cost of a similar Mac.

    Therein lies the secret. You can’t even get a custom mac, you get one of whatever varieties they have out.

    The ability to build your own PC and replace/upgrade parts at any time with very little technical help required is reason enough to prefer PC’s. If Apple would get rid of their ridiculous “OS X only on Apples!” policy you could even enjoy OS X on your PC!

    Yeah, The reason Windows works on a Mac but OS X doesn’t work on a PC isn’t because PC’s are inferior, it’s because apple simply refuses to allow OS X to be installed on non-apple software. I love how Appleheads try to make that a legitimate argument. “Microsoft isn’t doing something tyrannical for once! That’s why OS X is better!” -.-

    Also the security/virus argument isn’t really fair. People write viruses for what’s popular, the viruses follow whoever has the most market share. This is not the fault of the Operating System.

  76. Erica Says:




  77. The Dude Says:

    "The ability to build your own PC and replace/upgrade parts at any time with very little technical help required is reason enough to prefer PC's. If Apple would get rid of their ridiculous "OS X only on Apples!" policy you could even enjoy OS X on your PC!"

    Depending on how you define "mac", having one custom built is entirely within the realm of possibility. If you really wanted to you could run OSX on a custom built rig. The OS is out there and I'm fairly certain that Apple even sells it in their stores (don't quote me on that though).

    And many people don't have the technical know how to build their own computer. They want something that's simple and works, which is why they get a pre-built system. I know firsthand how much cheaper it is to build your own computer. But by doing that, you have to know what part is busted and call up the company that made it if you have a hardware error. Compared to simply calling up the company whose name is on your system and having them walk you through your issues or replace the part – well there really isn't much of a comparison. Whether it's a PC company or Apple, customer support is extremely important to a lot of people. And a lot of people have said really good things about Apple's customer support. Coupled with their design and all the pre-loaded options, it's not really surprising why less tech-savvy people or even people who don't have the time to fudge around inside a computer would pick the Mac option.

  78. Steve Says:

    This isn’t Mac Vs PC, this is Mac Vs WINDOWS. Not everyone uses Windows on a PC, some of us use Linux, BSD or one of the alternatives. To us the debate is academic as we already know we’re using a better system 😉

  79. Tim Says:

    Well, la dee dah, big Steve. You speak with such authority. It really is a turn on. Call me big guy. 555-5555.

  80. Casey Says:

    So I was looking at lower end monitors ($200-350 range). The Dell, HP, Asus, etc, monitors were not amazing, but they were decent. But when I looked at the Apple monitors… Wow. What pieces of crap. They had at least 5x lower specs. It cost about $700 to buy an Apple monitor with the same specs as a $250 Asus monitor.

    This also seems to be the case with most Apple vs. Others I look at for hardware.

    Macs are ridiculously overpriced.

  81. Bill Says:

    I guess the debate continues. I prefer the PC because the competition between all the vendors of hardware and software seems to keep prices down.

  82. Jack Vermicelli Says:

    “The vast majority of the world’s hackers spend the vast majority of their time making trouble for the vast majority of computer users.”

    I doubt this and suspect it’s unfair. I imagine the vast majority of hackers are tinkering quietly on various projects, not hurting anybody, and not part of the malicious minority.

  83. terminhell Says:

    This isn’t a “pc or “mac” debate. This is an OS debate. both are personal computers with differences in hardware. Also, linux runs on them both and out performs them both in a lot of areas, including running the vast majority of the internet(Including this website. The rack server this sites on is a ‘pc’ with linux).

  84. Paul Black Says:

    Granted I haven’t used macs extensively, but an evening of trying to use a friend’s drove me mad. If you didn’t want to do things exactly the way the OS thought you should, then it wasn’t going to let you do anything at all. You may consider this to be a natural consequence of my lack of experience with macs. However my friend is a longstanding mac owner and the interesting twist is that it seemed to have infantilized his understanding of how to use a computer. For example he had no idea it was possible to go straight to a website if you knew its address. Whereas my windows using father who is a computing newbie and fairly indifferent about the tech already has a much better grasp of key concepts.

  85. Brian Says:

    Here I go:

    the mac method of keeping all of your software and hardware under one umbrella is great for system stability, the Mac method of jamming all that hardware into tiny plastic/aluminum enclosures and using laptop parts for Imacs drastically shortens the life of the compenents and prevents users from servicing them themselves.

    Mac’s are expensive – Just because you found a Sony Vaio that cost about as much with similar components at Best Buy does not mean that they are comparable. I can find a laptop on newegg that is 1 inch thick with a 6 cell battery, gpu and comparable processor/memory to a $2400 Macbook Pro for under 1K, Their(Mac) desktops are even worse in that regard.

    And whoever said Xeon was “Faster than Core I7” is a fanboi with no knowledge whatsoever.

    The Ilife suite is awesome for sure though, loads of powerful easy to use programs designed by intelligent people, for the average computer user.

    Somebody else brought up a good point, You can install windows on a Mac, or Mac osX on a pc, this has flipped a lot around for more advanced computer users – Hackintosh Netbooks for example are awesome – OSX is pretty, and fast even on a 1.6g atom.

    Basically the way I see it, you are paying for Appleness, Appleness is an undefinable coolness in the design of all their products – It is the fit and finish that you only wish (the majority of) pc’s could replicate, it is the convenience of knowing all your apple products will work together flawlessly and enhance your lifestyle.

    If you are a serious computer user, you would be building/customizing your own desktops and could install osx if you wanted – you might have a laptop that is small and light with good battery life.

    If you are just seriously interested in having the convenience of computers in your life, buying all apple products is an awesome (but expensive way to do this)

    One more thing, Definitely include the price of apple care into the cost of owning a Mac, you can’t fix them yourself – and most computers will break – imacs and macbooks though will break a lot.

  86. Game On Says:

  87. Bart Says:

    I think Mike said it very well in his post above but still felt like adding my comment.

    I’ve been working with a mac for 4 years and don’t get me wrong I think they’re pretty good and I enjoy working on them. I believe for the basic computer user a mac would probably easier and safer to use than a PC.

    However, you DO pay more. For instance the basic MacBook Pro 15″ sells for $1799 while you can get an HP Pavilion dv7t with more RAM and a larger screen for $600 less! Dell’s precision mobile is a bit more at roughly $1528 for same specs but still almost $300 cheaper.

    So stop lying to others and to yourselves, macs are very good and fancy and all but you can get the same hardware on a different laptop for much cheaper.

  88. fred Says:

    I have the dv7 3180us. Believe me i'd rather have the macbook pro.

    the dv7 is HUGE, heavy. the sound is crap (even with it's "sub-woofer").
    it is all plastic.
    the BIOS from HP sucks. (white list wifi cards).
    the battery life is a joke. (tops at 2hours max)
    the quality of the trackpad is PC average.
    the quality of the integrated video cam sucks.
    basically, you can't just compare the 2 that easily.

  89. Kenh Says:

    Most comparable Macs are $100-150 more than PC. I have used both for 20 years. If I am required to use a Windows machine for work, I will, but everything I do takes more time, more steps. There are some specialized programs that are Windows only.

    But If I am spending my own money and want to be the most productive. its Mac.

  90. Your mom Says:

    and this is why i use ubuntu…

  91. This is what she Says:

    I suppose that when he says “Hackers”,hes referring to “Crackers”. “Hackers” are the good guys. LOL

  92. Orun Says:

    Well argued, I too am an ‘agnostic’ regular user of OSX, Windows and Linux

  93. Emile Says:

    I’ve been through the highs and lows of Windows (my gleaming new box i built, the soul crushing windows xp 64bit etc.) and there are a lot of things i LOVE about pc’s:

    easily swapping parts
    cheaper repairs (if it’s beyond you)
    sweet rigs for under a grand
    everything is standard

    But after a lifetime of hardcore mac-hatred i bought my macbook pro. i won’t reiterate all of the good points made already (no viruses, stability, etc.) but i would like to add one thing:

    In addition to my MB pro, i have an ipod classic and an iphone (call me fanboy all you want) and it must be noted that the integration of my phone and my computer is flawless.

  94. Chris Says:

    itunes, on mac or windows, is still a useless piece of software garbage.

  95. Jeremy Says:

    This article is a complete failure. If the argument was truly between nerds, they would both be talking about different builds of Linux. Lol@Windows&Mac


  96. ken Says:

    Bottom line, neither really does anything the other can’t do. Go with Linux – it’s FREE!

  97. Hallo Says:

    Any, or at least the majority of Linux distributions are far superior than Windows or Mac, the vast majority of them are all free, and (I don’t know why nobody knows)it is not true that it is difficult to use them or install them (take Ubuntu as an example, it’s even easier to install than windows or mac), in fact, Mac, just as Linux, is based in Unix (that’s why viruses for Mac and Linux are more difficult to make), the only drawback is that, as it is not very popular, many aplications are not made specifically for Linux, although that doesn’t mean that you can’t run them (just like boot camp in Mac, there are emulators for Linux).

  98. Jeff Says:

    I am a Microsoft man. I have been solidly in that “camp” since the days of MS-DOS (Pre-Windows). In that day and time I was a high school teacher, I attempted to use Apple Machines, mainly Apple IIe’s, but I did have one of the first Macintosh computers in my lab also. It was ugly, clunky, and generally did not perform as well as the DOS based machines that made up the bulk of the computer lab. Microsoft continued to advance their technologies, and did a marvelous job of it. Through all the years, my favorite version of the Windows operating system has been Windows 98 with SP2. So far this was the best combination of stability and size. True it didn’t do as much as the OS’s of today, but those are so bulky and have so many ‘holes’ in the programming that their performance is not comparable to the older versions. Which brings me to Windows 7. I have the 64-bit version. I HATE it. It is positively the WORST iteration of the Windows OS that has been released to date. (Well, except for Me) Windows 7 crashed within the first 10 minutes out of the box, and has not quit crashing since. I’ll give it this, it is reliable. It reliably crashes a couple times an hour, and must be rebooted once per day. If I could resurrect my old 486 running Win 98 SP2, and still run today’s software, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  99. @BretHart007 Says:

    you're obviously doing something wrong if windows 7 keeps crashing on you often. But then again windows is prone to BSOD, slow-downs over time for no reason, malware no matter how good your virus protection is and no matter how "internet savvy" you are I.E. common sense. Fresh install of windows 7 after reformatting my SSD last year, 6 weeks later without installing ANYTHING major, just digsby, MSE and my games and firefox. Nothing else. It started doing its weird thing where it hangs in the UT3 editor for no reason, it crashes during steam games for no reason. Windows if flawd no matter what people say, sorry.

  100. Marky Says:

    If it’s gonna be an OS war, I’d still go with PCs and Linux builds. However, being an online gamer, I still need windows since wine can’t emulate stuff like GameGuard.

  101. Kinjir0 Says:

    seriously, mac users, there are some things you need to stop saying

    1) Bootcamp does not, and will not be able to run cpu or graphic intensive programs. seriously, running counterstrike 1.6 is a chore, with a PITIFUL framerate and crappy settings. Did i mention it came out in 1998? Bootcamp does not mean you have a pc. It means you can run things like microsoft word. Why bother?

    2) Macs with specs capable of doing anything besides web browsing, word processing, and simple photo manipulation (read: iLife is garbage in any and all respects if you’re doing professional grade work) WILL COST NEARLY DOUBLE THE PRICE OF A COMPARABLE PC. Do not debate this, this is fact.

    3) MACS ARE LESS FLEXIBLE. You cannot upgrade them by yourself. You can upgrade them, but it voids your warranty. Or you can let Apple do it. For more than twice the cost of upgrading your pc. Did i mention that’s before service? You cannot tweak the OS, or the computer will brick itself. What you receive is what you get. Your computer will never be better than when you got it.

    I like Macs. I’ve done EXTENSIVE photo, music, and video editing on them. They are perfect for that. But games? Nope. 3D modeling, rendering, animation all lead to the spinning beach ball of doom. Flash simply WILL NOT WORK. Long story short, if you either don’t do ANYTHING but browse the web and write papers, or use your computer exclusively for professional media editing, do not get a mac. People need macs, but even having the term “geek” and mac in the same sentence is just wrong. “Geek” implies someone who knows a lot about computers, and there is no such thing as a consumer educated in electronics that uses a mac as their main machine.

    Apple’s creation of the mac “culture” is responsible for this. Your computers are not better. They do not “just work”. They “just work” if you invest inordinate amounts of money into building a mac exclusive computing and media setup. Otherwise, they are finicky, annoying, and a downright waste of time and money.

  102. @BretHart007 Says:

    Sorry, but I haven't had any bootcamp problems latley. But then again I didn't buy a mac to run windows on it, I bought a mac to ditch windows altogether because of the headaches over the past 10 years with it. I'm not a computer "noob" either before you go off and think that. And games? Check out the mac app store, and there are tons of games for steam now for mac. Portal 2 coming! Also Civ 5 and TF2, L4D2, etc etc.

  103. Kinjir0 Says:

    Also, real computer enthusiasts use Linux.

    End of story.

  104. Anon Says:

    You forgot linux.

  105. Riccardo Says:

    Macs are very good machines, and my PC with Mac-comparable hardware was just as expensive (for those who think PCs are much cheaper, there are more things to look for than advertised hardware summaries).
    I personally hate Apple because:
    -(at best of my knowledge) they are responsible for the widespread of some of the features I hate themost on new computers: Screens are ALL widescreen now and, most horribly it’s impossible to find a non glossy-one except for business lines. Touch screen phones are quickly taking up after iPhone, I got one and is the worst thing ever.
    – They interface (why well designed from an engineering point of view) pisses me off.
    – in my hands, they crash way more often than windows (since I moved do win 7 my system works always perfectly, I only reboot like once a week)
    – All Apple gadgets are built for what they think user needs are and force you to think the way they want. I am not my computer’s add on, my computer is there so I can dispose of it as pleases me.
    – iPhone bluetooth only connect to other Macs products, that’s ridsiculos
    – I need a key to change iPhone’s SIMM??? so If I’m travellying, out of battery, and really need a number on my SIMM I have to break my iPhone??
    – Apple is spreading this Mac colture where computers are “cool” and fashion items… nice so now I have to put up with all those idiots who want to sound smart talking nerdy while it’s obvious they’ve no clue.
    – I just learnt that “size variable fonts” which used to really piss me of when I was in 8th grade and trying to line up text (when computers were still running on DOS), are an idea Steve Jobs is proud of!!


  106. Mike Says:

    @Riccardo, great points on many of the “Mac culture” issues.

    However, like many others, you seem to be missing the price difference point. Not sure where you’re getting your data from.

    As a laptop example, I recently spent about $700 (including tax) on an HP G60. To get a MacBook Pro that was comparable I would have had to purchase the model that runs around $1,995 (minus tax). That’s 3X the price. And yes, my $600 included separate software that I had to purchase which was not included on the laptop.

    Desktops are just as dramatic in price difference – especially if you build your own. There has always been (and from the looks of it, there always will be) a significant price difference between Apple and “everyone else”.

  107. Fred Says:

    how is the g60 comparable to the macbook pro??
    the cpu on the g60 totally sucks.
    and intel video?
    come on man.

  108. cookeville tech guy Says:

    Since the last dispute with no Flash support on the iPads, I will not buy one. Many, Many, Many websites still use and live by aAdobe! As long as PCs are 90+ of the market, Adobe flash will be a requirement. NO USB! No Output Ports at all! No Webcam? The basic $350 Netbook would woop the iPad $800 versions butt! I hate how Steve Jobs tells his consumers whats best for them, his ego is bull. Their is a reason that over 85% of ALL computers are PC! The looks of a computer are not as important as its functionality, and never will be. If I was buying a computer on looks I would go Mac. But if I am spending money for performance and functionality I say go PC. Windows 7 is a great OS, finally surpassing Win XP! I have 7 on a netbook and my Notebook and love it. My laptop is a Dell and has 2x the memory, and has more USB ports, and cost 1/3 of that of a comparable Apple. Its not a attitude thing for Apple either, its just supporting Mr. jobs ignorant ego. Appple will stay below the 85% mark for a long time, until they start thinking about their customers more, and less of Mr. jobs ego! After all the consumers make any company. Thats my 2 pennies worth. Anthony Coons

  109. Joe Says:

    Several of you have implied or even directly stated that Mac users are not truthful regarding the reliability of their machines. Go to any manufacturer’s customer forum for Dell, HP, Gateway, Asus or any other Windows-based manufacturer and you will find hundreds of threads with thousands of posts requesting information on how to fix various problems, or simply complaining about the numerous problems they are experiencing. Yet, you will find significantly fewer complaints on any of the Mac forums. This is what first got me looking into switching to Mac for my next laptop. Are the Mac users keeping the problems they are having a secret? I do not think so.

    Another factor (among many) that prompted my switch to Mac is the fact that all of the people I know who have Macs love them and have nothing but good things to say about them. This is not so with the Widows-based computer owners.

    I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and I am amazed by the build quality of this machine. This machine is tremendously more solid than any other laptop from any other brand that I have compared it to, including HP’s Envy, which seems to be an attempt to mimic the the MacBook Pro. Interesting that it bears the name “Envy.” The M/B Pro’s tolerances are unbelievably close.

    I love the Windows 7 o/s. I feel that it is vastly superior to any previous version of Windows. However, Snow Leopard seems snappier and smoother than even Windows 7. Even M/S Office runs more smoothly on this o/s. I have had absolutely no hardware or software problems with this machine. None.

    Understand that these are simply my honest reflections. Yes, Macs are more expensive than Windows-based computers. However, pick up, hold and examine a MacBook Pro, and you may start to understand that this higher price does reflect significantly higher quality. Use one for even a short while, and this becomes even more evident.

  110. Mike Says:

    @Joe —

    By and large, I don’t think Mac users aren’t being truthful about their computers having problems (or not). Rather, I think this is due to economy of scale, as are other Mac vs. PC points (the proliferation of viruses, for example). In short, the reason there are not thousands of Mac user forums full of users lamenting about their Mac issues is because, relatively speaking, there aren’t that many Mac users. As evidenced by the forums that *do* exist, Macs are not impervious to issues involving OS, hardware, peripherals, or any other problems that PC users face. It “seems” as though they have fewer issues because there are fewer of them out there.

    Having said that, to be fair, since Macs are, for the most part, “canned” to the point where users cannot mix and match different internal hardware (because Apple likes to tell you what you want) they do have a bit of an edge with regard to hardware behaving with other hardware. They perform better in that instance because they are “forced” to. Avid Mac users love this, and most power PC users despise it. Alas, it is what it is, with both sides neither being “right” or “wrong”, and having their own opinions.

    With regard to the “built better so they cost more” argument, again, I must respectfully disagree. I will use my recent purchase of an HP G60 laptop (again) as an example. More external ports, faster CPU, more RAM, a larger hard drive, a larger screen, and more unique features (i.e., LightScribe DVD-R drive, etc.) for 1/3rd the cost of the closest MacBook Pro model. Built solidly, at least to the same level as the Mac (unlike some cheaper PC laptops, which I must admit are mostly plastic and made very poorly).

    The reality is that there *are* very well-built PCs that are at least as “solid” and reliable as their closest Mac counterparts, at a much more affordable price. The Windows OS, however, does indeed require a bit more computer “savvy” than OSX, and this turns some users off. Additionally, the fact that you can mix hardware and other things around on PCs more freely than with Macs means there is the potential for more hardware-hardware or hardware-OS complications or conflicts. This is something power PC users have learned to expect and work around, as they appreciate that competition drives down prices. Other, less savvy users are more prone to turn to the Mac, because there are far fewer choices involved. Apple packages it, and they take what is given to them.

    None of my remarks are given in the tone of criticism, and I *do* realize that even some very savvy computer users have moved from PC to Mac for their own reasons. I am attempting to speak at a general level with regard to most of the populace represented on both sides.

    As for your personal experience/example, you definitely have the freedom to spend more and remain pleased with your Mac(s). I will continue to spend less for more powerful, flexible machines and deal with the occasional hiccups that may arise. In the end, we’ll both be happy, and I’ll have more money in my wallet, which I suppose is beside the point.

  111. Joe Says:


    You may disagree with the cost/quality reasoning, but it is fact. Yes, there are some very solidly built PCs, but they are much more rare than the mediocre to poorly-built ones. Macs are all built on a high-quality level. It is fact that they are known for being of high quality, and this is a significant factor in my switching to Mac.

    With regard to the number of Macs vs. the number of PCs issue, I will re-phrase my statement: The PERCENTAGE of Mac user complaints is significantly lower compared with those of PCs users.

    Regarding Mac users being less “computer savvy,” I possess a BS in IT, as well as MCSE and A+ certifications. I may not be the most knowledgeable, but I do know my way around computers. For the record, I am a mathematician by profession.

    With all of this being said, I do not wish this to continue in the form of a Brand X vs. all other brands argument, or even debate. All of the computer brands and associated software have their strengths and weaknesses, their good points and their bad points. I was anti-Apple until recently, when I performed careful analysis between ALL of the different brands. In the end, I found Mac to be a better choice for me.

    I was motivated to write what I wrote because I noticed a significantly greater amount of “Mac bashing” than “PC bashing.” I have found my experience with Apple thus far to be wonderful, and I really wanted to point out some good, positive points about Mac. And I, unlike so many on both sides of the fence, have used and owned both. If you truly do not want a Mac, Dell or other brand, do not get it. However,

    Let the debate end!

  112. Jigmeister Says:

    Ok, I’ve been an IT Professional for 25 years. I’ve been a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) since 1995 on almost every platform they have offered. I’m also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and have worked in the IT Security industry for almost 10 years. I’ve used them all. I’ve been certified on them all. I’ve supported them all professionally. Windows 7 is lightyears ahead of anything MS has every built. But it still will not compare to Mac OSX, Snow Leopard from a desktop/laptop “normal” user prospective. (We won’t talk Server platforms here). I spend half of my personal time fixing one problem or another on Windows PCs belonging to family members and friends. Everything from viruses to driver problems. It’s rare that you can plug in a camera, printer or install software and it just work – quickly, cleanly and easily. On a Mac, it just works the way it should work – no problems. I own both, but if I could only have one it would be a Mac – hands down.

  113. Mike Says:

    @Jigmeister et al,

    You know, I just wrote up about a 1200-word response, partially inclusive of comments to Jigmeister about how, as a tech, he should know why PCs are perceived as having more issues than Macs…but then I realized I would be repeating myself (and several others, above) for the third or fourth time.

    This thread illustrates yet again that the minority voice of the Mac community is a passionate one, that they are convinced they are “right”, and that PC users have somehow not seen the light. I am more than happy to allow them to continue to feel this way as I continue to enjoy the versatility, power, and affordability of the PC environment.

    Good wishes to all!
    – Mike’s last post

  114. Joe Says:


    You say that people perceive PCs as having more issues than Mac. To perceive is to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses. If people’s senses are telling them that PCs have more issues than Mac, where is your point of argument? Are you saying that their senses are deceiving them?

    Yes, PCs are more customizable and cheaper than Macs. More power can be had for less money. However, Macs are higher quality machines and they work better. No amount of arguing, name-calling or false accusations of being misled will change this.

    For many years I have chosen the greater power for price route. However, I have tired of the continuous problems Windows-based systems have presented. I have found Macs to be significantly more reliable and user-friendly, and have embarked on the “it just works” route. Yes, I have paid more money, but I am much happier and less frustrated.

    I have not tried talking anyone into switching to Mac. This is an individual choice. I have not put down PCs or PC users; PC users are just as intelligent, passionate and free-thinking as Mac users.

    Computers are our tools. Let’s not become their tools.

    Let us all enjoy our choices in respectful peace.

    This, as well, is my last post.

  115. Peenwheedle Says:

    There’s a little more to this article than you guys are seeing. Check out the debate at The Geekpub on this topic: http://www.thegeekpub.com/641/macs-rule/

    Some people (known as Windouches) will do anything to make Apple look bad. It’s become a religious war. And what get’s me is that most of it is outright lies!

  116. Louis Vuitton Says:

    Also consider that mac pro run Xeon cpu which are faster than core i7…

  117. Wiriamu Says:

    I was recently in the market for a high end desktop replacement notebook and after alot of looking around for what would fit me it came down to a 17" macbook pro or an hp envy 17….
    Who ever thinks macs are not overpriced are out of their minds….
    Here is what i was deciding between when looking at these notebooks (i am in Canada so these are Canadian prices).

    Hp Envy 17 (1090CA) $1739.99 CAD ; i bought this and am loving it!
    Intel Core i7-720QM processor 1.60GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.80 GHz
    8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 DIMM)
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 Graphics
    Beats™ Audio and HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer
    17.3” diagonal High Definition+ HP BrightView Infinity LED Display (1600 x 900)
    Slot-Loading Blu-ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD±R/RW Double Layer Support
    1TB (7200RPM) Hard Drive

  118. Wiriamu Says:

    Macbook Pro 17" – $3032.00
    2.66GHz Intel Core i7
    8GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2X4GB
    500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm
    MacBook Pro 17-inch Hi-Resolution Glossy Widescreen Display (1900X1200)

    Dont think thats over priced? Id rather go buy myself a decent hd for the $1292.01 price difference that i would have to pay to get apple's slightly better display.

  119. Robert Says:

    I've been a PC-user for 10 years and am very advanced user, I see comments like "Macs are much easier to use", it's all relative and it's what you're used to. When my friend had a problem on his Mac I was dumbfounded by a simple issue that would have taken me about 5 minutes to fix on a PC

  120. Ron Says:

    Macs are extremely user unfriendly. I've always had problems with a Mac, but never a PC. My first computer was a Mac as I thought it was the 'smarter choice'. The early Mac would always ask me to
    re-insert a floppy disc before allowing me to shut down the computer which drove me insane. Then later Macs would not allow me to save a file with a longer name forcing me to first save the file to the desk top and then renaming it which was a complete waste of time. Now the stupid Mac always asks me to re-format the same USB which previously worked. All of these experiences were on different Macs. I have also used a PC but have never had any of these kinds of problems. Macs look good, but they are an extreme pain. Don't believe the hype.

  121. Tekno_boy Says:

    To those who compare the prices of mac pros, it really depends when you compare them. They are always good value when they come out, but towards the end of the product life cycle it tends to be on the pricey side as newer PC have been released by various companies (last time the mac pros took closer to TWO years to refresh).

    But check out this current anomilie with the Mac mini: http://teknoboy.blogspot.com/2010/07/it-unofficia

  122. mzappler Says:

    1st of all, my 6yr old ibook g4 started up, ran safari, and shut down faster that my 2 yr old compaq. also, 2 reasons why macs are more expensive:
    1.exterior apperance, i mean come on, aluminum unibodys? genius!
    2. mac is made with mostly eco friendly materials:
    The greatest environmental challenge facing our industry today is the presence of arsenic, brominated flame retardants (BFRs), mercury, phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in products. In keeping with our philosophy over the last decade, Apple is not waiting for legislation to ban these substances. Not only is every Mac, iPod, and iPhone free of PVC2 and BFRs, we are also qualifying thousands of components to be free of elemental bromine and chlorine, putting us years ahead of anyone in the industry. In addition, all MacBook Pro models feature displays with mercury-free backlighting and arsenic-free glass.

  123. joodi Says:

    If you cared about the environment you wouldn't buy a computer. Do you know how much oil goes into producing just a processor? lolololol.

  124. Steve Says:

    I have been victim to the virus on my pc, even though I thought I was protected with good ole McAffee for $79 subscription. Even though the virus was taken off by IT people, the laptop has never been the same, and it runs XP. 2 years ago I bought a Dell with VIsta. No problems up until now when I have a wicked startup problem. Windows has been what I have always used, and have never understood Macs when I see my friends use them- it has seemed like using a computer while hanging upsidedown and looking in a mirror- more than backwards. However, I am about fed up with the bugginess of windows and see my friends never have any problems with their Macs. Even though the price seems too high and always has for me, the long term peace it seems it might bring would pay for itself. These are my thoughts- I am on the brink of turning to the darkside and buying a Macbook.

  125. soulless Says:

    Alex ,

    You're a noob.. Obviously a PC takes more knowledge and a noob like yourself wouldn't be able to fully get anything to become compatible on a PC and that is why you went with a MAC.

  126. your left nut Says:

    anyone who is having problems with viruses/spywares on a PC windows bas OS and went with MAC just needs to learn how to protect themselves or repair the problems. I've used PCs for over 15 years and while I've gotten a few viruses/spywares there and there, my PCs never stopped working properly and never got my personal info stolen.. how? i knew my stuff and how to guard and repair all my software issues..

    so yeah, a PC is for the advanced geeks. MACs are just for the users…lol

  127. Prescott Says:

    I'm a die hard mac user and have been since 1990. I recently went back to school for graphic design. In one of my classes I had to make a 60 second flash animation. I created all my elements in Adobe Illustrator and imported them into Flash. The class was being held in the PC lab and the next three hours I tried to get my animation put together and run on the PC, with the help of my instructor who was a die hard PC user. After three crashes my instructor asked me if I was familiar with the Macs. I said yes and we started from scratch, a half our later we had the project done. This is why I'm a Mac user. There is just too much extra BS involved with a PC. On my mac I can turn it on and get my work done without any silly problems.

  128. Rohan Pai Says:

    The Mac Mini, the cheapest Mac, costs only $699, but the cheapest PC ever costs only $6. Today Apple is also making sure Macs can run Windows, so one single Windows program shouldn't catch you in the PC World.

    I know what Apple said (at their official website), and I experienced those things on my friend's Mac, and I looked at the cheapest price of a Mac at the Apple Store (online), and the cheapest PC price (searched on Google Product Search), so I am correct.

  129. Jake J. Says:

    Apple trumps PC any day of the week for sure… If you use a computer just for internet and Microsoft office go PC but if you want a truly brilliant machine that can do many things fast go Mac. I have had my MacBook for 2 years now and it still out performs my parents PC laptop and I will be soon upgrading to the MacBook Pro. They are pricey but as the article states you get what you pay for… do you want a 200$ piece of garbage or a 999$ machine built to last.

  130. A.C. Says:

    As someone who ran a pc for a very long time (10 years) then switched to mac (8 years), I'm back on a PC. The cost is a primary concern for me, but that wasn't all. I had a terrible heat problem with my macbook pro. The motherboard started melting on itself after a year or so of use. It was a 1000 dollar fix (pieces plus labor), so it never got fixed. As time went on, the screen started to go, my airport card melted and I couldn't get reception out of my living room.

    Although the computer soldiered on, I had been thinking about buying a new computer after that. I was going to buy a Mac again, figuring that mine was a fluke, but honestly I wasn't super thrilled with my mac. It would lock up a lot, programs routinely crashed, and I couldn't always find software that I needed. Windows comes out with 7. I had the opportunity to use it on campus, which was useful. I like the interface. Essentially, it runs like a mac, but it's stable, super functional, and super customizable. As a result, I made the switch.

    After a rocky re-adjustment, my computer has been running well. It wakes up after I put it to sleep. It's super fast and for like 1400 (with insurance), I got the computer that I wanted. Might not be as sleek as the mac, but it does exactly what I want it to very easily and quickly. Programs still lock up, but that has lessened now that I reformatted my iPod to work with the PC.

    The whole point of this is to say that you should follow Harry's advice. Try out the two OSes. If you like how the PC runs and feels and it does what you need, get it. If you like that mac interface more (I still like it; it's really pretty if not hard to fidget with) and can pay the premium, get a mac. In the end, it's about what you need and how much you want to pay for it.

  131. steve Says:

    I am glad windows now has a competitor.
    Microsoft would be dead if not for the huge monopoly it has.
    Google and Apple crush it.

  132. Christopher Says:

    I also use both operating systems but I use Windows because I have to and Mac OS because I want to. It would be a perfect world if every software company would offer their titles on the Mac OS. Seriously, the computer is buit by Apple, the software is designed by Apple and it just works together ike it should. When I sit down to use my computer, I like to do what I wanted to do, surfing, photos, music, movies…. not doing a Google search to figure out what an error code is or downloading driver fixes. Ugh! On top of that, The iLife software is just brilliant. iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto, Garage Band, don't get as much credit as iTunes but are all incredible and Windows can't even touch them with their offerings. I am on a mac mini by the way and yes price was a factor for me but the value is in Apple. However I do need a new PC so after I buy a new iMac I'll just run Windows on the Mac mini. And yes, Windows runs better on the Mac computer then most PC's…

  133. JaneD Says:

    I have always been a pc person. Until … my school required that I borrow their macs (paying high tuition and technology fee of course) and I recently got a new sony vaio too (so that was just like wth … not even a year and I have to use a different computer) … anywho I LOVE the battery life and the sleek design. it's lighter for sure. I'm kind of a techie in that I love finding new things to do with these laptops and I'm glad I get to experience the macbook pro. So much to explore and I love editing on the imovie09 … this is definitely a laptop im considering after i graduate (graduation present to myself lol) … ALSO the trackpad is awesome, so convenient that when I use my pc laptop i always forget how to use that mousepad lol. well just like a kid in a candy store, however it's not for everyone especially those who aren't a little bit tech savvy. a lot of space and a lot of things to do … i like the small amounts of spam and pop-ups … but it has mcafee. I have windows 7 on it too for exams … but I rather use my OS component. I don't like how it crashes but it only happens occasionally. anywho i love win7 and OS. so hard to choose … just mac for now.

  134. alex Says:

    there is no comparison. macs are far superior to pcs.

  135. george Says:

    macs with windows are for people who want a mac, but still would like a piece a junk.

  136. hasti-iku-monia-fafa Says:

    sorry to say it but that's probably the dumbest comment i've heard. couldn't you at least find a better comeback?? Somethig legit perhaps?

  137. anax Says:

    Mac is always better than PC.

    I just love Mac.

  138. Alex Says:

    Windows claims, "Life without walls". Can't have windows without walls; they'd just fall over!

  139. Tommy Says:

    Was a pc user for a very long time until I became weary of multiple crashes and expensive virus protection that ,frankly, didn't work. Went all Apple 3 years ago and haven't looked back! Programs are much more intuitive, no shut-downs to worry about, MACs are just more reliable. Adding hardware is easy too– plug it in and it works!

  140. TJoo Says:

    When comparing the two, programs such as Microsoft Office should not be a particular selling point, I mean come on download OpenOffice for free. Secondly people complaining about how hard it is to setup your own pc are just lazy, are you seriously going to spend $1,000 without doing any research into what you are buying? Having more options to tweak your machine should be a selling point, not something working against you. People with malware problems- stop downloading porn from sketchy sites and don't click on that ad that promises to give you a free ipod. Have you ever seen an imac go on sale? Most likely not and if so rarely. You can find deals on pc's that are crazy. Nice thing about pc's is that service packs are free. OS X has had so many versions released in the past 4 or 5 years its silly, all with that 200 dollar price tag, grats. User friendliness of a Mac? Sure it is fine but really if you don't know how to work a pc after using it for twenty years I think that is more of a personal problem than an os problem. Good thing Mac's have DirectX capabilities though, oh wait, have fun in OpenGL. As far as reliability and customer service go Macs are most likely at the top due to the fact that only a limited number of models are available, this limits ones options of components however.

  141. john Says:

    when buy a new computer, i would always choose a pc. why? pc can do everything a mac can do and most of it even better than the mac imovies may be good but when compared to movie making programs for the pc , it is pathetic. windows have so many much better software compared to the mac. and when you need to repair your computer, u can repair the pc yourself or at most send to any computer repair shop with a mac u need to send gt to their genius bar.and they are famous for not honouring warranties

  142. Cason Says:

    Did you just get in a time machine from the past? I *never* see programs that can't use both anymore. Not even games. And, Macs are KNOWN for their media-friendly capabilities, such as photo/video editing.

  143. Herbert Jingleshimer Says:

    You know what fancy pants, neither offer "damage due to unicorn urination" OK! how about they work in a non partisan way to so solve this problem. Then maybe stupid peoples will stop posting stupid posts. How many unicorns does it take!

  144. Sarah Says:

    4 years ago, I purchased my first Mac, and it's about time that I purchase a new computer. I'm still a little uncertain about which direction I want to go with. My Mac was nice, and I am used to it, but my hard drive has crashed about 3 – 4 times, mostly in the first 2 years that I had it. I'm considering saving my money and buying a nice HP laptop (which I can get for around $500), but I'm comfortable with my Mac.

  145. HPdv7 Says:

    Well. I am a Windows person. However Windows is still better because of AMD. In 10 years AMD has absoultly rebounded and i have over 10 sources to back it up. Intel is now outpowered by AMD opteron, overpriced all around, overheats way too fast and sucks power like the Back to the future car(10.21 jigawatts!!!). All i say is. Give it up Apple and Intel, both of you have make your money by lying and understating youre enemies who are better than you( just like n.Korea). I post this so you can buy a vacation with the money you have left over after you buy a Asus, HP, or Gateway Pc with Window 7 (Dell is related to Intel and Apple).

  146. just a guy with name Says:

    doesn't seem like you have done much research here. Intel is awesome. That's what i'm running and runs really efficient, much much better than my desktops amd processor. Plus the processor doesn't necessarily make the difference between microsoft or mac. Don't get me wrong though. Both processors are good and competitive.

  147. Aidan Says:

    My name is Aidan, I'm a student in a computer repair class and have been asked to respond to this article.

    What I have noticed, and what this article has failed to mention, is the accessability and customability of both computers. The PC tends to be more accessible then the Mac, I often have a hard time locating all of the controls on the Mac, where as the PC has a start menu to access all of the programs. Granted, this is most likely because my home computer is a PC, and given time, i most likely could learn to handle the Mac, however as it stands I find the PC easier to navigate. Also there is the issue of customability, I have talked to a wide variety of people, all who say the PC is much more customizable to the learned user or professional. I, being merely a student who knows little of such affairs, am not sure of my stand on the professional aspect of PC vs MAC, but as a home user find the PC to be easier to control.

  148. Aidan Says:

    I find the fact that Macs are often less likely to protract a virus true, my PC crashes often, even with "protection up to my eyeballs", while a Mac i used only encountered a problem once, and only needed a simple restart to fix it. The norton internet security is a major upgrade from what i had previously, it, being able to locate and exterminate threats without constant assistance, is very reliable and convienent. Although i would still prefer to not have any sort of security at all as on the Mac.

  149. Aidan Says:

    I agree with Phil though. The PCs can be very aggrievating at times, slow to connect to the internet, and crashing often. If not for the issue of money (which he assures is well spent) I would own a Mac myself. However, the money well spent is money I do not have, and I would prefer to have a PC, which i might add, cost me nothing to purchase (as I recieved it from a relative), then nothing at all.

  150. john Says:

    PC is better than mac because you can customize them.

  151. same person Says:

    Haha theres another good point. I don't know about macs but I can play music wirelessly from windows media player on a home stereo, that is if my stereo also had the built in connection

  152. 555 Says:

    and I beieve mac has much better battery life than microsoft, according to the apple website. That is a somewhat significant advantage in my opinion now that I actually have a laptop

  153. Mark Says:

    Mac users just want to justify or at least make it less a burden on their minds by saying that the thousands of dollars they spent into macs totally outclasses the hundreds of dollars people spend for a PC which performs just as well, if not better than what they bought.

  154. toro Says:

    Macs are for faggots & newbs…. it's plain and simple guys

  155. @BretHart007 Says:

    Good argument there mr. tough internet guy. Please explain how using a mac defines a person's sexual preference. So if I'm a chick, and I use a mac, does that make me a lesbian? LOL

  156. @BretHart007 Says:

    Okay to all you people saying macs are way overpriced. Find me a good PC that's CHEAPER than my current iMac. Core i7 processor, 6 gigs ram, ATI 5750 1GB DDR5, WITH a 27" IPS monitor. Report back when you have found one cheaper than $2100.

  157. DNov Says:

    That PC also craps on your iMac at the same price.

  158. Ryan Says:

    Intel core i7 processor @3.4 GHz
    8 GB DDR3 Cas Latency 8 RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 6850 (better than 5750)
    21.5″ acer g125h
    2x 24x DVD-RW drives
    2.1 TB HDD
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (VBox)
    Want me to go further?
    This for only $1200. Please notify me of a mac that’s better than this at $1200.

  159. Pissed Says:

    wow this is really biased towards the macs…

  160. Jimmie Nettles Says:

    OK let me say that first I am not a computer geek who can talk in detail on how something is made or how it does what it does. I am a mac user and fan who switched from a PC because I was tired of what Windows has done to the operating system. Windows has been a blessing and a curse to the OS because, well you techheads know of all the software that gets “messed with” by people who don’t write good code or who are just malicious. You can find excellent hardware in the PC world. The bottom line for me is this. Apple does not sell economy models at bargain basement prices. Therefore you are going to pay more for their basic model. When you run a mac, iIT JUST WORKS. When you need help, Mac tech support is the BEST. The OS is clean and efficient and Apple, for better or worse, protects their products from too many 3rd party software apps. I hope Mac bites off enough of the market share to cause Windows companies to produce better, safer software that works like it should. Until that day, if I never half to use another PC, I will be a happier man.

  161. Ryan Says:

    Intel core i7 processor @3.4 GHz
    8 GB DDR3 Cas Latency 8 RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 6850 (better than 5750)
    21.5″ acer g125h
    2x 24x DVD-RW drives
    2.1 TB HDD
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (VBox)
    Want me to go further?
    This for only $1200. Please notify me of a mac that’s better than this at $1200.

  162. Ryan Says:

    Oops that was referring to the other person.

  163. Jim Says:

    I can still buy two NICE PC desktops for one MAC – Costco has them all day for under 1000 dollars. see costco.com….MAC's and Itunes are bad news!

  164. monsieur_aubergine Says:


  165. Tux Says:

    Leave the penguin out of this…all I care to say about Linux is that it is faster than McGuyver defusing a time bomb and that using it makes Mac/PC users cringe. Mac/PCs are too mainstream…I am a hipster Linux user!

  166. resize mac partition Says:

    Mac is a bit expensive than windows system this we all know, but still the numbers of the Mac users is increasing day by day is a good interface being the reason behind it no, i don't think the sense of security that a person gets while he uses a Mac is missing in windows thats the reason that most of the PC users are shifting to Mac these days

  167. Really.... Says:

    You won't get viruses if you don't open up random emails or porn. I've seriously had no viruses for the last 6 years on my old PC and my new Laptop boots up in 10 seconds. and it cost no more than $600.

    And if you get a laptop at the same price as the Macbook Pro you can actually get a laptop computer and has a high end CPU and GPU that can run Crysis max. you can't tell me that Mac can run Crysis.

  168. Brent Says:

    The Mac VS PC argument is null. PC hardware can be stupid cheep, but the cost of the software is quite expensive. You can make the exact opposite argument for MAC. Basically, if you are a software pirate, the PC will be cheeper.

    I have two Windows machines and two Mac machines. I have never had a blue screen like experience on a mac. Most of my windows boxes need to be completely replaced after a couple years, especially the sub-$1000 ones. Most people (not all) who have Macs upgrade to upgrade, not because their computer stopped working.

    There are positives and negatives to both sides of the argument, and really, they aren't always founded. Many people who are 100% pro PC will say that Macs aren't upgradable, I say, hogwash. My 10 year old mac pro is still running quite strong indeed, upgraded the processor, disk drive, memory, graphics, network card, and added memory card readers. No different from my windows box, except the process was a bit easier (but only really because of space inside the case).

    Whereas many Mac fanatics would argue that PCs are ticking time bombs ready to explode as soon as you turn them on. Most of this is just due to lack of troubleshooting knowledge. A windows machine requires a user to more tech-savvy, because problems will inevitably arise with a windows machine. This is of course only because the vast array of software and hardware configurations available.

    Bottom line:

    Macs will run games just fine, it's only the software manufactures who choose to support them that are lacking.

    Pc's can be quite powerful if put in the hands of a knowledgeable customer.

    Mac's are built like tanks. No, really, like freaking tanks.

    PC's are built with affordability in mind.

    Yes, a mac will cost you more for the pure performance, but you know that machine will far outlast until you CHOOSE to upgrade. The extra cost goes into the stability and ruggedness of the mac's hardware and chassis.

    A PC can do considerably more for it's price point, but lets face it, a Mac could survive a fall better than a pc any day of the week. And also, every new version of Windows is incredibly expensive compared to a Mac OS update. Plus the mac comes with programs that would easily cost $300 for Windows equivalents. And despite Apple's "closed" nature, my mac is definitely more open-source friendly.

    Personally, the MAC vs PC argument should go away. Just use both, they all have strengths and weaknesses, and honestly, you will be just as happy with either.

  169. Jake Says:

    Travel? Macbook Air all the way.
    Dev Work? Fedorah or Mac with Windows 7 VM
    Photography? Mac
    Play? Windows 7 built from scratch
    For your small kids? Mac if you can afford it, PC if you can't. If you can't, expect lots of spyware, viruses, etc… to battle.

    If you can only afford one, it depends on how much you like to play. After all, Windows 7 can do Travel, Dev, and Photography too.. it's just not as fun on Windows 7.

  170. Jake Says:

    To be honest I like a PC for photography and that I have never received a virus. I use ESET Smart Security as my antivirus software along with Malwarebytes. If you used Norton then…don't! It is by far the most annoying antivirus and has frequent issues. It didn't even find a virus that a free tool ,Malewarebytes, easily found.

  171. Jake Says:

    Forgot to mention HD video editing. Sorry Mac, I require blu-ray.

  172. Nikki Says:

    Thanks for your article. it helped me a lot with a school essay!:D

  173. Aidan Says:

    Everyone who prefers windows has been using windows forever but have never even tried a mac. Mostly everyone who have owned and used windows and apple can tell you macs are worth the extra money. I challenge all you pc people to try a mac for a month or two and then talk.

  174. RMS Says:

    I seriously hope you guys install gentoo on your new MBP for superior video editing.

  175. 20 yr vet Says:

    That Bill Gates though…brilliant man, knows how the egotistical, bandwagoners or simply put "keeping up with the Jones' types think. In the old days, a program came out in Beta form for free and people used it, tested it expecting to sort out bugs. Now…because of the 99% chance lemmings will show up in line around the corner 2 days before the release of the next great pile of crap, they market the beta OS' as an actual working OS'…and people just gotta have it…just gotta have it..chaching, chaching$$. So now the morons just bought this beta OS with a ton of glitches, and when the glitch occurs, error reports are automatically generated and sent to MSFT engineers to sort it out. Then those same morons curse the OS' calling them this and that, but never see the pattern emerging. Lets think back, W98sp2 = solid for its time….Millenium (Me) pile of crap right?..not really- simply a beta for XP. WinXP solid as solid comes..been using it and still use it. Then along came Vista….alot of people said "crap"…but not really…why? Vista is Win7's beta. Do ya see the scam…I mean the pattern. I go with Unix any day…the independent party. -20yr Network Engineer vet.

  176. Ryan Says:

    I just did a Mac vs PC desktop comparison for someone, and found the Mac to cost over FOUR TIMES as much as a comparable PC.

    Gateway PC, $550 (on sale from $750): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N

    Mac Pro, $2724: http://store.apple.com/us/configure/MC560LL/A?sel… (put the memory to 6GB for them to be comparable).

    The Mac does have better a graphics card (~$200 difference), but the PC has a better disc drive (over $100 difference).

    Why would you pay four times as much to be locked into a restrictive system that charges you bundles more later because it only uses proprietary hardware, software, and accessories….

    Me: This is madness!!
    S Jobs: Madness…. ? This.. is.. APPLE!

  177. davidt Says:

    The MAC vs PC is annoying because it's just hardware (since both are intel now….) . OS is an issue because this is what people use.

    And I use linux at work and at home

  178. Matthew Says:

    I would like to add something. CORE AUDIO. Mac can simply handle audio data at a smoother rate than Windows methods. Lower latency. This is all time important when it comes to accuracy while recording multiple tracks. Stability in this area as well. When it comes to my productions, I rather shell out some extra cash, than run into problems mid tracking. Also to note, MACS ARE QUIET. No noisy fans. This is very important with sensitive microphones. And firewire works perfectly, for some reason it's faster than Windows 7. Seems Windows 7 never really liked firewire, even though it's almost obsolete, Firewire is still used heavily in the music industry.

  179. amexd Says:

    i use windows all the time except when im sleeping though- now i got my sister this mac book i think idk but it was apple and 2 weeks after i got it for her it crashed so i never bothered to fix it because i only know how to repare windows. now id like to try linex but dont know where to begin. btw people i REALLY HATE MAC!!!!!!!!! i never used one i dont want to cuz it suck’s to me

  180. Robert Says:

    I used to love macs but go to the so-called genius bar in your local Apple store and ask about how to upgrade your older mac and the response is "dude" you're gonna need to buy a new one! As fast as technology gets obsolete, that's a pretty expensive and outrageous solution for an upgrade. Since Windows 7 or heck Even when Vista came along to replace the rediculous and user-unfreindly Windows 2000 and under, it made a Mac fanboy like myself a Windows/PC convert over night. Especially since the price of admission was about half that of Apple land. With the recession being what it is these days, the Win-Tel machines really have the upper hand! If not for Apple's ipod and ipad, they could be facing some pretty tough sales figures.

  181. Gary Says:

    I love all these comments. Great stuff for use in my compare/contrast essay. Anyway, the way I view it, as a windows user, is that whatever you are first exposed to as a computer is what will most likely end up being your computer of choice. I started as a PC user and I will die a PC user. Some PC users may convert into loyal Mac people, but in my opinion they just gave into the temptation of the Apple. Honestly, If someone asked me about the advantages as a Mac I would say, "It has a good choice of audio and video software compared to the PC. A Mac interface is very clean, if you want to lick your screen that is up to you. Macs offer several 'flavors' and so you won't be crippled under the choices to make on a PC. Apple gives you limited choices not to hurt you but to offer a product that is more consistent and stable. Apples motto, 'Think different' holds true for them.'" Wow, the Mac sounds really nice…what about the PC? "PC is a very versatile product, one that offers many choices. You want a better graphics card? You don't have to buy another computer! Are you a gamer by chance? The PC has got your back, you can have as much RAM and as much power as your wallet lets you have. The depth of customization causes problems sometimes but that's the nature of the beast. You say the PC has all the viruses? Why shouldn't it? There are more PC users so it is inevitable that it ended up with more viruses. Many business run with Windows and always have. PC might not have the 'finger-licking good' interface but it is pretty in it's own sense of the word. The complexity of PC just adds to its beauty in my opinion. PC wants to conform to your specifications. A Mac wants you to conform to it. I also love my right-click…don't mess with the right-click." If you read all of this then you deserve something nice maybe a new Mac or a PC. Mac and PC users fight so hard for their platform of choice but many times are ignorant to the advantages each has, which many times is why arguing which is better is so hard to do. Both Macs and PCs can live in harmony…let's join hands and sing kumbaya. Hehe

  182. colored pencil Says:

    The article is very well written. I find it very informative and up to the imes. Will read more from this site.

  183. Miles Says:

    Reading all reply's it is clear. PC users can be every bit elitist as MAC users. In the end why would it matter to you what any one else uses as long as you are happy with yours. Why the need to justify ones choices to any one else?

  184. milks12 Says:

    People I've met that uses Mac:

    Trendy mindless people who are easily swayed by trendy commercials

    50-60 year olds who thinks it will make them look cooler to their grand children

    People who are not computer savvy

    People who owns a Mini Cooper

    People who portrays themselves as being tough, edgy, alternative with tons of street creds, who actually lived a sheltered life raised by rich parents who spoils them

    People who ties their sweaters around their necks

    People who thinks golf is exciting


    Graphic artists that are one of the above

    14 year old cheerleaders

    50 year old bookkeepers

    As for PC users I've met too many unique individuals to list.

    Let's face it only reason why statistics now shows younger "edgier" people prefer Mac is because most younger people are easily persuaded by media, and trendy commercials, they just follow trends, same as their fashion.

  185. Karmen Price Says:

    PC and Mac are really distinct from each other. Before, I use PC only but today, I am using both. When it comes to features, both are excellent. These two just have their own specialties.

  186. Dennis Smith Says:

    This new test might help: http://www.pc-vs-mac-test.com/

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