Those Facebook Ads for Free iPads

By  |  Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Last month, I wrote about mysterious Facebook ads that offered free iPads to 45-year-old males. Or 26-year-old females. Or people of whatever age and gender happened to be those of the Facebook member reading the ad.

Now the New York Times has weighed in, with an entertaining and illuminating article on weird Facebook ads (including ones claiming to be aimed at Eddie Izzard fans). It says that Facebook doesn’t approve ads individually, but that ones that mention factors that really have nothing to do with the subject of the ad–such as age, sex, and feelings about Eddie Izzard in the case of a “free iPad” ad–are prohibited and will be deleted when they’re found.

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  1. I want free iPad Says:

    This was a very creative way to get people clicking on the ads! I should use it for my campaigns. Probably any type of ad would get a higher clickthrough, if the ad particularly targets a certain age group, and the call to action is set accordingly.

    Great idea:)