iPad Reserved

By  |  Friday, March 12, 2010 at 6:31 am

At 5:38am this morning I reserved an iPad for pickup at my local Apple Store on April 3rd, the day Apple’s new gizmo becomes available. Hey, I was up anyway–in fact, I was onboard a plane at the time, heading home from Seattle. It went smoothly, except for one glitch on the login screen. But I liked the Jobsian-sounding error I got: “This is an error message. You have failed in some way.”


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  1. IcyFog Says:

    I ordered one too, 16GB, Wi-Fi only with a case and a power adapter.

  2. David Worthington Says:

    Let me know how it is Harry! It would be perfect for my mother!

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  4. kvmkvm Says:

    I ordered mine saturday; entry level. My iphone has 14 gig and i use only a fraction.This is the first time I have ordered the first generation of a popular gadget with so much hype. I have spent countless hours second guessing my decision, The best part has been reading the “haters” VS “kool aid drinkers”; so much anger.
    For the techno haters let me explain why ; I am 55; a pc user; not half bad for a guy my age.AT&T is very ood here in Stockton Ca., multi-tasking is not an issue; I love the apps; very little music ; zero video. I love the ability to “pinch” so I can read all print. The haters have an excellent point of view; it lacks brilliant upgrades; there are and will be better more technical devices. BUT ; like a good action adventure movie VS a complex; well directed; deep; artistic; movie that wins all the awards at sundance film festivle. As a consumer I vote with my wallet; I want an experience that makes me haapy; sure all the die hard movies lack brillance; but I do not want brilliance; just simple keep me smiling entertainment.