A Guided Tour of Microsoft Bob

In 2010 as in 1995, you kind of need to see Microsoft's "social interface" to understand it.

Posted by  | Monday, March 29, 2010

Bob came with a dozen personal guides–later expanded to seventeen–plus mandatory “specialists” for the checkbook and geography quiz. The notion was that everyone could choose a guide that fit his or her taste. But most have the same basic character: cloyingly cute.

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  1. David Hamilton Says:

    For me, the most interesting part of viewing these screenshots is to compare how Bob and the iPad try to solve the problem of the ‘simplified user interface’:

    It seems that the contemporary view of how to make computers simpler is to reduce the number of options available to the user (by making many options context dependent), to generally reducing clutter by removing most buttons and all menus, and have single application task-switching. Although Bob seems to have got some of those elements right, its attempt to apply hand-holding through the complex tasks required by computers is one that sometimes works, but is not such a sure-fire winner that you can build an operating system out of it.

  2. CoffeeIsLife Says:

    Gosh. All these years I’ve been using computers and I’ve never even HEARD of Microsoft Bob. Which can only mean one thing…I’m still young! Woo Hoo! Thanks Harry ;D

  3. Kyle Says:

    Odd…………..We downloaded the same copy.

  4. Computer Repair Says:

    This was interesting and fun to read about. Makes me think about Windows 7 user interfaces, and how annoying they can be..

  5. jim Says:

    Essentially, Windows 8 is the newest Microsoft Bob. I saw a preview the other day and it was all icons and pretty pictures. If I understood the accompanying verbiage, there's not file manager, no Start menus, no program listings, etc., etc.. You have to click little icons and then more icons and then only programs with their own interfaces can be used (eg, no more RUN XPNETDIAG.EXE or PING YAHOO.COM to see if your Internet connection is working). In fact, I got the impression Win8 runs from "das cloud" so if your Internet connection is off, so are you! Gawd I hope I was reading that part wrong! Just another reason to hang on to my XP systems tighter than ever!

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