I’m Not Sure if I Follow Google Follow Finder

By  |  Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Good grief, more Twitter-Google news from the Chirp conference! Google has launched something called Google Follow Finder, a tool designed to help you identify Twitter users you might enjoy following. Enter your Twitter handle, and it’ll list people who tend to be followed by followers of people you follow–I think I have that wording right–as well as people who follow the same people you do.

Unfortunately, Google Follow Finder may be too good at identifying folks you should be following. I’m not sure if my experience was typical, but when I tried it, it looked as if it made no attempt to determine whether I was already following anyone it mentioned. Consequently, the vast majority of recommendations it made were for accounts that already rank among my favorites (actually, eighty percent or so were personal friends, colleagues, and acquaintances).

As Google’s blog post on Follow Finder notes, you can also enter names of Twitter users besides yourself–ones you already know you like–and find new people to follow that way. But the venerable Mr. Tweet, which has a similar mission,¬†seems to be much better at analyzing your own Twitter data and telling you about people you don’t already know you like.

If you try the service and have better results than I did, let me know…


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  1. Daniel Peiser Says:

    I got an error message from Google Follow Finder while trying to follow a tweep it suggested. I guess it’s still in Google Labs for a reason… or am I doing something wrong?

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