Verizon Gets Another Droid. And It’s Incredible!

By  |  Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 10:43 am

There’s the Droid. And the Droid Eris. And now there’s the Droid Incredible, a new Verizon Wireless Android-based handset made by HTC.   It’s got a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7″ OLED display, an 8MP camera, and Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense user interface. The Incredible is $199 after $100 rebate with two-year contract–just like the Droid was when it shipped last November. (Actually, the Droid is still officially $199, but for most of its life Verizon has had 2-for-1 deals and other incentives–and other sellers have had the phone for as little as $50.)

As long as you don’t want a physical keyboard, the Incredible is clearly the new flagship of the Droid line. And, on paper at least, maybe the Android handset to beat for the time being–although new Android phones arrive so quickly that it could well lose that honor shortly after it ships on April 29th.

The Bay Area, incidentally, is still rife with “Droid Does” billboards–although the new ones focus on apps, so the message is presumably less that the Droid trumps the iPhone than that it’s not completely uncompetitive. The fact that there’s a plain-old Droid as well as an Eris and an Incredible is kind of confusing–I assume that future advertising extravaganzas are more likely to focus on the sexy Incredible than the aging–hey, it’s been out for five months!–Droid.


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  1. John Baxter Says:

    The companion, with keyboard, for the Droid Incredible will be the Droid Hulk and will come in green.

    Amazon and HTC needed to do something about the age of the Droid…this looks good. I may yet have to find out whether Verizon has reasonable coverage here now. (It didn’t when I fled to AT&T.)

  2. Loony2nz Says:

    I’m so torn between this and the HTC EVO. Verizon or Sprint? 3G vs. 4G? Will the 4G ever reach San Francisco before the EVO launches? questions…questions…

  3. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    > The Bay Area, incidentally, is still rife with “Droid Does” billboards

    I really like the art direction and production values of those ads, but they are completely disingenuous. The idea that a Verizon Droid does more than an iPhone is just ludicrous. The one near where I work promises tons of apps, but the devices can only hold a measly half a gigabyte of apps and there are whole categories of apps missing. If you want apps, Android is a disaster.

    If this is the same display from the Nexus One, that is a shame. The best part of the original Droid was the display. The Nexus One is faster and has more RAM than the original Droid, but the Nexus One display is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. The pixels are not RGB (!?) so the color is terrible and the stated resolution is not accurate.

  4. bobalay Says:

    I’m going to get this phone now that my contract is up but Verizon just better not abandon it like they my last phone the Dare. It was supposed to be their best phone at the time and they dropped it like stone. Not a single update in over two years.

  5. Ibrahim C Says:

    I wish this phone had a physical keyboard i have a G1 and Im happy with it but its very slow,doesnt have enough memory,and the touch screen is on the fritz.I would love to get a new android phone but none of the new “super” ones are coming out with a physical keyboard.

  6. MoonDragn Says:

    “I would love to get a new android phone but none of the new “super” ones are coming out with a physical keyboard”

    Droid Does.

  7. angel Says:

    I keep getting the error message ( Activitay Messages (in process ) is not responding. Can anyone tell me what this is and why I keep getting it?

  8. Zach Turner Says:

    I want to get this one so bad. It looks amazing and fast is what I like to hear. You think there’s a way to get a new number but transfer from address book to people? I still have about 64 people I don’t wanna talk to.