Google's New Design Gets Official

By  |  Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 8:34 am

The New York Times’ Brad Stone is reporting that Google is rolling out a new version of its search results with a left-hand sidebar today and tomorrow. It’s the final version of a design it’s been experimenting with for a long time, and bears a general conceptual resemblance to the sidebar at Bing, although the execution is quite different. I’m not getting it as my default yet, but wrote about a test version I stumbled across in March.

I’m happy–ever since Google introduced the sidebar almost a year ago–but left it closed until you clicked on a link to open it–I’ve been rooting for it to stay open all the time. Let us know if you’re seeing the new version of Google–and if so, what you think of it.



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  1. zerothat Says:

    Ug!!! I hate this sidebar!!! How do I turn it off?????????

  2. Oyun Says:

    I think this interface more flexible than others. I love it.

  3. John Baxter Says:

    I’m not seeing it yet (on either of my IPs–one with a logged in Chrome (Win), the other with a not-logged-in Safari (Mac–I see zero use for Safari on Windows).

    It hardly matters–I seldom go to the Google home page anyhow (search with browser tools).


  4. Paul Judd Says:

    I got it last night and I was a bit confused at first – it may still take some getting used to for me since it is so different.

  5. John Baxter Says:

    Oops. I do get the sidebar now (and quite possibly did earlier). But I am a fool: it’s in the results pages, not the entry page, as I should have known.

    Easy to ignore if one doesn’t want it. The time-limited choices seem very useful (I really care about earthquakes today, usually, not those from 1953–although that one was fun).

  6. zerothat Says:

    Update: Delete all cookies from and the horrid sidebar is gone!

  7. PinkNose Says:

    This is very interesting. I have been seeing this interface for some time on and off. Now this new interface is final, I can fully use it. I like the shopping link on the left menu.

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  10. Traitement de la Says:

    OK, I am a tad embarrassed to admit I re-downloaded the Google Toolbar… Now, why should that embarrass me?

  11. mazar Says:

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