Facebook, Zynga Buddy Up For an Internet Eon

By  |  Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 8:06 pm

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Facebook and Zynga have made amends.

A week ago, the respective giants of social networking and social gaming were at odds over of Facebook Credits, a form of online currency. Facebook wants 30 percent of all Facebook Credits revenue from developers, and Zynga, whose hit games Farmville and Mafia Wars rely mainly on virtual item purchases for revenue, was understandably miffed.

But because Farmville needs the daily traffic Zynga creates, and Zynga desperately needs Facebook’s existing social network, the companies worked out their differences. Facebook keeps its 30 percent cut, but sweetened the deal for Zynga with undisclosed perks.

What does surprise me is how long Facebook and Zynga agreed to stay together: Five years. Given the pace technology and the Internet have moved and continue to move, a half decade is, for lack of a better term, a ridiculously long time. Instead of breaking out the crystal ball, let’s put this in perspective by looking back.

Five years ago:

A lot can change in five years. Any bets on whether Facebook and Zynga will still be together in 2015?


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  1. Tom B Says:

    Well, Flash will be gone by then. Hopefully, Zynga’s gotten off its tail and will have non-Flash versions of its games up and running soon.

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