The History of Rickrolling

By  |  Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Rickrolling: Annoying, funny, and…surprisingly interesting:

The History of RickRolling
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  1. ReynaldoRiv Says:

    HAHA Didn’t know about the MS punishment that’s hilarious.

  2. DT Says:

    May 2007, eh? I guess you never watched MST3K:

    (This episode aired in 1992.)

  3. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    > something decidedly not awesome

    The point wasn’t that the song is “not awesome” … the idea was that it is so catchy it sticks in your head later, even if you only hear it a few seconds. The key feature is the viral effect of going from Internet to brain. Compare to the duck on wheels … also not awesome, but you see it, you move on. You don’t find yourself seeing a duck on wheels an hour later like you find yourself singing Never Gonna Give You Up an hour after being rickrolled.

    > iPhones were targeted by a worm
    > changed the background image

    This really should say “Jailbroken iPhones were targeted by …” because iPhones don’t even have background images unless you jailbreak them. The point of the worm was to say “you left your door wide open to the Internet you fool, anyone could have come in, anything could have happened, you’re lucky you only got rickrolled.” The worm even closed the door behind it. So jailbreaking is a key part of the story.

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