Lala: Now With Zombie Mode!

By  |  Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 9:41 pm

When it comes to the closure of the spectacular Lala music service, I’m still working my way through the five stages of grief. For the first time since Lala went bye-bye at the end of last month, I idly launched its iPhone application. (The company never released it, but it gave me a prerelease version in November, less than a month before Apple snapped up Lala and chose not to release the iPhone app it had just acquired.)

I didn’t expect Lala to work, but hey, you never know. The app loaded, tried to log in, failed, and then suggested I try Offline Mode, which I forgot it had.

Offline Mode, I remembered, is a cool feature that caches the songs you’ve listened to recently–handy when you couldn’t get 3G signal. I told Lala that yes, I wanted to listen to music in Offline Mode. And it worked:

It successfully played two songs. I figured it was behaving like a chicken that was still capable of hopping around a bit after its head had been chopped off, and I was right–the app crashed, and when when I launched it again it told me that there were no cached songs.

Absent a miracle, it’s clear that my copy of Lala for iPhone is now useless. But I’m not deleting it just yet. Like I said, I’m still coming to terms with my loss…

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