Office 2010 Hits Store Shelves

By  |  Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm

The last bit of Microsoft’s Office 2010 rollout is now in place: The suite upgrade has gone on sale at retail stores, and is now being shipped in a pre-installed version on new PCs. (Even if the Windows machine you buy doesn’t include a paid-for copy of Office 2010, chances are pretty high that it includes a trial version which can be unlocked, or used indefinitely in a dumbed-down, ad-supported Starter mode.

For people who care about office-suite upgrades at all, I think Office 2010 is a good bet overall–especially the $150 Home and Student edition, which can be installed on three machines simultaneously, providing impressive bang for the buck as long as you don’t need Outlook.

But I seem to be way less impressed with the new Office Web Apps than the average tech pundit (here’s Walt Mossberg’s cautiously positive take). I get that Microsoft sees them as a complement to traditional Office rather than a substitute, and appreciate the much-better-than-average file compatibility and rendering fidelity. But too many very, very basic features are absent: For instance, I don’t quite understand how anyone could release a presentation app in 2010 that doesn’t let you draw a square or circle.

I attended an Office launch event last night, and Microsoft executives said they plan to beef up the Office Web Apps on an ongoing basis; I’ll keep tabs on further developments. And¬†maybe the company’s contention that the current versions provide most of the features that most real people want is closer to being right than I think it is–if you try out the Web Apps (or Office 2010 itself) I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. JimC Says:

    Not sound like a luddite but, I’m sticking with Office 2003. I can’t stand the ribbon.

  2. Jack Brewster Says:

    If you’re a student, or work for a school, and your school participates in School Agreement (heck, that may not even be a requirement) you can get the full version of Office 2010 Professional Plus for about $80 through sites such as JourneyEd:

    Note that all you need to do is provide proof of your status. Even a child in Kindergarten qualifies.

  3. BobAnderson Says:

    If you use Office at work, check to see if you can get a copy of Office 2010 using the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP).

    I was able to get Office Professional Plus, everything, for $9.95 as a download.

    License is good while you work for the same company, and lets you use Office at home.

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