Greetings from the iLine

By  |  Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 7:41 am

The first time I waited in line for an iPhone, it was sort of fun. Kind of. This my fourth go-round–fifth if you count the iPad–and it’s turned into mundane work. So I’ve been tweeting occasional updates but haven’t felt the urge to record the whole experience for posterity here. (In case you were wondering: It’s cold out here, and I’m typing this standing up.)

The good news is that I’m maybe thirty people from the front of the iLine. And quite an iLine it is–by 6am it wrapped around the Stonestown Galleria here in San Francisco…I assume it’s reached at least Marie Callender’s by now, if not Pet Food Express.

I’ll file further reports if events warrant. But I hope you won’t hear from me again until I’m basking in the warmth of my living room, iPhone 4 in hand.


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  1. rjsmall Says:

    “iPhone 4 in hand” – wouldn’t do that – you mightn’t get any reception.

  2. David Worthington Says:

    If there is an antenna issue I wonder whether the rubber bumper accessory will help resolve it. If both counts are true, Apple should provide free bumpers.

  3. Tim Joiner Says:

    Picked my reserved phone up at my local AT&T store. No lines, no crowds at all, in and out in five minutes, plenty of staff on hand. Setting it up went smoothly till I tried to activate online, which repeatedly failed. Had to call the 800 number but now it’s up and running.

  4. Chad Armstrong Says:

    @Harry, I was right there with you.. literally. I would estimate I was probably around 30th in line in the reserved line too. Do you remember the girl in the fuzzy Playboy Bunny blanket? Nothing risque, it was just something memorable 😉

    @David, anecdotally, I got one of those bumpers and haven’t had any issue with reception.

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