Doing the Math on Online TV

By  |  Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 9:40 am

Thinking about dumping cable and doing all your TV watching on the Web? Web TV guide Clicker crunched the numbers on how much network programming is available online. It isn’t everything–American Idol and Law & Order are two notable holdouts–but an awfully high percentage of stuff is there. It would be interesting to see similar data for major cable networks.



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  1. Skywyze Says:

    I already made the move. I get everything I watched on cable with the exception of HBO, SHO etc. Stopped watching American Idol after the 5th show of the first season, never was a Law and Order fan so nothing missed there. Just wish House didn't make you wait 8 days from broadcast date to watch it online.

  2. sfmitch Says:

    The picture quality is SO much better for Cable TV (and DirecTV, Dish, etc) + the DVR awesomeness factor make Online TV completely unappealing to me except for trying to catch up on the very rare missed episode.

    HDTV + DVR = satisfaction and is totally worth my $3/day (TV + High Speed Internet from comcast – TV only would probably be $2/day)