Consumer Reports Responds

By  |  Friday, July 16, 2010 at 11:40 am

Consumer Reports on Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference–sounds like Steve Jobs didn’t convince them that the iPhone 4 has no unique issues:

Consumers deserve answers and fairness.  Providing free bumpers and cases is a good first step toward Apple identifying and finding a solution for the signal-loss problem of the iPhone 4.


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  1. IcyFog Says:

    I guess Consumer Reports didn't like the full-refund aspect. Or maybe CR editors missed it.

  2. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    I would like to know if Consumer Reports will be running the extra tests they ran on iPhone 4 on all the other phones. They used to be strict about treating all products equally, but only iPhone 4 got singled out for a low-reception torture test. The other phones on their list are all on YouTube now doing grip of death. Yet no special round of testing and withdrawal of recommendations?