Clicker Hits the iPhone

By  |  Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 10:00 am

Clicker, the cool site for TV watchers that’s part Google, part TV Guide, and part virtual TiVo, is launching an iPhone app today. The company’s CEO, Jim Lanzone, told me that it brings much of the features of the site to the small screen, but it’s meant as a companion–there’s a lot less TV available on the iPhone than on the PC-based Web, especially since neither Hulu Plus nor Netflix have launched yet.

As with the site, the Clicker app lets you search for TV shows and get information about where they can be watched on the Web or on the iPhone (both for free and for pay); add shows to a playlist that alerts you when new episodes are available (and which you can get access to in your browser where everything’s available); and check out what your friends are watching.

After the jump, a few screens.

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