Your Chance at a Free Copy of Roxio Creator 2011

By  |  Friday, September 3, 2010 at 8:17 am

Last week, I wrote about Roxio Creator 2011, the new version of the do-it-all creativity software for Windows that includes video, audio, and photo editing, file conversion and sharing, disc burning, and more–including new 3D capabilities. The Roxio folks have offered to give free copies of the $79.99 software to five Technologizer readers. We’ll choose the winners in a random drawing–here are three ways to get your name in:

1) Add a comment to this post talking about the the most important audio, video, and/or photos in your life. (Be sure and provide a working e-mail address so we can contact if you win,)

2) Send me an @reply on Twitter (where I’m @harrymccracken) with thoughts about your most important media. (Follow me so I can direct message you if you win.)

3) Head to Technologizer’s Facebook page and leave a message on our wall with your thoughts about your most important media.

Whichever method you choose, do it by 12pm noon PT on Sunday, September 5th–we’ll pick winners from everyone who’s entered as of then.

Good luck! We’ll report back here once we’ve found our winners.



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  1. GlossGreen Says:

    I'd have to say that the most important video that I have right now is my graduation video from Marine Corps recruit training. That was the most interesting 13 weeks of my life. My most important picture? That's easy, it's the picture I took in the delivery room of the birth of my daughter.

  2. Jes Says:

    My most important video is always the next one. As a journalism student, I'm only as good as my last piece.
    My most important picture, I have this great shot of my husband and our dog sitting in the grass in a park at sunset. It's become even more important lately- we're currently dealing with a 1000+ mile separation as I work on my masters degree.
    My most important audio? That's even harder than most important video. Right now, my favorite clips are ambie I collected during a thunderstorm and the music that accompanies a video clip I'm putting together on a group of buskers.

  3. Elliot Says:

    My most important pics and vids are the ones of my family and the ones for my business Linder Video.

  4. Rob Says:

    My most important videos are those of our kids. Second are those created by the kids!

  5. James Copeland Says:

    My most important pictures/videos are our travels, family and cats. I am saving videos and pictures of the twin grandkids to make a DVD of their crazy adventures.

  6. AlphonseQ Says:

    We just had my Wife's Sister and Brother in-law over from Holland (our home is in British Columbia), we went for a marvelous lunch and there was a beatiful patio right on the river with a mountain back drop. I have a new HD Flip and secretly filmed our whole family (we are not often all together) arranging to take a still photograph of our whole group. It made for a great family film of everyone interacting naturally…

  7. Ed B. Says:

    The video of my wife and I getting married is probably one of the most important video I have and being currently stuck on VHS, it obviously is one that needs to be converted to digital ASAP!

  8. Tom Says:

    All the photos/audio/video I have of my three awesome kids, from their birth to present.

  9. JRL Says:

    Most important audio: My books on tape which make long hours on the road bearable; most important videos – photos, videos of my familly

  10. MARK CASSON Says:

    i guess my favorite videos are also my saddest to watch. i have some home movies of my daughter who was murdered 5 years ago. while i watch them, she still lives.

  11. Mike Hadden Says:

    Actually, I have no {"favorites{"… every video that i create,(if you can call them videos) are a great wonmderment to me.I

  12. Leo August Says:

    Most important audio – music. Couldn't live without it. Most important pictures/videos? Anything that makes me smile.

  13. geekwannabe Says:

    I would say the most important picture I’ve taken is yet to come. I’m always trying to look at things in a different perspective, so my favorite photo now will probably not be my favorite in the future.

  14. Javier Says:

    The most important audio are all songs I have bought online and I need to backup. The most important pictures are the pictures of my family.

  15. Matt Hasson Says:

    My most important photo files are from the old prints and slides on which I spent hours painstakingly scanning and editing. I'd hate to do that all over again, especially since I haven't finished them all yet. I've been backing up with Roxio for years.

  16. Sanjay K Singh Says:

    Of course my kids growing up photos

  17. Rene Says:

    The top of the softwares Roxio Creator 2011, you can do everything make your own video DVD change from 2D to 3D, I had like 6 years ago a XP computer I got roxio then 2 years ago i got vista I bought again Roxio now I get windows 7 and Im waitting to win my free copy Roxio software .