Got Questions About Samsung’s Galaxy Tab? Fire Away [Update]

By  |  Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Update: Questions answered. Here’s the full story.

Unlike Harry, I haven’t seen Samsung’s Galaxy Tab up close, but it looks like I’ll have a chance to try the 7-inch tablet and speak to Samsung executives tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

So here’s the deal: Post whatever questions you have about the Tab in the comments, or send them my way over Twitter, and I’ll try to get them answered, either by Samsung or with my own hands-on time. For reference material, check out Harry’s preview and other past Galaxy Tab coverage.

(By the way, I already intend to ask about pricing and release dates, but I don’t think Samsung is ready to answer.)


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  1. Eric McInnis Says:

    US release dates for both the 3G and wifi versions.

  2. richard cadena Says:

    why o why did they decide to do away with the phone feature on the tab. that is the reason i was willing to not buy the dell streak in favor of the 7" tab. that way i get a large phone/i touch/laptop in one.i will not be buying it without the phone.


  3. Samantha Says:

    What types of testing have them done to ensure that this first generation tablet is truly ready for the marketplace? I've heard that there have been some problems with their line of Galaxy phones (especially with emails being dropped and touchscreen sensitivity) and want to make sure that they've done a complete testing program before release. I'm not an early adopter of technology, but this tablet may be the thing I jump at. Thanks! Have fun tomorrow!!

  4. Guest Says:

    pls check out the front facing camera and video chat capabilities. note any issues/concerns/positives.

  5. Jay Says:

    is the galaxy tab a phone?

  6. JaredNewman Says:

    Hey Jay,

    Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy Tab won't support voice calls in the United States (just VoIP).

  7. Sarah999 Says:

    No Phone? Do they want to "self distruct"? What in the world is wrong with them?
    Now I would buy their galaxy tab . . just because they have such POOR judgement!

  8. Brian Says:

    Ok, I know that the first comment covers my question, but just to emphasize my dismay: Why no phone functionality? And is that for all the carriers?? And will there be Skype on it preinstalled? Thanks so much!


  9. Phaze0085 Says:

    Will you be able to use voice calling on the phone if you get an unlocked UK version of the G-Tab? Because honestly im with Richard, if the gadget doesnt have a phone then there is no reason to have it.
    P.S. Would it be possible to use skype on the G-Tab to make voice calls and also txt messages?

  10. John T Says:

    Will Galaxy Tab come with a LED notification to alert user of missed call, new sms etc.?

    John T

  11. John Says:

    I'm with the others, NO PHONE, NO DEAL!!!!!

  12. Ron Kroetz Says:

    WiFi only model? iPod Touch size coming?

  13. Nurr123 Says:

    Why would you want phone features?? Oh yeah just let me pull out my phone that's as big as my face to talk or text someone. Dumb dumb dumb

  14. Kinsly Says:

    Thats what blue tooth head sets are for buddy!

  15. Ed Kim Says:


  16. Russ D Says:

    Why didn't they use the Super Amoled screen? I need sunlight readability without Amoled this will be just like the Ipad with poor sunlight viewing.

  17. Tom11 Says:

    Phone would not be as big as your face, blue tooth? I agree with most no phone no deal

  18. Kinsly Says:

    Finally! Thank you sir! My sentiments exactly…

  19. r j Says:

    why not offer phone functionality with the device? You can use your bluetooth. It makes much more sense to have 1 device that does it all. Does any one agree?

  20. Geny231 Says:

    Phone company's don't want an all in one option, they want u to buy a phone and a Tablet. Greedy US companies.

  21. Kinsly Says:

    Very bad for business…

  22. Rob Says:

    Will we be able to buy a completely unlocked version, with the HSDPA bands of our choice and all features enables including voice, directly from Samsung or another seller?

  23. Sean Says:

    I don't understand all the people who want the phone option… why would I want to spend even more money to a carrier for phone service? Would you actually replace your current phone with it? If so, would you carry a purse or something to carry it?

    It'll have skype capability — isn't that enough?

  24. Kinsly Says:

    No its not, sorry to say. Plus it can fit in your pocket/back pack/purse or whatever else you are wearing. I was planning on replacing my sucky net book, my blackberry, my zune, camera and pretty much all my electronic for this big bundle of joy! But no phone!

  25. mikeeeee Says:

    how about adding a plain vanilla universal charging port?

    so it can be used on the fly for days without docking as every other ANDROID device can.

  26. mikeeeee Says:

    how about bluetooth HID support?

    i think a remote bluetooth keyboard will be better than having to dock samsung's keyboard in most situations.

  27. Yaya Says:

    Can you test the note (ink) option. if it exist and how it compared with normal tablet ?

    Thanks a lot for this serivce

  28. xpunx Says:

    Dear Samsung CEO! I thought you had finally made a product I would buy for my family… BUT NO PHONE ON THE US VERSION??? What is your problem??? That's realy DUMB…. We don't want more gadgets, just the ones that do what we need them to do…. Offer us what we need… Our friends in the UK can connect their bluetooth with their tablet that can also make phone calls… They have a real SMARTBOOK….Who talked you into keeping that from your US customers… We all want something other than the Ipad brick!!! My friends who bought it are not happy!!…Don't you want the US market in your pocket??? This will only compete if it gives us what we want! I'm dissappointed… I thought finally I would funally be able to get a complete product!

  29. guest Says:

    unlocked Dell 7 inch tablet phone is upcoming or buy U.K Samsung galaxy tab unlocked . will Samsung honor warranty for overseas sale when used in U.S.

  30. Celli Says:

    The Apple iPad has some serious contenders now in the tablet pc market with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Dell Streak and now RIM has announced they will have the BlackBerry PlayBook. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a comparison was done at 'Samsung Galaxy Tablet vs Apple iPad' and although the Galaxy Tab has a smaller 7 inch LCD screen, the resolution of the display is about the same as the Apple iPad, yet the Galaxy Tab can make voice and video calls which leaves Apple to play catch up.

  31. justin Says:

    I agree with xpunx I need 1 device that does it all… and I don't mind carrying a brick I have said this for years but I don't want several devices… and the UK version can make calls, so why dumb it down for a larger/more lucrative market?! Also is it that the hardware was removed for the US version or is the software written to keep you from the phone capabilities!? I have no problems voiding warranty's and hacking it so I can make calls…

  32. Travie Says:

    Do you know when you would be able to post the answers to our questions?? Thanks xx

  33. JaredNewman Says:

    Today or tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay, was waiting on some additional answers from Samsung PR.

  34. derek Says:

    ref samsung tab: is it possible to zip code for post code in 'contacts' because zip code will not accept letters, only numbers, therefore not appropriate in uk

  35. mlwedell Says:

    Q: If i bought a 'locked' Galaxy Tab from one of the US carriers and got it 'unlocked', would it be able to make phone calls like the European version?

  36. Jeffrey Austin White Says:

    I discovered an awesome laser projection keyboard that works with Android Phones. It is manufactured by Celluon and is called the CL850. The CL850 Bluetooth Keyboard driver is available on the Android Market for download just in time for the holidays.

  37. Kearstin Says:

    Can the Samsung Galaxy tablet be used when traveling overseas?

  38. Mahboob Says:

    I enjoyed reading your nice blog. I see you offer priceless info. Stumbled into this blog by chance but I’m sure glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all the questions I’ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will definitely come back for more of this. Thank you so much.

  39. ddddd Says:

    soo sooo sad that the phone quality has been discriminated against the public of the United States! Why?

    Understandably it's a bit bigger than modern cell phones, but it's such a practical size (for basic computer purposes (browsing, photos, video, gaming, writing, etc.) ).

    Also, many people use bluetooth (as noted prior to my comment) &/or wire-headsets/ear-pieces. To deprive the pubic of that option is demoralizing, especially knowing that other parts of the world were not discriminated against. (This leads me to wonder, "What exactly happened out there on the golf course [in 'that business meeting'?" (Did you make a bad swing!?) ] )

    Sounds like an inappropriate question, but perhaps one worth popping (to help shed some hope),
    "If the phone is unlocked, would it, then, allow phone usage?" (basically, how do you crack it? or… was it manufactured separately in the U.S. completely without that capability?)

    It seems to be 'the perfect doohickey'–but without the phone, it's a fatal flaw…

  40. rylo Says:

    how will this pad interact with samsung TV's?