The BlackBerry-Like Droid Pro

By  |  Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 7:16 am

Once upon a time–like a decade ago–portrait-oriented, non-slider QWERTY keyboards were the newest, coolest thing in phones. In the post-iPhone era, however, they seemed to have been decisively trumped by full-touchscreen designs. But if you ask me, QWERTY got so rare that it looks cool all over again in Motorola’s new Droid Pro for Verizon, which was announced yesterday.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. robert Says:

    man this thing is ugly

  2. Muay Thai Says:

    Looks fine to me. Muay Thai Combinations | Muay Thai Kick | Martial Arts for Children

  3. iphone 5 pictures Says:

    I think the thing looks great. While touch screen are good, I have always liked buttons. I can type way faster and its more professional.