Engadget on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

By  |  Monday, November 1, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Engadget’s Joanna Stern is pretty impressed overall with the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab, although the lack of tablet-optimized Android apps is a major sticking point.

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  1. Mike Cerm Says:

    Also, it's worth mentioning that there's no guarantee, when a tablet-optimized version of Android is produced by Google, that the Galaxy Tab will receive that update. As a hardware company, they're mostly interesting in selling new hardware, not updating their old hardware.

    The Samsung Moment was released exactly one year ago, and it's not even getting Froyo. People signed 2-year contracts, and got less than 12 months of updates. When Gingerbread (and Honeycomb, next year) is launched, Samsung and (the carriers they're beholden to) will probably have already moved on.