A Credit Card for the 21st Century

By  |  Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Last Gadget Standing Nominee: Card 2.0

Price: TBD

Top 25What if that magnetic stripe on your credit card could get a lot smarter?  That’s the idea behind Dynamics’ Card 2.0, a paper-thin, flexible computer platform that can be utilized in a variety of applications such as next-generation payment cards.  Card 2.0 features a magnetic strip that can be reporogrammed on the fly; it can be read by any existing magnetic stripe reader, so merchants don’t need to bring in new hardware or learn a new process.

According to the company one of the greatest benefits is Dynamics’ anti-skimming device, called the Dynamic Credit Card.  It helps to protect consumers and merchants against this threat by automatically writing a new, unique dynamic security code onto its magnetic stripe for every in-store purchase. (Grabbing your credit card number from a receipt and abusing it is no longer an option for bad guys.)  The card can even have a display that shows a new security code for every online purchase.



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  1. bob Says:

    God forbid people actually pay cash for things to avoid having their credit card stolen….

  2. dholyer Says:

    I have been hering of development of cards like this for the last 5 years, first just in computer tech mags. All this time I've been thinking what a wonderful toy for the hacker. Think they can make programs that make your card seem like it has a bank deposit of trillions of dollars when your account is on vapors with really on a penny in it.

    I know they do not want to publicly talk about security for safety reasons from hackers. But if the unbreakable electronic funds codes can be cracked open and they said it could never be done. How long until these cards are cracked open. But until we have to physically care the gold bars that paper and plastic represent people will use these things. For years in movies fake eyes have been used to crack the retinal eye scan unlocking key, since we are not to far from cloning damaged body parts for replacement how long until we have to keep track of our lost hair and skin cells before you are cloned to break into your bank account.