An iPad for the Toddler Set

By  |  Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 10:27 am

Last Gadget Standing Nominee: Rullingnet Vinci

Price: $479

Parents love to toss their kids their iPads for a little fun and games, but the iPad isn’t really a toddler device.  Vinci, on the hand, was designed for toddler hands and tough use. It’s a infant-proof tablet–designed for children up to age three–with apps that include games, storybooks, and music videos.  Rather than focusing on academic teaching, they aim to show babies the world and let them be in control. And it sets out to address four key areas of early childhood development: cognitive, educational, emotional and social.

Vinci is a bit pricey at $479, but it’s built for babies with their own unique needs.Top 25



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  1. Dave Barnes Says:

    $20 more gets you an iPad.
    I am sure there are some rugged cases for $50.

  2. Ashfaq Says:

    Yes you can get Ipad for $20 more. But this is for Infants .

  3. Dan Yang Says:

    It is important to note that VINCI was not created as a babysitter. It meant to be a tool for parents to use to help their infant babies to explore, discover, learn, while gaining confidence in the process. It's not only an electronic device which was designed for babies little hands as well as for their safety such as the selection of materials amd deletion of WIFI to minimize radio emission. But also, it's the entire ecosystem that includes VINCI Tab the Cortex A8 based, Android 2.2 powered tablet PC, AND specially designed games, story books and music video to engage babies in a play based learning process.

  4. ahanin Says:

    Can you freeze the rim so it acts like a teether? 🙂

  5. dholyer Says:

    Is this tool for Infants or Drunk Adults? If this device is for Adults that drink to much, how long until they come out with program that prevents drunk texting. Along the same path, how about teen Sexting.

  6. Johnson Says:

    OMG what crap