Keep Your Gadgets Dry–and Useful

By  |  Friday, December 17, 2010 at 10:59 am

Last Gadget Standing Nominee: DryCorp DryCASE

Price: $39.99

Top 25Dry bags, which outdoors types use to protect delicate gear, are notoriously bad at letting you grab a shot or answer a phone before it’s too late.  The DryCASE–from a company that also makes waterproof devices for the medical industry, such as bandage covers–is a transparent bag that allows use of a phone or camera while keeping it dry and clean. You pump out all the air with the included hand pump and the bag vacuum-seals around the contents, leaving them waterproof. The air-tight seal guarantees that the contents of the bag will stay dry even when submerged 100 feet underwater.


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  1. ahanin Says:

    Wondering how this is ANY different from the underwater dry bags of the past. Looks exactly the same.

  2. samantha Says:

    This is so much better, it actually vacuum seals your device so it is impossible to get water damage. Well worth the costs of the product.

  3. Phil Says:

    I bought one of these this summer. It is awesome. You can still use the screen when it is in the case and there is a headphone jack that you can use while it is underwater, too.

  4. Ed Says:

    Spend alot of time at the beach. Great for protecting my smart phone from the sand and water.

  5. hali Says:

    The vacum seal makes this different than anything on the market. I used this diving and videoing with my iphone.

  6. Lauren Says:

    This is really the best I've used — keeps my iPhone and Blackberry dry and safe — use it now in winter too to keep it out of the snow. It's fabulous!

  7. Kayaker Says:

    I'm telling you DryCase isn't an accessory it is a necessity. Congratulations guys!

  8. jack bushko Says:

    this is a great product !!!!!!!

  9. Scott Says:

    I am on a boat all summer. I lost 2 cell phones Z in 3 weeks. Once I got my Dry Case I never had a problem. Great design. Works very well.

  10. Jim Says:

    This is a great product that I use to protect my iphone at the beach – to keep out both sand and water – and I've also used it for my billfold. I've gotten a good return on my investment!

  11. Dr. Jason Says:

    I paddle board with my ipod in a Dry Case. It is AWESOME!!! Trust me, when I first started out paddle boarding it got a lot of use—-no problems ever. I tell all my friends about Dry Case, and how they need one.

  12. Matt Wright Says:

    So Cool! Received my DryCase as a gift 6 months ago and have now bought one for all my Family’s Christmas! Thanks for a great Product!

  13. Mark J Says:

    Eeeeexcellent product! As a charter boat captain, I use this product religously. Since I have had my DryCase, no more worries of salt spray and moisture damage to my phone! You guys rock!

  14. scaed Says:

    works exactly as advertised and is *cheap* insurance if you're around water/snow/etc a lot. why didn't I think of this?

  15. Dan Says:

    Living by the water makes this gadget one of the best I have ever seen. Couldn't boat, fish, surf and beach it without it!

  16. Carlos Says:

    This is a great product for the boat, beach, pool, wherever you are near water. I always have my DryCase with me. Buy it now!!!

  17. Celeste Says:

    I like this product. Great when raining, my Drycase keeps my phone from getting wet. Great product

  18. Dr. Arch Says:

    From Dr. Arch-
    We tried to incorporate as many features as possible into DryCase. First our patented vacuum seal is unique, and each DryCase is tested for 12 hours. No air our means no water in. It is a simple law of physics. Second, we wanted DryCase to be used by many products today…and tomorrow. It is flexible allowing use of all controls and the vacuum not only keeps things perfectly dry, but prevents interbal slipping. The 3 way jack allows for music and speaking using the microphone, but of course you could use bluetooth. The neoprene armband makes it buoyant and the lanyard is great for hanging it in the shower. We also now have the Folio for readers and iPads. Personally I use it every day; simply in the gym to scuba diving. Before DryCase, I went through a new phone every month (really!) I have had the same iphone now for 2 1/2 years – a record! It is one of my most favorite toys! Dr. Arch, CEO
    Thank you everyone for your comments!
    See you at CES!

  19. Kelly Cahill Says:

    Enter text right here! The Drycase is fabulous especially keeping my Kindle dry while outside by the pool. My nephew has one to keep his insulin pump dry when he goes kayaking! Kelly C.

  20. sriram Says:

    Can this be used for underwater photography? Can I seal my point and shoot inside this bag and take it underwater?

  21. Ed K Says:

    We spend a lot of time on the beach and the Dry Case protects my smart phone from both the sand and water – and I can still use it to receive calls and surf the internet. I also occasionally bring my IPAD and use the Dry Case folio to protect it.

  22. Rich N Says:

    A must for any water related activities. My SUP skills require use of a dry case or I would have had to purchase several new phones. Best product in its category.

  23. Pam Says:

    A must for the beach and boat especially when you have grand children. You never know when your electronic gadgets will end up in the water or sand.

  24. Susan Says:

    A must have for anyone who has teens and cellphones. I may never have to get another "Mom, It was an accident I dropped my phone in the pool" phone call again. Thanks for a great product!

  25. Shelley Says:

    I have one & sometimes I use it just to take my phone to the beach. I never take my iPhone on the beach or near the water without the Dry Case. I just got two to give as Christmas presents.

  26. Rhonda Says:

    The Dry Case is so amazing. It keeps my gadgets safe and sound while I'm at the beach or the pool.

  27. Jordan Says:

    The DryCASE is a perfect waterproof solution and is versatile size so I can use my iPhone, iPod or my brother can use it for his Droid or Flip Video camera. Truly the best waterproof case on the market!!

  28. Ann Says:

    I love my drycase, I haven't used it since last summer at the pool. I used it almost every day while the neighborhood pool was opened. Today I broke it out of the summer gear to take my phone out in the snow and take pictures. It worked great.

  29. Timmy O Says:

    I kayak in the intracoastal. Last summer I dropped my "has everything in my life" phone into the deep blue! Holy Crap! Everything is gone..again! Nope- I was smart enough to put it in a DryCase. BUT not smart enough to put the floating armband on it!!!. I dove down, searched in the dark for 40 minutes, found it, retrieved it, and everything worked. YES – I would give this a FIVE STAR PLUS!!

  30. Wayne Says:

    My DryCase is great for surfing. I can surf all day and still keep up with whats happening on land while I'm waiting for a killer wave! Works great in my hotub too!

  31. wildoc Says:

    Very Interesting use of basic physics. I am very impressed. I am an avid photographer and I have been wanting to try underwater photography, but the gear is quite costly. I should probably experiment with this gadget. Do you think it is a good idea?

  32. Eric Says:

    Check out this video of it in use. Love this case, it is by far the best one I've seen.