Video Calling Hits Skype for iPhone

By  |  Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Well, looky here–the iPhone version of Skype we wanted all along is finally here: one that does video calls. It works on the iPhone 4, current iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, and iPad (although you really want the front-facing camera which the 3GS and iPad lack) and permits calls over both 3G and Wi-Fi. And judging from my very brief time with it so far, the quality seems quite good.

Apple’s own FaceTime set the standard for simple video calling from a phone, and other options such as Tango are already thriving. but if you’re a Skype user calling another Skype user, the new iPhone app couldn’t be much simpler–and you can make calls to Windows users, something that’s still not possible with FaceTime. (You can’t, however, make video calls to Android users–but you gotta think that a video-capable version for Android will come along before too long.)

If you give the new app a try, let us know what you think. Me, I think I’ll use it calling my three-year-old nephew and two-year-0ld niece–neither of who own an iPhone 4, oddly enough…


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  1. Rahul Aggarwal Says:

    This is a good news for sure but the downside is that now skype has remove API access to 3rd Party apps

  2. developer Says:

    Yeah, It's a good news, especially for iPhone users. I'm working in application development company and we did some applications on this stuff. It's a new wave in tecnology direction.

    Best regards.