The Technologizer Year in Review

What people read, searched for, and used on the site in 2010.

By  |  Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 11:30 am

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It’s been Google’s wont for a number of years to publish a year-end wrap-up reflecting what people searched searched for. It calls this report Google Zeitgeist, and several other sites  produce counterparts, such as YouTube Rewind and the Yahoo Year in Review.

If the big guys can do this, why not Technologizer? Here’s a recap of 2010–what you folks were reading and searching for, which sites sent you here, which browsers and operating systems you used, and where in the world you came from.

Without any further ado…

The Top 20 Stories

(by pageviews)

1. The Great Operating System Games

2. Silicon Valley’s Isle of Misfit Tech

3. The Secret Origin of Windows

4. The PalmPilots That Never Were

5. iPadversaries! 32 Tablets, Slates, Pads and More

6. This Dumb Year: The 57 Lamest Tech Moments of 2010

7. Nintendo Entertainment System Oddities

8. Super Mario Oddities

9. The IBM Muppet Show

10. Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow!

11. The Tragic Death of Practically Everything

12. Mr. Edison’s Kindle

13. The State of iPad Satisfaction

14. The Ones That Didn’t Make It: Windows’ Failed Rivals

15. Windows Oddities: 21 Years of Microsoftian Weirdness

16. The Bob Chronicles

17. Amiga: 25 Years Later

18. 132 Years of the Videophone: From Futuristic Fantasy to Flops to FaceTime

19. 1968 ASCII Animation From Russia

20. PC vs. Mac: The Straight Scoop

The Top 10 Search Terms

(keywords at Google and search engines that brought people to Technologizer–each keyword links to the story most searchers arrived at)

1. Technologizer

2. iPad alternatives

3. Mac vs. PC

4. Droid vs. iPhone

5. xBox 360 Pro

6. FrontierVille

7. Swoopo

8. eReaders

9. iPad Browser

10. Microsoft Office for Mac

The Top 10 Referring Sites

(by percentage of visits)

1. Google

2. Slashdot

3. PCWorld

4. Facebook

5. Daring Fireball

6. Bing

7. Twitter

8. Stumbleupon

9. Yahoo

10. Gizmodo

The Top 5 Browsers

(By percentage of visitors)

1. Firefox (38%)

2. Internet Explorer (23%)

3. Chrome (20%)

4. Safari (16%)

5. Opera (2%)

The Top 4 Operating Systems

(By percentage of visitors–iPhone was undercounted for part of the year, which is why it isn’t here)

1. Windows (69%)

2. Mac (23%)

3. Linux (5%)

4. iPad (2%)

The Top 10 Countries

(By percentage of visitors)

1. USA (66%)

2. Canada (5%)

3. United Kingdom (5%)

4. Australia (3%)

5. Germany (2%)

6. India (1%)

7. Netherlands (1%)

8. France (1%)

9. Spain (1%)

10. Sweden (1%)

No summary of Technologizer’s year would be complete without heartfelt thanks to the several hundred thousand people who make up our community. You’re what make the site a viable business; you provide some of its best content; you constantly remind me how savvy you are, and you make the site one of the relatively few places on the Web where the comments are far more than a vast, depressing wasteland. We’re proud to be associated with you.

Happy holidays and happy new year–we’re looking forward to continuing the experiment that is Technologizer and hope you’ll stick around and be part of it.


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  1. Alan Ralph Says:

    Season's greetings to you, Harry, and all the folks who help to keep Technologizer running. 🙂

  2. Alan Ralph Says:

    the ipad is not a os

  3. Benj Edwards Says:

    2010 was a great year for Technologizer. I bet 2011 will be even better.