Coming Soon: Microsoft TV?

By  |  Monday, January 3, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Does Microsoft have a competitor to Google TV and Apple TV? Sure: It’s called the Xbox 360, and I’ve always thought it was pretty smart of Microsoft to focus on making its gaming console into a well-rounded entertainment device rather than going head-to-head with purely TV-focused products. But the Seattle Times is reporting that among Microsoft’s CES announcements will be a Windows-based platform for $200 Internet TV boxes.

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  1. Jared The Geek Says:

    Its not really news as Microsoft announced a Window Media Center embedded back in April. Now would be the logical time for a preview. Besides, they already have a $199 set top box, its call the Xbox with media center extender its already there.

    Though as a fan of Media Center I can't wait to see its implementation.