Last Gadget Standing: It's Time to Vote

By  |  Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 8:46 pm

A two-screened laptop. A color e-reader. A camera that does 3D. A scanner to go. A state-of-the-art Android phone. A next-generation integrated chip. A camcorder you wear. A watch with GPS. Blocks with brains of their own. And earphones that customize themselves for your particular ears.

Ten innovative products with nothing in common except one thing: They’re our Last Gadget Standing finalists. And now it’s time to figure out which one will be, indeed, the Last Gadget Standing.

If you’re in Las Vegas for CES, please come to our live event at 10:30am on Saturday, where you can see live demos of all ten products and vote for your favorite. That event will determine the Last Gadget Standing. But if you’re not in Vegas…vote anyway! This online poll that will determine the winner of our People’s Choice award.

First, here’s a recap of the ten products, out of dozens of contenders, that have gotten this far.

Acer Iconia Two-Screen Notebook

Why we chose it: In the past year, we’ve seen a ton of different tablet designs, from the ubiquitous iPad to Toshiba’s dual-screened Libretto. However, we’ve never seen anything quite like the Acer Iconia, a Windows computer that looks like a notebook when closed, but opens to reveal dual 14-inch, touchscreens, one of which can serve as a keyboard. Acer improves on Windows 7’s touch-experience with custom gestures, such as placing five fingers on the screen to launch a menu. Add in a suite of touch-friendly software with a browser, media, and social networking jogger, and you have something truly unique.–Avram Piltch

Barnes & Noble Nookcolor E-Reader

Barnes & Noble’s Nookcolor is the first e-reader with a color LCD screen that’s specifically optimized around reading. Everything about this integrated, Android-based experience screams out to aficionados of the written word–from the screen’s resolution and glare reduction to the software’s unique presentation of books (especially children’s books) and periodicals. Ready for LCD e-reading? This e-reader takes things to a whole new level.–Melissa Perenson

Fujifilm Real 3D W3 Digital Camera

Why we chose it: The coming of 3D has been one of the most significant trends in consumer electronics in the past year. So far, most of the attention has been on ways to view commercial 3D content, so the arrival of tools accessible to consumers for the creation of 3D images is important. The Real 3D W3 is one of the first to make creation of 3D images affordable and simple. The dual-lens camera takes stereoscopic 3D photos and videos and can also shoot in conventional 2D mode. Images can be viewed on any 3D TV display, as well as on Fujifilm’s digital viewer.–Steve Wildstrom

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 Scanner

Why we chose it: Fujitsu’s latest ScanSnap isn’t the first color sheet-fed scanner that’s compact enough to go almost anywhere and powered by USB, so you can leave the brick at home. But it’s one of the sveltest, and its software–for both Windows and Mac–is so simple and slick that turning paper into digital form isn’t a chore at all. You can scan directly to Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Evernote; create searchable PDFs; and customize the toolbar to send scanned pages into your own favorite apps. And while it’s optimized for text-and-graphics documents and speedy scanning rather than photos, the image quality is pleasing, too..–Harry McCracken

Google/Samsung Nexus S Smartphone

Why we chose it: Perhaps the biggest story in mobile devices in 2010 was the emergence of Android-based mobile phones. Heading into 2011, Google is taking Android to the next level with the Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” release, as embodied first in the Nexus S phone manufactured by Samsung. This handset features advanced features, such as a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and a 1 GHz processor – but stands out as the first phone to support Android’s Near-Field Communications (NFC) feature which can let you use the phone to interact with physical tags–so you could use it to check in to locations or even potentially as a credit card.–Michael Miller

Intel Second-Generation Core (Sandy Bridge) Platform

Why we chose it: Quick–do you want your next laptop to be fast, or to deliver outstanding battery life? The answer, of course, is that you want both. The second generation of Intel’s Core platform–including the i3, i5, and i7 processors, and previously known by the “Sandy Bridge” code-name-aims to help you avoid having to choose. It integrates a CPU, graphics, and a memory controller onto one die, increasing performance and reducing power consumption. Look for it soon in a laptop near you.–Harry McCracken

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

Why we chose it: If you see something you’d like to record for posterity, you could take your videocamera or phone out of your pocket, turn it on, and begin recording. Or you could capture it with Looxcie–a Bluetooth headset that happens to double as a videocamera. Even if the cool thing you witnessed already happened, you can save it: Looxcie continuously buffers what it sees, so you can rewind life and snag something after it’s happened. It uses Bluetooth to transfer video to iPhones and Android headsets. And even if it makes you look like a nerd, at least you’ll be a nerd who’s having good, geeky fun. –Harry McCracken

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Runner’s Watch

Why we chose it: The Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom is a hybrid gadget that combines both GPS technology and an accelerometer, located in the Nike+ shoe sensor. Runners can upload their data to the website, where they can track their favorite routes, set goals, receive coaching, and challenge their friends. Key features include the GPS tracking with the shoe sensor –great for runners off trail. The tap interface activates the backlight to mark laps during a run. And the watch has a USB connector molded into the watch strap, so you can plug it directly into a computer, no cable required. –Robin Raskin

Sifteo Cubes Digital Blocks

Why we chose it: Any parent who’s ever felt that the LCD screen plays to large an influence in their kids’ lives will appreciate the beauty of Sifteo Cubes–a new kind of toy. Sifteo Cubes are smart blocks. Each can talk to the others and sense their proximity, motion and sound. This simple idea leads to all sorts of unique play patterns—from art to number games to thinking puzzles and music. At $150 for 3 Cubes, SIfteo is not a jar of bubbles , but it brings the world of kids digital play away from the screen while still keeping it high-tech, and that in itself is ingenious.–Robin Raskin

Sonomax Soundcage Customizable Earphones

Why we chose it: I have a bazillion headphones–all the way from from cheapy cheapy ones to expensive earbuds. None of them fit just me. But now comes along Sonomax with its custom-molded earbuds. The patented fitting system squirts silicon into a membrane while it’s in your ear, a process that takes less than ten minutes The finished buds felt great in my ear, they were solidly seated, and they seemed every bit a quiet as the sound-cancelers I have. It’s a notable case of adapting a mature industrial product for the consumer market.–Patrick Houston

Ready? Please cast your vote for your favorite–one vote per person, please. Voting ends at 10am PT on Saturday. May the best gadget be the last one standing…


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72 Comments For This Post

  1. Thomas Says:

    That is a nexus over you have pictured there. Not a nexus s. I don't think samsung would appreciate that…

  2. Rachel Says:

    I just voted for the nook from the nook!!

  3. Traci Says:

    I love my NookColor! I was just able to vote from this spiffy little Device!

  4. Britney Says:

    Looxcie the slim beauty! U wld lke it.

  5. L Hyland Says:

    Best yet!

  6. Lindley Rouse Says:

    Not a single IPTV gadget on the list? No "pad" device? Sorry, I can't vote on this list of irrelevant gizmo's (Nexus and e-reader exempted). This list is seriously lacking.

  7. Lee Moore Says:

    I love my NOOK

  8. @johincolorado Says:

    NOOK color. love it

  9. Hillary Says:

    Love my Nook Color!

  10. D Joan Hezeltine Says:

    has given me a whole new way to read, no more do I hold my books under a magnifying glass!!

  11. Elijah Says:

    Cameras are Great, because they Pictures and Pictures are worth a thosand words.. the Nook is even greater because the Nook has more than a Thousand words.. Plus Pictures:-) Go Nook!!

  12. nsb Says:

    nook!!! yay

  13. @DNicolasL Says:

    Love my rooted Nook Color with Angry Birds, Dolphin HD Mini, and Aldiko Book Reader

  14. Snickadoodle Says:

    I love my NookColor. It rocks.

  15. Sasha Says:

    Love my NOOKcolor, its the greatest!!

  16. AZ MAMMA Says:

    I got the NOOK COLOR and gave my old nook ( 9 mos old) to my daughter in law. She cant wait for Nook to come out with something better cause she wants my NOOK COLOR ! ! ! Nice try girlie! We are both avid readers and both of us love our NOOKS !

  17. David Says:

    If the mini-bluetooth camera had more memory I'd probably go with that, but for now, the Nook Color is my preferred dopamine delivery system.

  18. Walter Says:

    NOOKcolor, I wish I knew how to quit you!

  19. Ringo Says:

    @Lindley, a rooted Nook is a "pad" device. Vote now!

  20. Brian Says:

    Sifteo Cubes all the way.

    I work on commercial gaming software for handhelds & consoles and I'm dying to get my hands on these things!!

  21. darlene Says:

    Love my nook color!

  22. luv my nookie Says:

    My NookColor (nookie) is AWESOME – I don't go anywhere without it and it's the BEST present EVER!!!!

  23. Marman Says:

    Nook is the best, I don't think I'll ever be buying a traditional book again – I love it!!!

  24. Rick Says:

    Sifteo cubes, unbeievable product for gaming and education.

  25. pcakes Says:

    I love my nookcolor!! Everyone should have one of these grreat gadgets! I just posted ghis from my nookcolor.

  26. Charlie Says:

    Absolutely love the Nike+ Sports Watch. What an upgrade to the modern world of healthy lifestyle and Sport!

  27. Vinod Says:

    I voted for looxcie and I love it…..,,,

  28. Alicia Says:

    I have a Nook and I love it!!! Since I purchased it I have read more books than ever before and enjoyed it! I have also been introduced to many new authors via the Free Friday sponsored by Barnes and Noble. Thank you, Barnes & Noble!!!!

  29. kitling Says:

    Thank you Nike + for making me a healthier person last year. I will keep you by my side and continue the journey with you.

  30. Rene Says:

    I love my looxcie.. =)

  31. Elaine Miguel Says:

    Nike+ is life changing! Got my vote

  32. Rick Pearlman Says:

    I love my Sculpted eers. So comfortable with great sound. I couldn't believe the fit in only minutes.

  33. Julie Says:

    Thanks Nike for making life a less stressfull!

  34. Tom Batterson Says:

    Barnes and noble has changed the publishing world. With near instant downloads, a full library in my hands, interactive kids books with embeded audio, embeded video in cookbooks, the ability to use facebook to share passages, advanced lend me abilities, a full web browser… I could go on and on.

    BTW I wrote this on my nook color. 🙂

  35. Tom Batterson Says:

    Enter text right here!

  36. Norm Says:

    I like the Nike GPS watch.

  37. jessica Says:

    I love my nook

  38. Clark Eller Says:

    I filmed much of the Orange Bowl with Looxcie! It was easy and the footage is awesome!

  39. Deb Says:

    My Nookcolor is the best. My grandchildren think it is sooo fun to read books on it – especially those that will read to them.

  40. Adam Tablet News Says:

    why is there a picture of the nexus one beside the nexus s section?

  41. 3reddogs Says:

    I'm reading Sue Grafton's "P is for Peril" on my NOOKcolor. So? I got it from my local LIBRARY, I have 21 days to read it, and it's not costing me a dime.

  42. BJH Says:

    My hubby said he wanted a Nookcolor for Christmas…when I went to check it out, I ended up buying one for him and one for me!! I LOVE MY NOOKCOLOR…I've already knocked out 7 books on it since Christmas! Vote for NookColor now!!!

  43. Thaisa Says:

    I love my nook color!

  44. Grace Guerra Says:

    Better than the Kindle anytime. I'm a reader.

  45. Ricky Zeez Says:

    Acer has the best products in life!!!

  46. neotechni Says:

    i would have voted for the sifteo cubes but they refused to sell to canada, by the time i got an american friend to agree to get me them they were sold out and now they are saying the next batch will be 150 bucks even though one of my other friends bought one cause of my blog


  47. guest Says:

    siftables all the way

  48. @pwerbrouck Says:

    sifteo cubes are the only innovative gadgets on this list !!!! Go Sifteo !!!!

  49. tracie phillips Says:

    I just ordered the future of play, Sifteos this week. I have been following this company for over a year and am excited to get started playing with the future.

  50. Chrisb Says:

    That's a picture of a Nexus One (made by HTC), not a Galaxy S. Fail.

  51. Rusty Uscilowicz Says:

    Votw for the NookColor! We are in the Lead!

  52. Ivo Shandor Says:

    SIfteo cubes are fun!!!

  53. Susan Says:

    Love my NookColor, and it's only going to get better with updates.

  54. Maria Says:

    Love my Nook!!!

  55. Goochy Says:

    Nook Color is a powerful device for it's price range — it IS a 7" Android tablet with no Bluetooth, camera, or microphone; and is not officially open to the Google Android Market for apps.

    However, many of them have some serious hardware bug(s). Sound completely fails after automatic screen off (sleep), and the touch screen has unpredictable sensitivity and calibration problems … especially when recharging.

    B&N don't publicly acknowledge these problems. Fix them, and then you'll get my vote.

  56. Goochy Says:

    BTW: The sound issue is reported on Barnes & Noble's OWN technical support forum, as well as many other Android forums such as XDA. The XDA guys are experts and have the Nook Color rooted to run many many Apps not yet supported by B&N.

  57. Tom Batterson Says:

    I own 2 nook colors and have 3 feiends with them. None of us have had the "bugs) you speak of. And the almost 2,000 others who are commenting here don't seem to have a "bug" problem
    Could it be a user problem?

  58. Tom Batterson Says:

    So you rooted (meaning hacked) your nook color and are now complaining that it doesn't work right?

  59. pat Says:

    love my nook color.. easy to read .. and B&N make it easy to learn

  60. GoUSNR Says:

    I love my Nook so much I bought the new color one for my Mom for Christmas… now I wish I would have given her my old one and got the color one for myself… darn it!!

  61. Kelly Says:

    I Love my NookColor!! Best gift my husband ever bought me.

  62. Lisa S Says:

    love my Nook color

  63. Mary G Says:

    Love my Nook, can't wait to upgrade to the Nook Color. I can only imagine what I can do with it!

  64. Ron H Says:

    Not only is my Nook Color by far the best e-reader ever, it is an Android-powered pad with a hundred uses. Faster at displaying color PDFs than my notebook and more portable by far. Great web browser, too – far superior to the old B&W Nook – it will even stream many videos. Superb!

  65. Dana Wright Says:

    I love my Nookcolor. It is so portable, plays my music, holds my knitting patterns, let's me surf the web and that's before I even start reading. The color touchscreen is perfect for my cookbooks and kids picture books. It is wonderful.

  66. Alex Says:

    Love my nookie wookie

  67. garjonegal Says:

    i am truly luvin' my nookcolor! i rcvd it as a christmas gift f/ my hubby. i cant believe he got me such a cool gadget/gift that i actually love to use…and use it almost daily! i was a bit leery at first and thought that it just would not be the same as reading a good ol' fashion book. absolutely no complaints w/ it. i like that i can download samples of a book first to see if i really want to read the book if its by an author i am unfamiliar with. i also love B&N's "Free Fridays"! AND there is so much more to do w/ it then just read a book! im still learning all the bells and whistles it has.

  68. Susan Says:

    Sifteo all the way…

  69. Mike Says:

    I can't help wonder how many of the people who voted really looked at the finalist and made a judgement, versus just voting for their current favorite toy.

  70. crux Says:

    Very, very few, I'll tell you that.

    Hell, most of the comments read like they were written by executives from the companies in the competition. "I love my nook!" "Nike saved my life!" Are you kidding me?

    Nook also had a particularly unfair advantage, as a lot of the items on the list haven't been released yet. Some like Nook and Nexus S have, making the Nook in particular a breeding ground for biased favoritism.

  71. Cheryl Says:

    Love, Love, Love my NOOK!

  72. Karmen Price Says:

    Among these gadgets, I love Google/Samsung Nexus S Smartphone. I gave this to myself as a present and it is one of the best gifts I ever had.