E FUN Readies Android 2.2 Tablet for Young Geeks, Old Newbies

By  |  Monday, January 10, 2011 at 5:31 pm

A start-up named E FUN is planning a new Android 2.2 tablet for its already established, unusual hybrid market, which combines twentysomething (and younger) tech geeks with senior citizen tech neophytes.

When E FUN introduced an initial 10-inch Android tablet last year, the device sold out within three days on the Home Shopping Channel, an EFUN employee said, speaking with me during the ShowStoppers press event at CES.

“Interestingly, the tablet turned out to be especially popular with people of Baby Boomer age and older, who’d wanted to start using computers but were afraid,” she noted.

The oldsters liked the 10-inch Next tablet due to its easy-to-use touchscreen, according to the booth rep.

Among the younger tech set, Android was the big draw, along with the unit’s slick engineering. “They wanted to see how far they could push things,” I was told

The follow-on 10.1-inch edition, called the Next4, will feature Android 2.2 with Flash support, a capacitive touch screen with 1024-by-768 resolution, 8 GB of internal memory (as opposed to 4 GB on the earlier 10-incher), Wi-Fi, and built-in access to the Borders eBook Store. Availability is set for Q2 or Q3. MSRP is $349.

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  1. dholyer Says:

    I remember hearing of this but that is about it, a week latter it was like history in the Media world and computer world. So I thought that the product production have dried up also. Wonder if Dish may like this as there answer to a tablet controller for there Google TV systems.

    Think I'll send a link to Dish of this article.