Rebuttal by Invite

By  |  Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Earlier today, Engadget posted images and details relating to HP’s upcoming WebOS tablets, including the suggestion that the devices won’t go on sale until September. Then I got an invite to HP’s February 9th WebOS event–which I thought was a tad odd given that I’d already been invited and RSVPd. But this new invite has a purpose: It says that anyone who thinks that Engadget let the cat out of the bag is wrong. Of course, it doesn’t say whether Engadget’s scoop is completely spurious, or partially so…or even largely correct but incomplete. We’ll presumably need to wait until the 9th to figure that out. I’ll liveblog the event, so you’ll learn what’s going on as soon as I do…

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  1. Victor Says:

    Really hope they’re releasing a new Web OS phone – and don’t completely flub the marketing this time around. The biggest problem with Web OS thus far is that it hasn’t attracted developers who, as of now, can monetize more easily on more popular platforms like iOSand Android.

    HP has my attention until this announcement but if they don’t announce a new Web OS phone, I’m switching to Android.