Sign of the Times: Logitech Launching a Couch Mouse

By  |  Friday, January 21, 2011 at 2:54 pm

While knee-deep in the time suck known as Minecraft, I’ve tried on occasion to play the PC game from the comfort of my couch, laptop resting on the coffee table. Without a mouse pad, it was impossible, and even then I had a hard time laying the pad flat on the fabric.

Enter Logitech’s M515, which in a world of better tech product names might simply be called the Couch Mouse. The M515 has a sealed bottom case that keeps lint out while helping the mouse glide across cushions, blankets and carpets with minimal fuss.

But I don’t think the couch mouse is meant for gamers like me. With Web video growing in popularity, it’s probably intended for folks who want to lean back on the sofa while watching Hulu or Netflix on their laptops and home theater PCs. To that end, the mouse also has a hand sensor, so the cursor won’t slide around as you shift your weight.

It sounds like a neat idea, but I haven’t tried the M515;¬†it’s scheduled for a Europe-first launch in April for 50 pounds, and U.S. launch plans are unclear. Hopefully the mouse’s fabric-friendly features don’t negatively affect performance on other surfaces.

(Semi-related: I’m glad to see Logitech fitting another product with its Unifying receiver, a tiny USB dongle that can read multiple Logitech devices at a time. I use one for my keyboard and mouse at home, and there’s just no going back.)



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  1. Renchub Says:

    50 lbs seems heavy for a mouse….

  2. ediedi Says:

    Looks a lot like my mouse: a Logitech bluetooth:….
    And it works flawlessly on any surface, including fabric (sofa etc).
    Come to think of it, all the optical mice I ever used worked well on sofas, pants, etc.