We Dare: The Brilliance of Horrible Marketing

By  |  Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 3:18 pm

I don’t know if my Twitter feed is a good indicator of something going viral, but right now it’s lit up with people talking about We Dare, a Wii and Playstation Move party game that Ubisoft describes as “fun and flirty” and “sometimes kinky.”

A trailer for the game lives up to the creepy concept: Two guys and two girls huddle in front of the TV and play a bunch of mini-games with a sexual bent. In one instance, two partners gnaw at the base of a dangling controller to mimic waterless bobbing for apples. In another, one of the girls bends over her partner’s lap for a spanking, Wii Remote tucked into the backside of her skirts. All the while, the actors giggle with convincing awkwardness. (The trailer is embedded after the jump to protect the innocent.)

But here’s the rub: We Dare was announced a month ago, and the Internet barely noticed. Ubisoft’s disaster of a trailer has brought far more attention to the game than the concept itself.

I’d like to think this kind of idea can’t possibly sell. But in my heart I know Ubisoft will drum up some buyers from the trailer alone. You know what they say about bad publicity.

Then again, Gamestop has no listing for We Dare, so either this awkward adventure in motion controls is confined to Europe, or the whole thing is an elaborate prank on uptight gamers who scoff at ridiculous motion controls. Either way, kudos to Ubisoft for grabbing my social circle’s attention, and then making all of us cringe.

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