iLines Part Deux: Some Apple Stores to Open Early Tuesday

By  |  Monday, March 14, 2011 at 3:11 pm

By all accounts, Friday’s launch of the iPad 2 was a success. Analysts say the company likely sold at least 500,000 units over the weekend — with some saying Apple may have sold close to a million units. If you found an iPad on Sunday, consider yourself lucky: most places had sold out of the device on Saturday if not on launch day itself.

This success may be the reason why Apple may be quietly planning to open some of its stores an hour early on Tuesday, according to the Apple Bitch blog. Those walking into Apple Stores today are being told that even if they receive shipments today to replenish stocks, iPad 2s will not available until Tuesday.

With many stores opening typically at 10:00am, this would mean those stores would open at 9:00am instead.

Comments on MacRumors seem to confirm the blog’s reporting, although not all Apple Stores are confirming their plans to open the doors early. In any case if you’re going to try to purchase an iPad 2 when the new stocks arrive, call ahead to confirm.

Why would Apple do this? I’m not sure, especially if it has decided not to publicize it. But I do imagine that the company can generate additional good press for the device if it can manage to get queues forming for a second time.

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