Hold It: Apple Shelving iPad 2s to Ease Inventory Pressure?

By  |  Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Let’s say you’ve arrived at your local Apple Store with intent to purchase an iPad 2, but alas, the salesperson tells you they’re out of stock. Tragic, right?

But what if they’re really in stock after all? What if the next time you’re politely turned away with one of those frowning smiles, there’s actually a stack of perfectly salable iPad 2’s nesting comfortably in the store’s back room?

Why would Apple (or anyone) hang on to iPad inventory? Well, because they’re Apple, and they work in magical-mysterious ways, but also–according to an AppleInsider tipster–because the company’s hoping to ease pressure on store inventory checkers, who’ve apparently been pretty stressed getting new iPad 2 shipments properly catalogued before they land on store shelves.

The delay (from back room to, well, somewhere else in the back room) is about a day, giving inventory specialists extra time to “calmly and accurately” file stuff. Apple’s said to be smarting over its prior “hot and now” approach to product launches, where employees were instructed to move product off pallets as fast as possible. You’ve seen the shots of store lines–just imagine what it’s like for store employees battling daily to service customers while keeping incoming product flowing.

So next time you’re at an Apple store raring to snag a sleek new iPad 2, and the smiling salesperson says they’re sold out, just put your name on a list (if they’re taking names), walk away, and tell yourself you never saw this story.

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  1. Mike Thrane Says:

    Really? Stocking shelves at Apple is a stressful job? Gimme a friggin break.