The IronGeekiest of Them All

By  |  Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 10:39 pm

One of the last things I did at South by Southwest this week was probably the most fun and definitely the wildest and wackiest: On Tuesday afternoon, I competed against Joshua Baer, Larry Chiang, Amanda Coolong, Lydia Leavitt, and Nan Palmero in a tournament known as Das IronGeek. We raced around the SxSW show floor, competing in a typing test at the Das Keyboard booth, sifting through sand to find phone cases with Seidio, answering trivia questions provided by Triviatise, going head-to-head in air hockey over at MapQuest, and setting up servers for SoftLayer.

In the end, the contest wasn’t that much of a contest: Josh Baer, founder of the neat service OtherInbox, won the overall competition handily and beat me at air hockey like I’ve never been beat before. I went away happy anyway, having tied for second place, won the trivia round, and generally comported myself better than I did at last year’s inaugural IronGeek edition.

After the jump, a few photos I took of my fellow contestants.

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