Facebook For iPhone Gets “Unfriend” Feature

By  |  Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Has somebody made you so angry that you couldn’t wait until you got home so you could unfriend them on Facebook? If you have an iPhone, you won’t have to wait. As part of the new update to the Facebook app, an “Unfriend” button has been added to the application, allowing users to dump their pals on the go.

The functionality is not yet in the Android version, and the company has not said when it expects it to be. In addition, we’re all still waiting for an official iPad app–something that I’m beginning to think may never materalize!

All kidding aside on the unfriending front, there were also some other really nice additions to the app. You may remember my post on event check-ins from last month: the feature is now available within the app.

Users will also now be able to use a map to view the locations of friends rather than the standard list that the app has been using since Places was introduced last August. This makes the feature a lot more like Loopt, which has always displayed the locations of friends on a map — which just seems a logical move to me.


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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Mike Cerm Says:

    Zuck straight-up said that they're not working on an iPad app, because the iPad is not a mobile device, and I agree with him. Personally, I dislike how feature-incomplete all of Facebook's apps are… Since the iPad has enough pixels to give you the full Facebook website experience, what's wrong with just using the website?

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    Zuck definitely claimed the iPad wasn’t mobile, but I’m not sure that he said that Facebook wasn’t working on something (at least when the subject came up at a Facebook event I was at a few months ago)–as I recall, it was more of an artful Steve Jobs-style tapdance that might have boiled down to “We’re not ready to talk about this yet.” I agree that the Facebook Web site works quite well on an iPad, and if you want an app, the third-party program Friendly is quite good.


  3. Ed Oswald Says:

    I have heard quite a bit of good things being said about Friendly. But to put it simply, the company that's gonna make the best iPad app will obviously be the site itself.

  4. David Says:

    I have to say, not quite. Viewing photos, for example is much better on Friendly. Also, no adds. You get certain usability optimizations that work very well with Friendly. Also, much easier to switch between users.

  5. roxie Says:

    Yeah, Zuck is an arrogant poo-poo head. What about something as simple as "unfriending" on an Android phone? Android is going to take over the market…..