HBO Go Service Enroute to Mobile Devices

By  |  Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 8:08 pm

As the rush to put video on mobile devices continues, HBO will apparently be throwing its hat into the ring next month, if a YouTube teaser video from the cable channel is any sign. The HBO Go service first debuted in April 2009, and has slowly been expanding its breath of programming, although you’ve had to visit the HBO Go website.

About 1,400 titles are available through the app, according to recent reports. That may even get better, if I’m reading into the narration of the teaser, which says:

“Get every episode of every season of your favorite HBO shows, plus hit movies and much more — all free to HBO subscribers and all streaming on your iPad, laptop or smartphone wherever you are. HBO Go — it’s HBO, anywhere.”

The date May 2 is teased, which seems to indicate that’s when these apps would be released for both iOS and Android devices that are featured in the video. I haven’t seen any official statements from the network just yet, so this is pretty much all we have to go with.

GigaOm does have a response from a TimeWarner spokesperson (parent company of HBO) which confirmed May 2 as the release date although with the caveat that all platforms and devices may not be supported right away.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Matt Says:

    Call me when you can subscribe to HBO Go without having to subscribe to cable. I might be willing to pay $20/month for access to download or stream HBO shows, but I'm not done paying Comcast $80 for cable/internet + $17 for HD DVR + $20 for HBO. If HBO would sell their shows a la carte, I'd probably buy them that way without need for the app/streaming.

  2. Matt Says:

    "but I'm not done paying"
    Should be "but I'm done paying"

  3. jltnol Says:

    Ditto to Matt's comments. Wake me up with HBO is so desperate for subscribers that they finally let go of their cable connections and become an online network. I'd pay. But I'm going to pay for the all the extra shopping channels and the jesus channels to get it.

    Sorry HBO.. for now, you loose.