Playstation Network is Down for a Day or Two

By  |  Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 11:59 am

Sony’s Playstation Network is down, and it may not come back up for a couple of days, according to the official Playstation Blog.

“While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running,” Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold wrote.

Europe’s Playstation blog previously said the company was investigating “the possibility of targeted behavior by an outside party,” but that message has since been removed. Hacking group Anonymous, which attacked Sony’s servers earlier this month, claims no involvement.

Talk about terrible timing. This week saw the launch of Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and SOCOM 4, all of which have an online component. SOCOM 4 is a Playstation 3 exclusive geared mainly towards online play, and includes big incentives to buy the game new. In addition to disabling online play, the PSN outage affects the Qriocity music service, Netflix, and any other service requiring a PSN login.

Still, this isn’t quite as severe as the PSN problems that occurred in March 2010, when a leap year issue caused some users to lose data just by turning on their consoles. Sony didn’t relay that message to its customers until 16 hours after the first reports emerged.

[UPDATE: Sony says that the outage–still ongoing–is due to it taking down the network after a security breach.]

[UPDATE 2: Still no end in sight. Sony now says it’s rebuilding the network for added security.]

[UPDATE 3: Sony now says all users’ personal information was compromised, and credit cards may have been compromised as well. More details here.]


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  1. noobboy's friend Says:

    WTF DO U MEAN BY Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly. U WANT A FIGHT?

  2. Erbicus Says:

    Calm down tough guy, You must have a pretty lame life if your that angry over not being able to use the ps3 for a day or too. Got nothing else to do? Try some self discovery and realization on who you choose to be and realize how pathetic and weak you are to this life.

  3. Rain Says:

    Dude, he's not talking about the video games. he's talking about this site. Smart.

  4. Kendrick Dawson Says:

    He's pissed because they're implying censorship upon his comment I assume. Seems to me you're the one that needs to calm down.


  5. Jackson Says:


  6. pie Says:

    and your a dick

  7. coletrain Says:

    yea you stupid faggot

  8. Horrorchicken Says:

    I sure do hope this isn't a DDoS attack by Anonymous…

    Even though Sony is a major corporation, you still don't want to cross Anonymous.

  9. Dave Says:

    sadly, it is

  10. greg Says:

    the reports are the Anonymous hasnt claimed this to be their work

  11. graham Says:

    Sony has so may powerful anti-attack methods, it could repel anonymous's worst attacks in a week. Sony is backed also by microsoft, which would rape anonymous.

  12. Jimmy Says:

    Who is Anonymous? I see comments on quizzes that were posted by "Anonymous." Is that him? He leaves like 20 comments.

  13. BORICUA_GIRL_1 Says:


  14. ICWeiner66 Says:


  15. Epitrochoid Says:

    I love how its says “the possibility of targeted behavior by an outside party"…listen they messed up big and now its someone else fault? This is purely Sony's fault. The fact that they are blaming someone else is childish.

  16. aaron Says:

    No really it is from an outside source.. there is an open network hack that ppl have been using to freeze up the network and possibly the ps3 itself. Major problems with online games that track stats as a dc for u is a lose and the other side gets a victory if u dc.

  17. dolemite Says:

    When a hacker comes into your computer one day and wrecks up your sh*t I'd like to see how quick you say its your fault.

    Anyway, I hope Sony gets this fixed quick.

  18. Beau Woodcock Says:

    So your automatically assuming they did it based off of what information? Prove any hacker is responsible, and it wasnt one of the idiots at Sony tripping over a cord.

  19. C N Says:

    because "tripping over a cord" takes about 5 seconds to fix. The proof is in the situation. In experience with system administration and maintenance, both microsoft and sony get their worst problems sorted out after less than a day. If the projected time is between 1-2 days it can easily be inferred that whatever happened is pretty big and out of the norm.

  20. domplol Says:

    i smell a hacker

  21. pie Says:

    how can u prove it wasnt a hacker

  22. dsdd Says:

    Actually…they have found that it is someones fault at this point. They just haven't pinpointed who it is. Someone caused a major virus. It's not Sony's fault in any way….X-Box lover.

  23. Epitrochoid isnerdy Says:

    bro, ur a nerd. how did they mess up again? get a life nerdy

  24. bob Says:

    i just got black ops

  25. Raiyen22 Says:

    Don't worry that game sucks, yeah I said it, you want to fight about it, see me in Killzone when the network gets back up later this week lol and that's my screen name for anyone who wants some

  26. jillian Says:

    love how i finally decide to give in and buy the playstation plus and now the dam networks down for maintence gotta love my bad timing

  27. Jon Says:

    lol.. PSN makes me angry to

  28. Rommel Says:

    +1 same here

  29. MiantCub Says:

    I am NEVER getting playstation plus. It's insanity, It's extortion, it's just another way to squeeze the money out of their customers. If you agree to their crap, you're giving them your balls, and I prefer to keep mine, thank you.

  30. Jimmy Says:

    You think YOU have bad timing? I kept having trouble connecting to the server, and it turned out that WHENEVER I went on, THAT'S when they had server problems.

  31. pissed off aagain Says:

    Hell with Playstation Network.I'm going back to xbox live. The PS3 makes a better door stop anyway.

  32. C N Says:

    have fun paying $60 a year for nearly the same product. I'll wait 2 days and save 60 bucks.

  33. JrH Says:

    xbox's are actually better though, yeah ok it costs more in the long run, but the game play is better and at least you dont have to play with 10 year olds, because its free on the playstation

  34. Ugh Says:

    No one cares about your opinion at the moment. Stop trashing other systems because YOU like something else. This isn't about which system is best, and your randomly bringing it into topic anyway.

  35. james Says:

    ok and your gay and like it in your mouth

  36. michael Says:


  37. funakaiwa Says:

    I thought xbox's overheated more than ps3's? and the red rings….I have an old 20 gig I've had since the ps3 launch and it's never had an issue. It doesn't matter anyway they are the same. It's all a matter of personal preference really. I'm not gonna bash 360 I just personally don't like it (I had one, never played it).

  38. Guy Loves ps3 Says:

    Have fun with your crappy product!

  39. PS3 SUCKS Says:

    ps3 really sucks, this always getting annoyed might just buy an xbox.Done:)

  40. Billy Says:

    Yes, that way you have to pay for DC Universe subscription AND the xbox live one.

  41. batman619 Says:

    u suck

  42. ILickYourBallz8==D Says:


  43. PS3 SUCKS is gay Says:

    i dont know what rock youve been living under but ive had a ps3 for years and this is th second time its happened thats not alot

  44. james Says:

    Cry cry, this has happended twice boo hoo 🙁 play a single player game and stop bitching.

  45. Bob Says:

    it always happens?
    because this is the first time ive ever seen it happen.
    just because it happens once in a long time, doesnt mean you should switch.

    but if you really want to, go ahead, pay to play online and worry about red ring.

  46. DTM Says:

    it's going to be fixed soon anyway, PS3 is far better then xbox anyday of the week!
    PS3 has a Blue ray player, free online, and internet browser. what does the xbox have…red ring of death, pay for online. thats it. PS3>Xbox

  47. RAZoR Says:

    get over it, twice it happened, its freeeeeeeeee who cares

  48. recklezz_kitty Says:

    word yo am about to get an xbox

  49. @millerjustinj Says:

    xbox had the same in hackers thats does it u noob all stites get repairs all the time u supit get a life

  50. you guys are loners Says:

    The best thing of all ……… nothing. Anyway you will have to pay for xbox live, PSN will be back in a couple of days big deal! you loners get a life.

  51. tobeastforthis Says:

    why are you telling people to get a life if you are on this blog responding.

  52. the schoolboy Says:

    I agree–take a break from games for a day or two–it will be good for you

  53. Bob Says:

    i agree with this.

  54. Red X Says:


  55. Red X Says:


  56. alex Says:


  57. pie Says:

    your face fails

  58. batman619 Says:

    i LOVE PS3 we just have to wait

  59. WOFFFF Says:

    Missing my weekend "Hammers Only" already…….DAMMIT !!! (Uncharted 2)

  60. Lucas Bjerg Frandsen Says:

    wait wait wait, i'm getting sick of that !
    I also love PS3 but the network isn't great!

  61. MAT Says:


  62. NUMNUTS Says:


  63. J.C Says:


  64. Joey Says:


  65. Edgar Long-Avalos Says:

    IM with you bro

  66. abdullah Says:


  67. Gi Says:

    they should definitely give short extensions to paid service subscribers such as Qriocity andPS Plus everytime this occurs.

  68. PS3 4 noobs only Says:


    Thats why I play PC games ..what is better than free games , excellent resolution and no hassle : )

    I will sell my PS3 sh!t because it doesn't worth it . and if u really into consoles XboX is waaaay better


  69. Luke Jarvis Says:

    Your best bet would probably be to sell your ps3, and invest your money from that into an elementary school level english program.

  70. Ron Says:

    I agree with Luke, luckily he can spell PC, LOL!

  71. OK. Says:

    you still have to pay for the disk to download the game and some games like World of Warcraft require a monthly payment or something. unless you play solitaire or something.

  72. Jared Says:

    haha i agree totally

  73. Hi tek Says:

    It was one of them damn glitchers that be playing the game i bet a milliion yen!!

  74. trueraiderfan17 Says:

    is that like 1 us dollar

  75. bitch ass Says:

    i was wonderin the same thing

  76. derpderp Says:

    more like 12000 dollars

  77. Optimistman Says:


  78. COOP Says:

    i was wondering what was wrong with the network. i almost broke my game for a second time for i feel like MAT. GO MR. MAT

  79. COOPER Says:

    YEA!!!!! GO MAT

  80. Justin Says:

    Yep, I think it’s time to think about xbox. Tired of all the Psn outage. It’s getting stupid. At least I can still watch netfix. 

  81. NUMNUTS Says:


  82. WOFFFF Says:

    EXACTLY……perfect ****ing words well put !!!!

  83. Well... Says:

    Maybe go outside? Just a thought.

  84. c n Says:


  85. bldaz Says:

    Read a book?

  86. HERE4UTOHATE Says:

    you got numnuts, so you must of figured out what you were going to do all day.

  87. pie Says:

    go outside?

  88. Yogurt Says:

    hmm i dont know, maybe socialize with real people?
    hang out with people or go to a movie?

    its sad that people are so dependent on this. ITS JUST DOWN FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS YOU WILL SURVIVE I PROMISE.

  89. dance Says:

    no big deal….xbox sucks and waiting a day or two is nothing

  90. Anonymous Says:

    somebody understands

  91. NUMNUTS2 Says:


  92. Endgame Says:

    How does taking away my ability to play games punish Sony? This is a cowardly act Anonymous.

  93. GHOST Says:

    Exactly what the hell were they thinking!.

  94. Drex Says:

    It wasn't anonymous as 'they' claim they have nothing to do with this. Most likely it is sony's response to security flaws in their system and they are taking steps to reinforce it. Did any of you guys forget there was sort of an earthquake and tsunami and fires and obama that happened in japan? Hmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with the telecommunication infrastructure out there whatsoever.

    Besides, anonymous aren't even hackers. Anyone can download a program with runs a repeating ddos attack. Just because some retard gets a program to do this and enters in an ip address isnt hacking. It is ping spamming. Don't give credit where none is due. Not to mention most of the 'anonymous' babies won't be doing stuff like that anymore as it is illegal and the authorities have been arresting morons that are doing this sort of stupid annoying teenage stuff. Do a google search on the wikileaks anonymous arrests. All of them deserve a nice long stretch in jail. Fracking idiots.

  95. joeyham Says:

    please turn on playstation network we been waiting :(((((((((((((((((((

  96. worm-hands Says:

    i want to play cod now!!!!!!!!!

  97. jon Says:

    lol! thats waht my little brother said.

  98. panarican Says:

    pussies – u'll live without psn for a cpl days – go do some yard work or somethin – see the sun (unless u have a preexisting condition to which it doesnt allow you to have direct sunlight) -ijs-

  99. hahahahahaha Says:


  100. dikwnf Says:

    why so hostile? just keep your comments to yourself, and hey….you are what you eat!

  101. the rock Says:

    Well said….these geeks act like a day or two is a millenium….c'mon. These are the same ppl talking sh*t to people online that they wouldn't ever f*ck with in real actual life….drink a soda, bang a b*tch, jerk off…but stop complaining for a free online service…..

  102. jessjess18 Says:


  103. jonathan Says:

    damn i really got nothing to do i was really looking forward to play black ops and mw2 but i still love ps3 but wgy doing the spring break i was looking foward to prestige in black ops

  104. YOUR MOM Says:

    same here trying to get9th

  105. nate Says:

    you start all over when you prestige so spend all your money first on your player card

  106. wheelsinphx Says:

    All I wanna do is kick some ass and take some names in MK9 UGH HURRY UP PSN!!!!!!!!

  107. Ralph Soto Says:

    wtf nooooooooooooooo……………

  108. cassandra Says:

    i think this is good, getting the kids on to doing other thing,s educational…

  109. noneya Says:

    looking this up for the hubby and……..sorry but all I can say is YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………I get to actually watch some movies with him instead of the COD. Sorry for the others he is going crazy as well as yall

  110. Rock Says:

    Had a hard day at work today and wanted to play some mk9 to relax. Oh well

  111. jefferson2 Says:

    i cant do solo zombies anymore, its driving me nuts.. what a great time to be off from work

  112. Ron Says:

    Yep, Anonymous has gotten to them. It is a shame that a group like Anonymous would do something out of spite to try and affect PSN but they make us suffer! They claim Sony is hurting the "innocent". Are we not the true innocent?? I paid good money for my PS3 and should be able to use it when I want to, not when Anonymous deems it fit for me to play it. They are lame and I hope the government takes them down! Just know EVERYONE gets caught eventually! Yes I will wait for PSN to come back up. I agree with the copyright act and GeoHot should be sued. He would not want anyone manipulating an invention that he took time to come up with and had a patent for!

  113. kdahl03 Says:

    this blows… i was looking forward to hitting this kush and busting out the bad company 2!!!

  114. idwoeida Says:

    hell yeah

  115. kreese Says:

    ;how come some of my friends can get on but the rest of us cant is it down or not dayum!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Mrgucci2u Says:

    No disrespect to xbox fans but I tried xbox 360 brand new before ps3 and a week later I had the red light.exchanged and 2 months later same thing.bought ps3 next and it's still running like I can easily wait a day or two to play online for "free" again.yeah it sucks but so does having a $300 or more system just stop working for no reason when it's made by a billionaire!get my point??

  117. qragdifjnfh Says:

    thats what i say, the same thing happened to me…i went through 4 360s in under a year and i decided to buy a ps3 and its been running strong for a few years with no problems whatsoever.

  118. JAX Says:

    a day or two??!! its been two weeeks!!

  119. Black opppps Says:

    wow, i just restored my PS3 for nothing 🙁 o well as long playstation network still woorks ill be just fine! 😀

  120. WOFFFF Says:

    …Where is my UNCHARTED 2 ?……..come on PSN, get it together!!!!!

  121. @joshlovespara Says:

    Look, we're going to have to wait, it's not like we're never ever going to play with the people we've met online ever again and never play the games ever again, it's free, unlike xbox which you have to pay for which is a load of rubbish in MY opinion, people with PS+ are moaning because they paid for that, you pay for content, not for service, don't complain, it WILL be back up, don't panic.. go outside.

  122. mckenzie Says:

    im pisted i wanted to black ops so i can wipe ur butts with my AK47 DAMMMMMMMMM u whp ever did this to the ps3. like really and its spring break DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM U

  123. Gage Says:

    this really ws i really looked forward to playing w/ my freinds. what eals is their to do now!

  124. @joshlovespara Says:

    It WILL be back up, DON'T panic. seriously.

  125. rapp Says:

    So wtf happend? why is PSN down anyway? why dont they just turn it back on? im bored i bought Crysis 2 to play and its the dumbest damn game i ever played and was gonna play some cod and BAM network down.

  126. Black opppps Says:

    becausee…read the article!

  127. Chad Cooper Says:

    This is ridiculous! We all suffer from some hackers trying to take revenge, probably fan boys who got too pissed off at COD. My day off and I get up to PsN not working! I don’t know why I switched to ps3, in two months I had more problems with my new ps3 slim, and the network than in 2 years with the xbox, and xbox live. Not to be choosing sides, both systems are good, each with flaws and benefits, but sony better get their act together, because no one is happy, and there have been many other incidents that I have heard about in the past. O well technology now a days.

  128. MCKENZIE Says:

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its stephon falt

  129. jonathan Says:

    bout to go crazy; 2 days why during the spring break i was about two mess up someone in black ops hint hint 2 of dem wrote a comment in this post

  130. jillian Says:


  131. Philip Pellegrini Says:

    yup bummer ..quit ur winning its,,free,,not like xbox live …down a couple days ..ull live ,,heres a suggestion.. go OUTSIDE…lame xbox cry baby…

  132. dargonmafia Says:

    there should really be a way to fix things without shutting it all down. i mean why buy new games 4 the online function if u don't even know from day to day if it will work.they need need to put this warning on their games"WARNING IF YOU R BUYING THIS GAME FOR THE ONLINE FUNCTION IT MAY FAIL"

  133. Black opppps Says:


  134. That one guy Says:

    But I just burned the perfect CD for owning it up on black ops!!!! *tear* haha oh well I got another week till I have to go back to school

  135. jillian Says:

    I just hope they get those &^*% hackers! It's getting old. -__-

  136. garrettshows Says:

    dude calm down now d dam site back fn up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. GongeKing Says:

    sony CAN protect themselves against this, but some bean counter at sony didnt want to spring for the right protection, so ANONYMUS is probably the company who is pissed because they lost a sale and hacked their sh*@! just a thought.

  138. James Says:

    This can't suck anymore….I have a ps3 themed teen night with no way to sign in…AND NO i CAN'T DO SOMETHING ELSE. I tore my acl and cod blck ops is my salvation until I can work again. The kids are furious about teen night and now we are trying to get a throwback video game theme with n64 and nes altogether in one day! Wish me luck!

  139. garrettshows Says:

    can you go to jail 4 hacking big stuff like sony

  140. garrettshows Says:

    sony hack dem back

  141. garrettshows Says:

    i was about to be 8th prestige on black ops noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  142. Black Rider Says:

    Judging by the comments, some of you can use this down time to learn how to spell and write in English. It's not the end of the world. Get a life and get over it.

  143. marcwales Says:

    omg i can't own people if i can't sign in!!!
    mgo <.< FTW!

  144. shappy09 Says:

    playing solo zombies is f******** killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Joe Knowles Says:

    Guess you guys will have to acually climb outta your moms basement and do something useful with your time!

  146. SuperUltraMegaBored Says:

    I'm wondering if this is related… This event might actually have some major impacts if it is.

  147. yohomes Says:

    ha i bet it does

  148. JR smith Says:

    Gee get a life it 2 days i pissed cuz it over my spring break

  149. JR smith Says:

    I can live with 2 days plus it has been going on since midnight

  150. bob Says:

    haha i hope someone did attack them their retarded for ever stopping people from hacking so what if they want to jailbreak their systems it's there fukn system, the people pay good money for it just let them do what they want your getting rich so F off…leave hackers alone

  151. ayeeeee Says:

    HAHA, SMART :000 !! lol.

  152. rch Says:

    what the hell !!!! now what???

  153. alright slayer Says:

    I'm going crazy I want to play MW2!!!…My wife is not going to get any tonight If ps network is not going to work for a couple day.FOCK

  154. yohomes Says:

    i bet u dont get any at all

  155. Derek Says:

    How does it take a couple days to fix this?! Sony must have their heads up their asses.

  156. Black opppps Says:


  157. PointsBandit Says:

    only PlayStation will have this issues, from crappy downloadable games, anonymous system restarts to a crappy and hackable network. o by the way thanks for sending me an email that i will be getting on the network. SMH, i should trade this junk in!

  158. SuperUltraMegaBored Says:

    AAANNNDDDD Black Ops sucks. BC2 all the way baby!

  159. kdahl03 Says:

    i agree,, bc2 all day,, all the way!!!

  160. JLMagnifico Says:

    u suc fag

  161. SuperUltraMegaBored Says:

    NETWORK IS UP everyone log on and take your frustrations out on the R1 button!

  162. Y??? Says:

    u got me extremly excited

  163. Black opppps Says:

    mee too!

  164. SuperUltraMegaBored Says:

    or not

  165. Krazy_Killer_117 Says:

    Who cares is just a day or 2 a master at Black ops has 2 rest 4 a while. And add me FOOL!!!!

  166. albert doxey Says:

    damn all u wieners should go buy a xbox that way we dont have to listen to ur weinin asses,so its down big deal go out and get some sun now u have no excuses for urselfs burn some fat off and maybe ull be around a little bit longer ps3 take as long as u need so that u can fix it and fix it right

  167. drnzyme Says:

    No PSN for two days! Seriously! I'm so going to take my Sony agrression out on some COD BO fools when it comes back online

  168. Derek Says:

    Playin COD4 for now…..then it's back on Black Ops to destroy all of you. You should feel lucky that it's down so that your Kill/Death ratio doesn't fall because of me. Enjoy the couple days because when it comes back up I am going to be so angry with this situation that I am going to take it out on the NOOBS that play Black Ops.

  169. J_L_Magnifico Says:

    yea right ill whip ur ass
    psn J_L_Magnifico
    c me about somethin succa! lol

  170. Black opppps Says:

    yeah add me on ps3 Derric_Gulay lets see iff you can own me

  171. RyGuy Says:

    Virus attack spreading out of control I bet. To sum it up, first thing you do with a network is take it offline to assess damage, diagnose servers & try and get those viruses off before bringing em back online. Or it could be they underestimated online activity from new releases' online activity. Remember COD MW2 network crash? Madden seems to crash EA yearly too, on its release date. Ugh…oooh, what's that thing? Oh a book? Left to right? Top to bottom? Guess I'll give that a try meantime haha

  172. Optimistman Says:

    i hate reading.

  173. fuska1gh Says:

    its all good I can wait. Xbox sucks. I need to play some black ops. Hurry pls. PS3 #1

  174. Tony Says:

    Hay techs! I have been up for 12 hours now, i would like to play some COD online right about now… I agree with all of you guys, "we might just have to wait a little while, whats the big deal"????? So what it will be up and running again, just give it some time… P.S. PS3 is better than X-Box anyday!!!!!!

  175. Tony Says:

    By the way my Gamertag is I_W_B_U_2011

  176. moosman Says:

    i dis agree i thing we should go kick sonys a**

  177. PS3 sucks! Says:


  178. Y????? Says:

    im losing my mind put it on

  179. Chris Says:

    "In addition to disabling online play, the PSN outage affects the Qriocity music service, Netflix, and any other service requiring a PSN login."

    yeah, and the reason why these services require a PSN login in the first place? And honestly, how long would the update take that would allow these services to work *without* the PSN login. 10 minutes? 15, tops? just comment out the code requiring the PSN login as it ethically should have been in the first place you paranoid nazi's.

  180. hunbun Says:

    i just get the new sharp shooter & there down NICE!!!!

  181. hun bun Says:

    OH i almost forgot they better compensate us for all this ! but of course sony takes care of its peeps RIGHT ?

  182. j-ro Says:

    wow. a couple of days to rebuild firewalls encryptions etc.. yay me i get to update my system again when psn comes back up 😐
    p.s. black ops is just call of duty 4 update:| nazi zombies graphic revert. n e way not knocking ps3 cuz when psn is up, ill be back. while it aint workin. ill be playin xbox. btw systems are = depending on what game genre u like. mmorpg shooter 1v1 fighting etc.

  183. J_L_ Says:

    equal my ass ps3 wins ne day lol

  184. Chris Says:

    I don't understand why people say xbox is better. Ps3 can do so much more than the xbox can. You can upload movies, pics, and music straight to the ps3. The xbox won't let you upload movies onto the hardrive unless you buy them from them. Plus the ps3 has it's own web browser and ps home….so tell me how in the world xbox can be better?

  185. LegitxWarrior17 Says:

    This is really annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM going back to xbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least there they control their corporation…..

  186. Joel Says:

    wish i would have had some warning from playstation i set my ps3 to factory settings lastnight hoping it would fix it when i didnt and i googled it, then saw it was down then i spent the next three hours trying to reset all my controllers, bluetooth, game and movie settings and passwords thanx playstation for the heads up ….NOT I sux I like you so much I need my battlefield fix tho, i almost went to walmart to get bfbc2 for pc as a temporary solution but im lazt so ill wait

  187. Jeremy Says:

    That is your own fault for not doing research before hand. It's not Sony's job to hold your hand. Sony doesn't have to compensate you anything because you don't pay to play online games, PS plus is not an online service, it just gives you free stuff and discounts. People always want money for nothing.

    As for the x-box fanboys, before you starting throwing dirt on the PS3, remember that you pay for XBL and XBL does down too. XBL went down for 2 whole weeks once.

    Last thing I need to say is those sticking up for the hackers, you are losers like they are. When you create your PSN account you accept their terms of use. If you violate the agreement, they have a RIGHT to go after you. So stop saying Sony is violating your right,s you are violating theirs. Companies have the right to protect themselves from people like this.

  188. ambersfool77 Says:

    I agree. I bought a PS3 and it did eventually get the YLOD. I paid Sony their fee and it was replaced with a refurbished system. I also bought a XBOX 360 and it did eventually get the RROD. Microsoft got their fee and I got another refurbished system. So who should I bash? I think I'll go after the game producers that make games I want exclusive to a particular system. I hate you guys. P.S. Thank God the Wii sucks. I don't wanna spend anymore money on my gaming needs.

  189. hahahahahaha Says:


  190. truth Says:

    so the playstation network is down for a day or two big woop. four words for you "red ring of death" argument won goodnight

  191. WOFFFF Says:

    OK…LISTEN !!!!!! NETFLIX WORKS…..just sign in once you go to it and then back out———it will play So says the WOFFFF

  192. David Says:

    Thats why you buy both xbox and a playstation so when one goes down you have a back up

  193. omsiN_ Says:

    Such is life. These things happen. I personally, am sick of people whining. Its a free ‘service’ as it should be. With the money we spend on consoles, games, our internet providers and misc. IT SHOULD BE FREE, only an idiot would pay microsoft to play online. So to everyone who cries about a few days down time on their free online service from Sony… Join the other fools on xbox. Thats less whiners i have to listen to online when Sony resolves the issue. To Sony; Thanks for your services and keep up the hard work. No complaints here. Take your time, let the whiners pick up a book or even a bottle of acne treatment for a change.

  194. jon Says:

    why………………………the…………..FUUCK!! would u do it on SPRING BREAK!!!!!……daaayum it!

  195. PSN outage, the truth Says:

    I talked with a customer service rep in billing yesterday and she told me my credit card stored information was fine and I quickly asked why it was hard to get logged in or make any purchases once I did get logged in, and she said (and probably got in trouble for telling me) that PSN starting with a new update to the PSN store, was revamping their entire user interface, so it could handle faster online multiplayer games and other media. In other words there is no attack, just a major update in the works!!!!

  196. Karina Says:

    Did she say when it might be back on?

  197. Bill Says:

    god forbid people have to pry themselves away from a game console and go outside for a day or two.

  198. Nalarion Says:

    God forbid you be inside commenting on this about people not going outside for a day or two, obviously the fact you found this, means you were looking into the fact PSN is down

  199. haloftw Says:

    i wanted to play me some jurrassic park operation genesis?

  200. LjDub Says:

    Friends say netflix is working Evan though there psn down

  201. OddCrysis Says:

    pfft… -,..,- My main account is banned anyways. LMFAO!!! u loose i win, lol! with the psn being down stalls time for OddCrysis to come back WOOT !!! ^,….^*; B4 the end of this month my main account will be back, and i don't have to look anywhere neer like a n00b on Playstation@Home Yay me!!! i can endure 2 days no problem but if it was like 4 days or longer, WE GOT A CRYSIS ON OUR HANDS!!! O,…,0

  202. STFU Says:

    yes, we lose. thats why when it is working u still cant play and we can. dumbass

  203. OddCrysis Says:

    oops, i did not try to post 2 comments, my bad y'all U,..,U-
    i forgot i set my laptop on 1 click, because i got tired of double clicking, wanted to try something new, forgot to click once, 1 thing else is should say about that?
    I fk<n Failed! U_U-

  204. Merritt Meadowlark Says:

    I own both 360 and ps3 and I hope anon gets both parties. could care less. the purpose is pure and clear. make everyone liable for their greed. some times to win the war you have to take out some innocent people. well we are all innocent and there cause is higher than your need to play your $70 video game. here is an idea (and i am gonna do this too) go outside. celebrate the upcoming holiday, if you are not religious, go ruin someone's holiday. do something else. we live in a wonderful world where we have psn and xboxlive, there is a whole world out there virtual or real…..abuse it. by monday, you can set your fat ass back on the couch like myself and go back to playing mortal kombat. anon did not take your freedom,( if they are responsible), they are only trying to do what you, as a uneducated consumer who has dispensable income or just wont pay your phone bill, does not have the knowledge or the nuts to do. Rock the corp. boat. Hate me love me but at least believe me…….. we will all be on in due time and maybe…….just maybe, this will be for the better.

  205. J_L_ Says:

    stfu lol

  206. MrAussieGamer Says:

    PSN is back up working in australia! woooo

  207. pepe Says:

    OMFG,there have been hours that the server is down.I need to play or i will become crazy!!!>>>.

  208. Ashley Says:

    I’m a girl … & im having COD withdrawals 🙁 not really, sounded good lmao

  209. Albert Says:

    seems like ps3 will be back at 1 a.m because they said a day or 2 its already been 2 days now . but we can still play , just not online : ( imma go play some assassins creed brotherhood

  210. Lucas Bjerg Frandsen Says:

    this is very serously. playstaionnetwork i unhackable, but they did it!

  211. Pissed Off Says:

    Sony should be embarrassed by the way they're dealing with this issue. When you call customer service you get a message saying that "the network is down and should bwe back up shortly". Same message for the past 3 days. At least they removed that stupid error code when you try to log in… now it says they're undergoing maintenence, Do they really think we're that stupid???

  212. J_L_ Says:

    um ur stupid if uve been down 3 days cuz its only been down 1

  213. RushTarget Says:

    Damn I turned on both my PS3 and Xbox. Xbox Live was a go with COD and PS3 said error 87016ASSWIPE!! I guess I am forced to play with my Xbox 360 fam untill Sony plugs back up the network noobz! Its Ok need to get my rating up on Xbox anywayz..peace in love and games..LOL!

  214. SANDY FLAPS Says:

    HURRY UP AND GET IT FIXED FFS, ITS NOT THAT HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Emily Nielsen Says:

    yeah, i supposed to play all night spend my spring break week so i have to be patient till today or tomorrow please let us go in sign up today!!!

  216. TwinNumeroUno Says:

    soooooooo when is day two gonna be over?? I have a date with some zombies

  217. STFU Says:

    hmmmm im gonna say DAY TWO DUMBASS!!!!

  218. TwinNumeroUno Says:

    Thanks i never wouldve guessed…

  219. ILikeYourBallz8==D Says:

    Let me tell it to you. i work at the PS3 network and i control what happens and the process to fix it, and this will probably take until sunday, where people won't even play because its easter and this is because ps3 hates people. So don't expect the server to be up until sunday peeps (easter joke hahaha im so funny).

  220. urgay Says:


  221. tko Says:

    Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you people GO OUTSIDE. READ A BOOK. Emerge from your caves and actually experience life. Jesus, one or two days without the PSN and you'd think the world were ending.

  222. JmcanHlloKtty Says:

    I must agree with you.

  223. AFXD Says:

    oh no! no psn means the world is ending! what are we gonna do?!?! go outside and read a book?

  224. fjdoajfo Says:

    shut up bitch lol

  225. JmcanHlloKtty Says:

    I can still get on Netflix.

  226. lxS0faKiNg_h00dxl Says:

    Someday, we will get a pair down low and start cutting off the hands of these hackers. A slap on the wrist does nothing to deter this. Loosing a hand will make some think twice about hacking sites, plus they will be easily identified in public for us to take some personal justice out on their punk xxx. If they want to do soemthing good with their hacking skillz, go hack some terrorits websites.

  227. Drew Says:

    I live in Minnesota and I’m signing in fine..

  228. J.C Says:

    And what the Hell this had to happen in SPRING BREAK!?

  229. Dave Says:

    Heres whats goin on. I work for PSN so i'll tell u the whole story. Hackers hacked Playstation Network so that nobody would be able to log in. If you notice, PSN has gotten it under control and we might be able to get it up and running again. In the past day, when u attempted to log in, it said An Error Has Occured, but today it says Playstation Network is under maintenance. We have it under control and we will try to get it running today. We are sorry for any inconvience.

  230. vishal gupta Says:

    I hope this is not Geohot's revenge for Sony suing him.

  231. abcdefg Says:

    Noooo!! My netflix! I want my 2days backs of netflix!

  232. romo1977 Says:

    The grass is always greener…………… had a "red light of death" or something and they "us/we" compained and said they would go to buying PS3 consoles. all the crying ,$itching and threats are all worthless. everyone should just step out of the matrix for a day "Neos", and take their neglected kids to the park! losers……….

  233. ale_mans _a _noob Says:

    your a noob for almost restarting your ps3 to factory settings noob-a-rooba!

  234. Black opppps Says:

    yeah what time for winnipeg?!??

  235. Cynic Says:

    Sure, Dave… You really work for PSN. We believe you! (fool)

  236. OMFG!! Says:

    i come out of school and say hey i wanna play black ops and i does not F**kin work!!!!

  237. disisntcool Says:


  238. disisntcool Says:

    ANY1 PLAYS 2K11 COMMENT!!!!!

  239. JOSH Says:

    damn i just got my ps3 back 2 days ago from repaired and now this… i was totally looking fordward to play REsIDENT EVIL 5 VERSUS AND KICK SOME NOBBIES ASS

  240. TheHellishGuitarist Says:

    Im Not Switching To Xbox But If Sony Does Fail And There Is No Hope,I Guess That Will Have TO Do…I Just Bought Fallout:New Vegas And Receieved Add Ons…I Cant Put Them In Because Of The Network Going Down -_- hurry up PSN!

  241. David Says:

    I think that they should have to compensate all of psn users put like 20 dollars into each account for being arrogant to others and blaming it on other people when it is their fault

  242. choppedupbabies Says:

    i will compensate you for 20 if you get on your knees, homo.

  243. getalife Says:

    All of you that are sooo pissed about psn being down…. have you nothing better to do? Go out and get some fresh air and socialize with real people for a change. I love playing online too and sure, I miss it when I want to play and can't, but seriously… there are worse things in life than not being able to sign into psn…. xbox has just as many if not more problems, so don't get your panties in a knot, it'll be back up so you can shut yourself inside for the next decade.

  244. ID- ElectronixMan Says:

    look on the bright side we all have 2 days to get a life including me! lol

  245. Erik F. Says:

    They have been hacked… Not sony's fault.

  246. WOFFFF Says:

    …actually it is ….for their arrogance.

  247. HKL Says:

    i like corn

  248. Zachary Jay Muncy Says:

    in stead of being so negative think about it have to been outside durring the time psn is down?
    plus taken this as a calm time for us to get our crap together n for psn you up security

  249. Noah Brannon Says:

    playstation is alsome yall neda get a lyfe at least its free and this is the first time it crased

  250. Lance Says:

    What is the cause?!

  251. steve Says:

    i got a ps3 an xbox 360 and a WII I i dont care if the ps3 network is down aslong as i can still watch netflex im cool.

  252. ???????????? Says:

    you cant watch netflix if your offline

  253. TSlice Mcgee Says:


  254. Joey Says:

    whats your psn?

  255. Edgar Long-Avalos Says:

    Dude come on now im thinking i should get an x-box but i cant cause i am a sony person but come on really please get it fixed as soon as possible blacks ops is missing everyone cause we ain't playin it so plz once again hurry up

  256. cord Says:

    im pee off but it beter than xbox

  257. buddymag Says:

    this sucks i just bought netflix

  258. kestas Says:

    like some peapole say just whait 1 or 2 days and all will be back to normal.about consoles.ps3 always will be better then xbox.and you know this,yes you.

  259. casey Says:

    all the money these consoles cost…300+ for the ps3 160 gb and its made in china not even japan..soo all the money we pay these effers ad they cant ven have a reliable system…this is bull****

  260. affluffypanda Says:

    "FIRE IT UPP!"
    ERROR 8106A2109

  261. chris Says:

    guesss ill play offline 4 now

  262. Black opppps Says:


  263. sony sucks Says:

    I havehad both 360 and ps3 right now i am going to buy another xbox i have had nothing but problems with sony their network is garbage and thats where my ps3 went lastnight sick of this i dont have much time to play but when i want to play it never works SONY SUCKS D***

  264. Cameron Says:

    This sucks I came home from a bad day at school I was ready to play some Black Ops and 2k11 and then this happens.

  265. WOFFFF Says:

    …what about Uncharted 2…..DUDE….this sucks

  266. jag_12345 Says:


  267. BigMac84 Says:

    Hate the hackers not the game players….

  268. maux Says:

    this is insane nopooooooooooooooooooooo

  269. BLACK ops Says:

    Be Patient People, unless we dont have to pay :D, Check out my channel TheNewBeginningOfCOD

  270. Cod_Freak Says:

    stupid hackers! its like you cant do anything now a days cause it always gets ruined by someone. plzz fix psn im bored and ''Anonymous" should be arrested for this! this is an outrage i cant believe Sony is just gonna let "Anonymous" push them around like this! this is the last straw if psn gets hacked again im sooo getting an x-box360!

  271. CoD_Freak Says:

    I cant believe Sony is just gonna sit and watch all this crap happen! This is an outrage just cuz "Anonymous" hacks psn Sony is not even trying to fix it! Oh well screw Sony im getting an xbox if they dont fix this Now!

  272. noah Says:

    fixe it im dieing

  273. NOT TELLING Says:

    Thumbs up if u thought xbox did this

  274. Chuck Norris is Mad Says:

    JuSTIN Bieber caused this outage!

  275. @kaan2441 Says:

    instead of complaining why dont you guys who understand stuff like that volunteer to help fix the problem

  276. keith Says:

    mane um da fckn king in mw2 fck black ops me & my team ready fa wateva or whoeva if yall try out fa my clan 5*Gz whichn iz 5star generalz let me knw add me my psn name is keezy_804_finest
    u can also youtube us under gamin82 or keezy 804 finest quickscopin

  277. angryninja Says:

    what NO i come back from a little road trip on the psn network is down!! NOOO hahahah

  278. Black opppps Says:

    OMFG It works now! I lovve you sony (:
    " In Canada"

  279. oh yeah Says:

    lucky. 🙁 still stayin with ps3 to the end

  280. Loyal? Says:

    Xbox u got to pay2play. i mean i jus helped a friend set up his xbox other day so a little mad. but ps3 will get it figured out. stay loyal ppls


  281. DamesR Says:

    Why you guys crying??…a few days without the network is not the end of the world. Believe it or not but LIFE is happening before you. Go play outside, go on a date or do something. Still be happy that the network is free unlike XBOX. But it would be nice if we all get a free download after this.

  282. bitch ass Says:

    Damn. i can live without ps3 for awhile but its supposed rain for the next few days

  283. @AndrewisBeats Says:

    No Patapon 3 online? WHAT? NU!!!!
    Aw, whatevs. Still, stupid hackers piss me off.

  284. jajr18m Says:

    look u guys, dont worry about it, u dont need to buy a crapy xbox because of this, sony is doin there best at getting psn back up and working, no doubt when it is back up it will be quicker, mainly because there making psn more bullet proof, so if i was you i would go out and enjoy the easter holidays while you still have it. Just grab some patience, and also, i just have to clear this up, ps3 will never fry or overheat aslong as the fan is still workin, thats why the slimline ps3 was delayed, because sony put it in a steam room and left it on for three days strait and was still working like a queen. Also i havent turn my ps3 off for over a mounth doin b spec endurence racis on gt5 while i sleep and go to school. Now seriously ? Do you think the xbox will keep up wih that? Do you think sony will let a system like that be taken over by some american nerds what still wear fullface braces even though there 24?

  285. ps3LOVER Says:

    WTF am i supposed to do all day?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  286. chris Says:

    get a new life 4 now

  287. RaddaRaddaHD Says:

    dude we all better each get 20$ gift card for this sheet.

  288. c-wolf Says:

    i swear illkick some serious sony ass then ill hire "Chuck Norris" to assist me anyone want to help contact 304-688-3754 through txt

  289. Sterling Says:

    What will they do for ps plus user I pay everytime my subscription ends i need ? And answers no call of duty or mortal kombat

  290. TwinNumeroUno Says:

    Day 2 just ended and its still not up…… looks like im goin to sleep tonight

  291. kevin Says:

    what are you guys talking about?
    what is this article talking about?
    I live in Los Angeles and mine is working perfectly, i just finished playing black ops, used my favorite ak47 shot some online campers in nuketown.

    i dont know what r u people talking about? maybe u dont live in the USA.

  292. Jose xD Says:

    BS cause i also live in LA mofo and mine is down explain this hmm?

  293. shawnt7three Says:

    had the ps3 forever play it long enuff to beat g o w III so finally make the jump back from 360 to play socom and m.k. to find out ps3 network is down. thats cool

  294. 123456789 Says:

    they should just make us deal with it who cares

  295. eduardo Says:


  296. nathan Says:

    anonymous is planing another attack when psn is online but suposedly not to playstation wtf is there problem

  297. jonathan Says:

    i mean wow thumbs up the above message if you agrre there a bunch of ass wipes!

  298. popZgloc Says:

    sony needs to call Bill and ask him about the guy he knows that knows a guy who puts people like that in the lake by bill's house 😉

  299. CHIMICHANGO Says:


  300. Black opppps Says:

    Maybe Sony is reading all these comments…..if they are like this status to tell Sony to hurry up and put there asses in gear! lmao!

  301. christina Says:

    I have never heard a bunch of men cry so bad about anything in my life….. Grow some!!! Your not gonna die without it….

  302. Victor salgado Says:

    We ps3 users should recieve atleast a 50 or 25 dollers on our wallet or a free game of our choice for making use wait like this, ps3 users are now migrating to a xbox 360 due to the problem that ps3 is having becausr xbox 360 do not have a situation like this one, i think ps3 should send a reward or something to bring ps3 users back and out of xbox, i mean seriously ps3 will lose money and are because we are not able to get on

  303. mitchell Says:


  304. mitchell Says:

    this site fails, cant even comment, kkthxbai

  305. blackops&mw2Master Says:

    X Box better then PSproblems3???????? I dont think so!!! X box has had some of the same problems; there server shut down from black ops, u have to pay to play; I DONT, and it seems like i get a better wireless connection to the PS3 compared to the xbox…

  306. D-mane54 Says:

    Patience is a good part of life. (: We can all find it in us to wait another day. 🙂

  307. XsR-LusT Says:

    anonymous did hack sony its been in the news already and if u go to

    itwill show u who did the attack

  308. jessjess18 Says:

    stop being such cry babies about it.
    Go ahead and go play xbox boo hoo. it wont kill you to wait go outside and do something instead of sitting on your behinds all day.

  309. greg Says:

    every one should just wait if it wasn't for sony we wouldn't have playstation there trying to fix it anyway

  310. Flatline Says:

    Sorry losers but ps3 will always be better. they got attacked. let them fix the problem and we will be able to play soon enough. i bet if Microsoft got attacked they would cry like lil babies. plus the xbox has enough problems like breaking every two seconds or eating a game. sorry but the crap the xbox makes is nothing compared to playstation

  311. Yeeaaah, Says:

    You know what, its no big deal. Its down for a few days, its not like the world is going to end.
    So quit yer bitchin and find something else to do besides cry about PSN being down.

  312. David Says:

    Losing PSN is just about as worse as losing the internet if not any worse. BUT, i know for fact that services such as NETFLIX are not down for the ps3 myself have had nothing else to do but watch movies and shows all day NETFLIX doenot require to be connected to PSN to operateit just takes time to start up. i found it would automaticly try sighning you in ofcorse it wont sign you in, so you tap O?back and repeat if it occures and soon enough you'll be sighne into your Netflix. im not certain about other services but it's worth a try.

  313. Anonymous Says:

    mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. all of u will burn in hell. free the innocent

  314. :OP Says:

    your mom only wiishes :O

  315. forge Says:

    maybe on april 24th it will be back up again

  316. XxAndre_831xX Says:

    so the networks down for the first time in months and you guys are such no life losers you want to get an xbox cause you cant go 3days w/o playing?

  317. Semperfi22696 Says:

    Ok if say something bout xbox agian im going to lose it I have both and they bot have flaws and perks ok just bc psn is down doesnt mean u have wine its not going to do anything to help so just go out side and do something it going to be worth the wait if you chill

  318. shane Says:

    this is so retarted fix the problem set up a security wall and get on wit ur life so we can get on wit ours in black ops

  319. TheDonOfTheSouth Says:

    What prestige are you?

  320. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous, im scared, and if sony doesnt get back up their gonna see kicking some butt

  321. sony wants to fight Says:


  322. BlindFury Says:

    People Dont kno Whats going on check the records

  323. BlindFury Says:

    And another 1

  324. sofoklis Says:

    do you know when the psn get back?

  325. TwinNumeroUno Says:

    On Easter sunday PSN should be filled with very happy playstation users

  326. WOLF Says:

    I had just hit a grand slam on MLB The Show 11 with Jason Heyward in the top of the ninth to take a 8-7 lead against some guy named yankeefan101. If you see this you damn yankee you need to give props!!! WTF Network. Im sueing!!!!

  327. johnny Says:

    stop complaing about ps3 this happend to xbox and it took them 15 days to fix it get over it

  328. josh Says:

    Its back on!!!!!!!!!

  329. WOFFFF Says:

    where you at ?……..

  330. TwinNumeroUno Says:

    he's to busy to reply

  331. steve Says:

    why would sony take there system off line you people are stupid it is costing them money each day , i don't blame sony and am sure they will fix the problem as soon as possible the downfall for us is we are too soon to blame anyone but ourselves so get over yourself and let sony do there job to get us all back online. thank you for what you do for all of us gamers.

  332. NEMO Says:

    help motorstorm monument valley players cant breath death will come soon.FIX IT NOW!!!

  333. TIKY Says:


  334. DELIGUY Says:


  335. NEMO Says:

    deligui watup i was in that race i was with him at the first turn after the bridge then he was gone omg! NEMO ROCKS

  336. NEMO Says:


  337. DELIGUY Says:


  338. noobyzfriends Says:

    sony, if you dont get this fixed by march 25th, im going to start playing xbox live. i am getting SUPER tired of waiting!

  339. TwinNumeroUno Says:

    dang thats a long time… 11 months

  340. hityomamma Says:

    WTF seriously nice timeing for a network shutdown especially when students are on spring break.. FTW

  341. Jonathan Mccown Says:

    Take a break from online gaming for a while… will help your skills, your health, and your emotional levels, which by the way are a bit out of order if they are being shackled by the PSN being down. We have no qualms about our actions, even though it may affect fellow anonymous or supporters… we hope they understand the bigger picture.
    Thursday I did not write this Anonymous did.

  342. wuilmer garcia Says:

    my name greg and my brother was the one who hack into sony

  343. elijah Says:

    Yes im pissed off but just get over it. go outside. go do something instead of siting on your asses and complaining.

  344. william, Says:

    turn it back on plez i wontt to kick ass

  345. Alexander Voong Says:

    Man this sucks….. I wanna play a horrible game online.. its called NaughtyBear….

  346. Portal2Rocks Says:

    There is a rather large coincidence between the public release of the Steam link on the PSN (April 19th Portal 2 released allowing PSN users to play online with PC/Mac users) and the beginning of the PSN downtime (April 20th). Does it seem possible that this new feature of PSN which probably involved the addition of a firewall hole to allow the Steam network in might have also let something undesirable in? Does anyone see something there?

  347. john Says:

    its doesnt effect netflix at all

  348. Paul Nortness Says:

    Uh? What? How do you figure?

    Netflix requires you be signed into PSN.

  349. lemetrius Says:

    get this back up right now

  350. Corey Says:

    psh ps3 black ops is whack anyway….all i do is lag lag lag with 100% connection, ill be outside anyway.
    PS… keep the network down so these no-life fat ass's can go outside (maybe about 60% of you are fat anyway, no harm to the skinnies)

  351. jimmy pena Says:

    this playstation is down im going to trade it in for the xbox because that never shuts down like this

  352. patrick Says:

    actually xbox live was down just in december of 2010 so it can happen to ps3 and xbox

  353. logan Says:

    no they had to mase it up now now will i beat black mw2 online

  354. Puma Says:

    ok its been two days already now what

  355. WOFFFF Says:

    Tornado's knock-out St. Louis Lambert Airport—-airport back up running in 2 days………….SONY Playstation Network gets hacked by kids—-down 1 week and still no hope…….FAIL ……….lol

  356. Ryan Says:

    Yeah, my brother had JUST downloaded Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, and I had my hopes set of downloading it immediately. But alas, you guys know the rest of the story. And Now I'm leaving for a week without my game. Way to go, Sony. Way to go.

  357. badnickel Says:

    Where can I trade my ps3 for an xbox ???????

  358. MiantCub Says:

    Do any of you play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood? Cause seriously, I was frustrated, and I thought it was something on my end that was preventing me from using multi-player.

  359. WhatWasThePoint Says:


  360. Alex Says:

    You mean April.

  361. thomas Says:

    im gonna die

  362. Lawlawme Says:

    Place your bets…PS3 Network or U.S. government going to be fixed first

  363. recklezz_kitty Says:


  364. it is wat it is Says:

    I Got Both but str8 up ps3 is the best the only reason i got xbox was cuz my wife wanted a konect i still rather have gotten ps3move. im a lil upset but shyt happens its out of sony hands as i herd theres nothin to fix a powerful group got in and they still got control this group dnt hack 4 fun theres a reason behind this.. its kinda like if u step out to get ur mail and pplz go in ur house nd lok the door u not gettin bak in until they say so., they r kinda holdin it ransom but like i sed its not for profit or fun as sum1posted earlier theres just sum pplz that u shudnt cross nd it looks like sony did. but i dnt care i hope sony gives in it will probly be the fastest way but it seems they just lookin to play hrdball, good luk to them behind this. nd ps3 is worth the wait fk xbox nd all u sukers talkin bout jumpin ship..

  365. purple haze Says:

    well this blows haha i just got socom 4 and i was looking to owning some people but oh well i just gotta wait. and if you sell your ps3 for an xbox over this your a jackass… just wait a couple days and go outside and do something else for once.

  366. purple haze Says:

    well this blows haha i just got socom 4 and i was looking to owning some people but oh well i just gotta wait. and if you sell your ps3 for an xbox over this your a jackass… just wait a couple days and go outside and do something else for once.

  367. fk pc and xbox Says:

    This is total bs. I just love how people are saying its only going to be one or two days and its the frking 3rd day, ad you xbox fas shut up. Id rather play ps3 and wait a week for the problem to be resolved than pay to play online!

  368. dominator Says:

    i'm from portugal and my psn is still down, they said that it was going to be a couple of days, does anyone knows whats going on? are they having problems??

  369. Brandon Says:

    come on im ready to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 again

  370. mdc Says:

    can they not put up a secure network temporarily. THIS IS GAY

  371. player Says:

    ur probly just not a very good player, y else would u have to mess with ur system setting? LMFAO

  372. Thebeast2143 Says:

    Man how much longer i thought ps3 was the best

  373. tommy0central Says:

    from what i heard fail0verfl0w attacked sony's servers, aka george hotz aka geohot, the hacker of iphone and ps3 as far as i know, fail0verfl0w i being accused of taking ahold of ps3's servers. ps3 is trying to keep the problem anonymous becausse they dont want people to find out their information is being held by geohot
    you can add me via, psn when/if the severs are up:tommy0central
    thanks bye bye

  374. Ps_sP_07 Says:

    i might be mad at sony for F*** ing up with me unable to play LBP2 with my peeps but at untill then it gives me time to beat sonic 4 on xbox XP

  375. cuda_426 Says:

    i lost all my game pack i bought all my cold front maps are gone weapons . thanks psn thanks alot

  376. nickk Says:

    so its been down since late wednesday night. when the hell is it going to be back up? why is it taking sony almost an entire week to fix this? and the fact that they are only talking about giving playstation plus members something for all this is b.s. i think sony needs to give every ps3 gamer some type of playstation points to use at the ps store once this is all fixed. may have to go back to the xbox…

  377. dandy Says:

    Please feel free to have to visit my blog about ps3 network down:

  378. Gators90 Says:

    did it occur to anyone that most video games come from JAPAN (which by the way is in a major crisis)

  379. Morbid_Deaths Says:

    This is not a very common thought but I am pretty sure that Sony's PlayStation's servers are in Sanfransico California. That is what I was thinking.

  380. rdod234 Says:

    man all you guys are a bunch of no lives kiss a girl get a joc

  381. ONEGRUMPS Says:

    On Monday, the Japanese electronics giant said it is keeping its PlayStation Network videogame service offline indefinitely following a hacking attack it now says may have compromised user’s information.

    To ensure the network’s integrity, Sony said it is currently rebuilding the service, which connects more than 75 million PlayStation customers over the Internet, letting them play videogames and chat together. “This is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly,” Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold said in a blog post.

    Sony is still investigating the “external intrusion” that forced the electronics giant to shut down its network last Wednesday. In an email, the company also said it is also trying to figure out if any personal information, such as credit card numbers, may have been compromised in the attack.

  382. cuda_426 Says:

    wasnt to impressed with socom 4 why i see it socom days are long behind us now .the more new they put in to it the worse it is . and if sony ever gets back up and running i'lll be on confrontation .hope all the hackers and cheaters would had moved on to socom 4 by then lol

  383. fuck Says:

    PSN i’ll be waiting for you :'(

  384. Gamer Boii Says:


  385. Egsalad Says:

    Bout that time to get a xbox 360 because theirs no problems on that console!!!!<!<!>!>!>!

  386. WOFFFF Says:

    I wish we did not need Sony for a lobby to play in……I wish I had choices for "MY" system.

  387. Fools Says:

    Karma hits Sony and the sony fanboys that always took sony side in the hack trials. You guys are ignorant and still follow sony after they haven’t secured your personal details,etc..yes blame the hackers you fools.

    Enjoy the downtime, you deserve it.

  388. Gato Barbieri Says:

    In another type of business, Sony would have to make some restitution. However, there are no SLAs. They protected themselves in the rehashing of their license agreement for product and services. They are too smart…well, thought they were smart. Why wouldn't you protect the personal data of millions of users? An ungodly amount of people bought Playstation Plus in March more than ever before. And puff!!!!

  389. WOFFFF Says:

    I am not entirely convinced of Sony's actions is for the best. they really do abuse their customers and when they get the public back-lash for it……they offer cheap bribes !!!…..hmmm

  390. KilltheCableBill Says:

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    Learn more at

  391. DDT Network Says:

    Take a look at this parody we made about the PSN down

  392. Raiyen22 Says:

    The funny thing about everyone that's wants to get an xbox will shortly find out that this happens all the time on xbox I've had my PS3 for almost 4 years and this is the second time a problem like this has happened actually the first time wasn't even this bad so really it's the first time something this bad has happened lol. I've got an xbox and other than fps games it sucks real talk, Sony for Life G

  393. weachonator Says:

    the ps3 network will be back on thursday the 5th of may

  394. ty sweet Says:

    I can deal with it being down for 2 or 3 days and everyone saying get a life, Yeah, i get that. Down for a few days, no big deal… down for a week, annoying but no big deal… 2 weeks and its time to make something happen. This is BS and I am soo over everyone blaming everyone else. Look, find out who anonymous is and put them in jail, along with every other hacker b/c anyone who hacks is just pathetic, stop blaming sony… it wasnt their fault, they didnt hack their own network. SONY, get it fixed. A bunch of people are already jumping ship, Look at xbox stock! Come on, Dont let me down. Besides Sony has a free network to play on, if ya want to hack something, take down xbox.

  395. WOFFFF Says:

    They can't….or won't hack Xbox, their system is to strong , being that the sponsor is Microsoft. I am a PSN…..DAMMIT ….I…AM ….A…. PSN !!!!…….come on Sony—-let's do this thing……too long on my ADD & OCD is reaking HAVOC in my community—–cars are crashing, bldg's on fire, children hungry……this is what it has come to !!!!…..for I am the WOFFFF……I am PSN

  396. Black Cops Says:

    Zombies Split Screen or Solo til then!!! BUT Its May 6 and still nothin WTF!

  397. WOFFFF Says:

    All I can say is …I am trading my ps3 in for the next sucker that trusts SONY ….I am investing stock also for the demise of PSN will make me a allot of money.

  398. WOFFFF Says:

    Xbox and monthly charges here I come…….Sony is down for 6 months now…..WTF

  399. Ihatenubs Says:

    Really. PSN has not been done since January nub…

  400. Epitrochoid Says:

    Think with your head people…

    First of all, on the first day it was a possible outside attack. Then with out any prof of this "possible attack" happening, YOU ALL feed that same "possible attack" to SONY by simply agreeing with it and gave them an excuse to use of why the system failed. Now, a lot of people are scared of their personal information, credit cards and such hacked, taken away and used. (with out any proof of this still to this date…and its been 2 weeks!!) What a waste you all are. I dont understand why anyone in the world would kill the network that they use…Hacking to cheat is one thing but killing the network it and not be able to hack anymore doesnt make sense.

    Second, let me just say that everything is man made here. Other than natural things of course (DNA/RNA, the way of life…etc). All the technology, all the power, the monitor you have to read this post, the clothes you have on, the bed you use so you can go to sleep comfortable and sometimes under AC, to wake up the next day to see if PSN is back on, even the language you speak!…I mean EVERYTHING is man made. Im not sure if you ever notice this but…everything that is made by man doesnt really last. Your car breaks down, the lights go out, red lights on XBOX and PS3, PlayStation Network goes out…etc. This is basic human flaw. Personally I dont think anyone "hacked" the network. There is other host servers that went out at the same time. I believe amazon when out and along with a few others. For the guys that want proof of it not been a hacker targeting SONY..

    So here is the deal, the server went out….they are making a new one and making it available when they are done….end of story. Dont like it? Get a different system. Other wise just wait for it. This doesnt make the PS3 a bad system. It doesnt make XBOX better. I have a Wii and I play 007 (which sucks in comparison to Modern Warfare 2) but either way I get "migrating host" or "host quitting game" then it boots me out. Same thing with my PS3 when playing MW2. To say its some hackers did it sounds ridiculous. Like a fish getting rid of the ocean water so no fish can swim. Doesnt make sense to me.

    So if you dont like whats going on complaining about it and posting ignorant comments isnt doing anything to get it back. Even posting comment like "All I can say is …I am trading my ps3 in for the next sucker that trusts SONY" – by WOFFFF on paige 12. Completely pointless. Dont make an asshat (google it) out of your self.

    For instance "Epitrochoid isnerdy"……Nice name…I bet you dont even know what that is. Then "isnerdy" after wards….lol. You are the exact definition of an asshat.

  401. WOFFFF Says:

    ….Ummm…..Thanks…..HOWWWWLLLLLL……btw Epicurus , thanks…..I know why I just made another good trade on E-Trade…..funny how just a $1500 investment in the "other" system has now grown….my investment after just one day = $1770……not shabby……not shabby at all….can't wait till Monday when the market re-opens……btw , my asshat is getting better and better all the time……..I am a PSN,….and yes I will wait…..but until then —I will be playing that "other" system laughing all the way to the bank with my beautiful asshat !!!!

  402. WOFFFF Says:

    ….Ummm…..Thanks…..HOWWWWLLLLLL……btw Epicurus , thanks…..I know why I just made another good trade on E-Trade…..funny how just a $1500 investment in the "other" system has now grown….my investment after just one day = $1770……not shabby……not shabby at all….can't wait till Monday when the market re-opens……btw , my asshat is getting better and better all the time……..I am a PSN,….and yes I will wait…..but until then —I will be playing that "other" system laughing all the way to the bank with my beautiful asshat !!!!

  403. Sagsy Says:

    2 days…2 months at this rate, and everyone stop saying how badly you want to play COD, play some other games or try something called going outside.

  404. WOFFFF Says:

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. Epitrochoid Says:

    It always nice outside :). I dont have facebook so thumbs up!

  406. enonomys Says:

    go get a lfe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  407. logan Says:

    they need to get it on now

  408. WOFFFF Says:

    YUP !!!!….NOW !!!!

  409. Jax Says:

    Well i think sony can screw themselves. XBOX is the way to go. I know 3 friends who sold their ps3's and bought XBOX's. I say we all do it. I'm going thru withdrawls not being able to play online with my fellow zombie slayers. How long can this all take? I sure hope when and if they do come back online they have something for us who have been patient and also had our info comprised. Somebody has my cc number now? I smell a lawsuit. Down with ps3 and it times to go xbox live!! See you all there.

  410. WOFFFF Says:

    ….It's not nice outside….St. Louis has been rainy for weeks now…..wish I had a reliable network !!!!!

  411. Ps3 is terrible. Says:

    um.. xbox is better because our network doesnt get hacked and shut down for days. ps3 sucks, it always has, and it always will. face it the ps3 is a dvd player with blu ray. xbox is for gaming.

  412. Noah Says:

    HahaHahahaha!!ps3 servers got hacked,it's may10 and the servers still are not up!!Sony keeps this up and there may be no hope for you guys after all!you might as well switch to xbox.why do you think that we pay yearly.Microsoft provides a great server connection.Ps3 sucks anyways.the features are not good anyways. Why would I need enter net on my console when i can whip out my iPad or iPhone and browse safari and stay in the are the same as long as you can see you don't need to care what graphics are better. And please! Why in the HE'LL do you need a 10 pound blue ray player to match the other 10 pounds the original console weights.pointless. SWITCH TO XBOX!!!!!So Mch better!!

  413. jorde Says:

    x box yeah!!!!! it is so awesome especially when it breaks down!

  414. N30NxR34CTZ Says:

    When is this “Hacking thing” going to clear up? I really want to quickscope some unexpecting customers!

  415. neil roberts Says:

    how long now is the playstation network going to be down for this is really annoying me now

  416. Ps3isSh!t Says:

    I find it funny how they say it’s gonna be down for a couple of days and now it’s going to be for a MONTH!!!! LMFAO, this is what happens when you don’t pay for quality.

  417. stadiumofnerds Says:

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  418. hieveryone Says:

    psn's back up!!!!!

  419. Epitrochoid Says:

    Yeah….no one has anything to say now that psn is back up.

  420. viper Says:

    way did sony closed the
    network tell me

  421. Listia Says:

    Sony has some serious problems, can't believe its taken them so long. I'm been getting free PS3 games on, its worth a look.

  422. mark Says:

    im sorry to say that the companys are milking joe public out of loads of money for extra map packs while the server is playing up timed out ,takes ages to load the game ,,,cumon ps pull your fingers out and sort out the bloody servers out ,,,, we, us,the public are getting fed up with your crap servers stop milking loads of cash and do something about the crap service we are getting ,,,,, if this is what we are getting now god help you when new games come out mw3 ,,,,,oh dear hope the severs dont go down then ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i think if i,m not happy i should have a full refund of the game and the console then you will have Big problems ££££££

  423. tracee Says:

    This is strange i was playing.all last night an played again today left for an hour an now its down again! smh come on yall uncharted 3 multiplayer just came back out smh

  424. rake races Says:

    Thank you for this informative post. Such security breaches happen fairly often I guess. Pretty bad for Sony's image as a company though. rake races

  425. Julien Says:

    Pretty bad advertising for Sony imo.