Playstation Network Outage: Still a Huge Mess

By  |  Friday, April 29, 2011 at 7:29 pm

As expected, the tale of Sony’s Playstation Network security breach and resulting down time continues to get more complicated. What started as a simple outage is now a multifaceted tale of stolen data, communication failures, law suits, government inquiries and a whole lot of frustrated gamers.

Here’s a rundown of the many heads the PSN outage and breach has spawned as we head into the second weekend without service:

  • Security experts, listening in on underground forums, claimed that PSN’s hackers finagled 2.2 million credit card numbers, and now wish to sell the list for upwards of $100,000. Over at Ars Technica, some readers are claiming that they’ve experienced credit card fraud, and think the PSN breach is to blame. However, the experts who originally reported the credit card thefts are now backing off their original claims, and stressing that they can’t verify the information. Sony’s sticking to its original story, that it has no evidence of credit card theft, but can’t rule out the possibility.
  • Congress, meanwhile, is getting involved. A House of Representatives subcommittee has sent 13 questions to Sony, demanding answers by May 6. Some of these questions have already been answered. For instance, Sony already said when it became aware of the breach (April 19). Other questions are remain unanswered, such as why Sony can’t say with certainty that credit card numbers weren’t taken. Other¬†governments around the world are also demanding answers from Sony.
  • There’s still no word on exactly when PSN service will return (Sony said on Tuesday that “we expect to have some services up and running within a week”). On the bright side, Sony suggests that it’ll try to make up for the down time with a goodwill gesture of sorts. “We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online,” says the company’s latest FAQ.
  • Meanwhile, Sony continues to take heat for the way it’s responded to the PSN security breach and outage. Over at Gamasutra, Colin Campbell puts aside the incident itself and argues that Sony’s response will cause long-term damage to the Playstation brand. Think of it as a longer, more thoughtful version of my rant on Sony’s refusal to apologize.

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30 Comments For This Post

  1. Ryan Says:

    i just want to play some black ops!

  2. uptight Says:

    which Tusday, what year?

  3. PSN deception Says:

    Getting an Xbox in 2 weeks

  4. Destiny Says:

    There's no point in buying an Xbox . You get PSN for free , so you really can't complain . . . It's not like you're paying for 2 weeks of no gaming .

  5. Jace Says:

    You should look into the phrase "you get what you pay for." Xbox live is $60 a year, and the service is immeasurably better, more stable and more robust than PSN. And for the record–anyone who thinks the "free" PSN wasn't built into the initial cost of the PS3 is kidding themselves. PS3 users have every right to complain: Perhaps this user simply wants a more secure network–the complaint likely has nothing to do with his/her "inability to play online for 2 weeks."

  6. Kelvin Says:

    Sony is still the kings of gaming Go get yr Xbox PS3 is the king.

  7. Danny Says:

    PS3 is the king? Really? Might want to check the sales data from any year since both were released. And let's not use the old "11 month head start" excuse–it doesn't hold any water anymore.

  8. Jake Says:

    You may want to check before you talk too. The Wii has sold 80million since release while 360 and ps3 are around 50 million. 360 holds the edge right now but the past two years PS3 has overtaken xbox on sales. Up until the outage PS3 was estimated to overtake the 360 however will never touch the Wii's sales. So dont insult people when you dont check facts either.

  9. eternal_champ Says:

    furthermore bro the only reason xbox had the upper hand in sales a while back is because a lot of users preffered to buy xbox over a ps3 and play offline on a hacked xbox, due to the fact ps3 wasn't hacked back than.


    XBox is ages behind ps3 (the console itself not necessarily the live system)

  10. Elric Says:

    Can I have whatever you are shoving up your nose or shooting up your arms?

  11. Edmund Says:

    Sony just needs to stop the bs, if they are working day and night to rpair thenetwork we would have been playingonlineby now

  12. jim Says:

    i am about to turn to xbox all my friends sold their ps3's and got xboxs.This being down this long is really hurting the company. i was told it might be up on saturday april 30th but thats probly not true and the guys at gamestop said it is going to be down for weeks or possibly months

  13. Mark Says:

    How would "the guys at Gamestop" know anything? What an idiotic post.

  14. jim Says:

    i agree with edmund and they didnt even work on easter i mean if they are so dedicated to sony they would have worked so we lost 1 day as we know it LoL but i think it will be fixed by sunday

  15. Bitches4life Says:

    It cant be down for months on the count of that would really hurt SONY someway somehow they have to get the network running even if it costs them their left nutsack. That would hurt production and sales if it were down for months. I have both X-Box and PS3 but i kinda like PS3 better. Better graphincs the network is free.

  16. jmtac357 Says:

    Yes not only would it hurt Sony but think of all the game titles not being bought right now. this is going to hurt alot more companies than just Sony. Even if its not down for months but just weeks this is going to be a loss for the industry. I hope the hacks get caught and made examples of. This should also be a lesson to haters of "Big Buisness". When you hurt buisness lots of people connected to that buisness suffers.

  17. blackopsmaniac Says:

    everyday, Sony is loosing money, buy I think they r triying not to make the same mistake again thats why is taking so long

  18. dayne Says:

    man i wish you guys could just get the gaming back online if nothing else???

  19. DaWnKiLLz Says:

    This is complete BS sony is a multi billion dollar company,and yea things happen but for this long thats sad. I was joking about getting a xbox but come sunday if its not back on im going to get one. I dont give a crap about paying $60.00 year as long as i can play 12 months out of the year. I love playstation but io also love playing online and this is crap

  20. Mike E Says:

    Thank u JAKE.

  21. Ronnie Mark Stephens Says:

    they must be forcing x box on us! i don't want to but if this doesn't hurry up i will drop this junk as i just sent in my 4th or 5th playstation for repair!

  22. JaredNewman Says:

    The quote from Sony, on Tuesday, was "we expect to have some services up and running within a week." That's rather vague. It could mean you'll be gaming tomorrow. It could mean you'll be able to sign in and change your password on Tuesday afternoon. It could mean nothing, considering that Sony expected nine days ago to have PSN back online in a "a day or two."

    But I take your point (however crudely put), and added some clarification to that part of the post.

  23. Bobby Says:

    They need to update the whole system like xbox did if there going to put us through all this

  24. Tech Says:

    There's no end in sight. This is going to be very costly for Sony.

  25. marlarch Says:

    Take it from me, someone who's job it is to not only 'build' new network infastructure, but make them secure as well, Sony are economical with the truth. It DOES NOT take this long to builfd the Network, even from scratch. The 'day or two' they originally notified us of was more accurate, IF they were doing what they said they were. Clearly, they are not. This is taking, way way too long for just a Network build. They clearly have other issues which they are not telling us about. Sony would know, BY THE HOUR, how long it would be before they could fire up the Network again. However, we have NOT had a timeline update for 3 DAYS!!!! It is a dishonest and disgraceful way to treat loyal customers

  26. laughin2003 Says:

    You ppl that are blaming Sony for this are on glue. It's not their fault that some peices of crap decided to hack the network for their gain. Marlarch if you think it's that easy to build a network infastructure like PSN and only takes a couple days, your crazy. Somehow I doubt your building networks as big as PSN. Even if the sony network security was a little weak, still it still don't give anyone the right to hack it. If you think this is what Sony wanted your all smoking crack, get off the pipe. I hope they make an example of the hackers and put them in jail for years.

  27. Niftyrat Says:

    Thing I don't get is if u have the skills to hack the network why on earth can't you commit credit card fraud? Asking just 100k seems a bit odd for say 20m credit cards with names and addresses etc.

  28. Jenkins Says:

    i believe sony kind of asked for this to happen. it's not very smart to attack hackers, especially ones that have the capability to do what was done. i am not saying that i think Geohot did this, but i am sure this was related to the lawsuit involving him. electronics get hacked, and most companies work to patch it and move on. but not sony. maybe the problem is, they cannot patch it, which could be why they chose to go to court. either way, i see sony as partly responsible for this happening.

  29. bugstr Says:

    my girlfriend builds networks this big and yea it only takes a few days from scratch somthins uppppp

  30. edward61 Says: