Windows? OS X? Linux? Booooooooring!

By  |  Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 10:05 pm

Some people define “PC” as “an x86 computer running Microsoft Windows.” Me, I’ve always preferred a far looser definition–even in the days when Windows’ market share seemed to be heading for 99.99999999%.

So I’m tickled by the latest piece by our chronicler of the odd and arcane, Benj Edwards. He’s found a dozen extant PC operating systems that aren’t from Microsoft, Apple, or the Linux community–all extreme underdogs, and all fascinating. (They include modern versions of OS/2, Be, and other OSes of days past, as well as all-new efforts.) I may never run any of them, but I’m glad they exist.

View “The Secret World of Alternative Operating Systems” slideshow.


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  1. drew Says:

    I used BeOS and GobiProductive for a fair amount of time, and they were both really solid products. It was sad to see them fade away. I also remember OS/2 Warp in the 1990s. The U of Arkansas had an entire lab of OS/2 machines that I did a lot of work on using IBMWorks.

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  8. Julien Says:

    Very interesting article! I didn't know such OS existed. I might try one of those, especially if they are a free service. Bookmarked!