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By  |  Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Weren’t we supposed to live in a paperless world by now? I seem to have at least as much stuff printed on dead trees in my life as ever—business documents, photos, greeting cards, and a whole lot more. So do you, I’ll bet. And if you’d like to cut clutter by bringing them into the digital world, here’s a way to get a shot at a scanner that can do the job.

Courtesy of Fujitsu, we’re giving away two of its snazzy ScanSnap scanners in a random drawing: the super-portable S1100 (a $199 value, shown on the left above) and the double-sided S1300 ($295, on the right). Both are compact desktop models that can scan to PDF, Office, e-mail, and more, and are compatible with Windows PCs and Macs.

There are two simple ways to get your chance at winning:

  • Leave a comment on this post talking about the paper items in your life you most want to turn into digital form. (Please use a real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win; we won’t display it, share or sell it, or use it for any other purpose.)
  • Tweet me (I’m @harrymccracken), again sharing your thoughts on the paper items you want to turn into digital files. (Make sure you’re following me so I can Direct Message you if you win. And if you have enough characters left over, you can optionally use this hashtag: #ScanSnap.)

You only need to enter once; multiple entries won’t increase your chance of winning. Please enter between now and 12pm PT on Friday, May 27th. We’ll choose two winners at random from everyone who participates by this deadline and notify them by Monday, May 30th.

For more on ScanSnap, check out Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Community and its Twitter account. Have fun—and good luck!


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  1. Tim Bain Says:

    I tend to end up with pockets full of paper notes, receipts I think I may need again etc. meaning to file them away but rarely doing so. The best I can do is envelopes each month with all the stuff emptied from pockets ..but if I scanned them, that would make it easy t find the one needed when the time comes….which it probably will one day and I won't be able to find it in the mass I end up with now 🙂

  2. I.M. Thepipe Says:

    A scanner like this would help me organize toms of paper!

  3. Adrian Ramirez Says:

    I have crates and crates of items that I've accumulated over the years. I moved recently and i realized how incredibly tedious it is to keep it all… but i can't seem to move forward til i can back up this past physical life digitally.

  4. Matt E Says:

    I would use it to scan docs for my legal practice on the go and use it at home to scan torn out magazine articles, recipes, and old family photos (actually, my wife will use it for the last one)!

  5. mansoor Says:

    Would I get one?

  6. andrew_lee Says:

    I'd use this to scan my old correspondence and old financial records.

  7. @abhijeet80 Says:

    Sale receipts, bills, contracts, warranty documents etc etc, the usual. I'd also scan my collection of concert tickets and newspaper / magazine clippings (that one will be tricky with the sizes). Looks like an awesome scanner.

  8. Damon Says:

    I would scan every bill, every priceless kid report card and every picture in my possession. Who needs paper!

  9. Max Says:

    Would be very useful to digitise my receipts and warranty cards. A few times I have had a product fail within warranty and been unable to locate the receipt.

    A small scanner would be nice because it could be tucked away behind a monitor when not needed.

  10. Jon Says:

    I would scan that big accordion file of crap in my closet that I keep jamming stuff into because i "may" need it sometime.

  11. Glenn Hoeppner Says:

    I want to scan everything (so does my wife). Mostly receipts tho, because if I have a warranty issue or something I could just search for the receipt rather than digging through the giant pile of papers to file I always have sitting around. Speaking of doing that, what happens if I do scan a receipt and then try to use it to make a warranty or price match claim? Will a retailer accept a printed copy of a scan? It doesn't seem likely. This is pretty much the only reason I haven't bought one of these devices on my own.

  12. David Carley Says:

    Each piece of paper, generated from research notes, mail, and receipts, along with anything else that passes through my desk is immediately placed into a cardboard box for archival purposes. This system guarantees that any work is documented in a stratified record. However it is very difficult to access a previous state without digging through the present stack; let alone opening an sealed box. With an archival scanner, a copy of this information can be stored for easy retrieval and would prevent the risk of fire damage to these documents.

  13. fulltext Says:

    The stacks of medical bills and records which are taking over a corner of mt worktable. Scanning plus OCR would make an easily searchable archive for filing insurance claims and following up health coverage.

  14. Mark Casson Says:

    Too many tax forms to keep. This will really help me

  15. @daniesq Says:

    Glenn makes a good point about having a paper backup of some documents, however, in my household I like to digitize everything that I can. I have a separate drawer for warranties, receipts, and instruction manuals. I do have to remember to cull it at least annually.

    My goal is get rid of as much paper as possible – it's amazing how it stacks up! I'd be really interested in using the ScanSnap device with a service such as Evernote to organize my scans.

  16. Matt Payton Says:

    Receipts and invoices for home and car repair and any other significant purcahses

  17. Zack Says:

    I just bought my first home and there is a lot of paperwork that I would love to digitize and keep in a way that I can protect fro mthe recent flash floods there have been warnings of in NY

  18. Jane Cleaveland Balleisen Says:

    anything that is printed on that awful "legal" sized paper …. no need for that stuff in anyone's home!

  19. Matt Says:

    I just hate all the storage I have to by to store paper I probably won't ever need again. I could fill all those filing cabinets up with jelly beans instead.

  20. Don Says:

    ScanSnaps work great.. have been using one for years… an upgrade would be nice!

  21. L.W. Says:

    I'd love to be able to store notes, receipts, and just about any other paper document in digital form. Filing cabinets are so 20th-century…

  22. Broadway Says:

    I'm a "horizontal filer," meaning that I file papers by stacking them (horizontal refers to the floor being the file cabinet), rather than putting them in folders. But such a system reaches a tipping point (figuratively), when my mind-map of where things are fails. I do scan some stuff and print to PDF and use DevonThink, but the scanning is the real bottleneck. I'd love one of these devices.

  23. Madison Says:

    I would scan photos from our scrapbook and scan documents that are taking up all or filing cabinet space. Please enter me!!

  24. @tjwebdude Says:

    Couple major uses I have in mind… first, we do a lot of home improvements (plumbing, landscaping, etc.) and I have a huge folder of quotes, proposals, bills, etc. related to that. Also, I've got two young (under 10) kids who produce a LOT of art and letters, both at school and home. I want to keep this stuff forever…. digitally.

  25. Jeffrey Says:

    I'd use it with my small business to scan incoming docs and get rid of a few file cabinets! Love the double sided one….

  26. Heather Perkins Says:

    I want to do several things with a scanner. I have piles of paperwork that I need to keep up with, and want to use a scanner to digitize it. I have old correspondence from friends and family that I want to digitize. I also am starting to work on digital scrapbooks, and a scanner would be valuable for getting paper items into the catalog that I want to put into a digital scrapbook page. I want to also digitize some of my child's artwork and school work.

  27. Kit Says:

    I'd love to digitize my decades of tax returns I'm still hanging on to, and I'd also love to digitize the 10" high stack of technical documents I've torn out of various journals. I'm dreading both tasks.

  28. Jim C Says:

    I've been thinking hard about Fujitsu's scanners. I've been reading Joe Kissell's "Take Control of Your Paperless Office". I have a home office and my "horizontal filing" system reached it's tipping point literally – all the piles started to merge and then created their own landslide. I've already killed off two old HP flatbed scanners and I don't think the all-in-one printer is really up to this. Ideally, I'd like to hire a kid for the summer to help me scan these and set up the document archive with a back-up drive.

  29. Starr Says:

    We have very little storage space in our home and important papers (ie. bills, medical records, receipts, etc.) just clutter our bookcases. This would be a great way to organize our home and not have to search through piles of paper to get to what we're looking for.

  30. @ahow628 Says:

    We had 12 week premature twins awhile back and you wouldn't believe the deluge of paper that was sent to us by the insurance company and hospital. I would love to clear out the multiple filing drawers full of that crap.

  31. Chris Says:

    I'd really like to use it to get rid of all the clutter at home and use it to operate a home office. Using a scanner would allow me to minimize the use of file cabinets.

  32. @NealWeiner Says:

    The biggest issue is that enormous set of items I think I could recycle and never miss them. Things that I feel I need to hold onto for some ambiguous scenario that will probably never be realized. Documents like: receipts from my apartment management company, miscellaneous notes, statements from companies that are not yet digital, and so forth. Digitizing these would then essentially allow me to forget about them without worry. I do nothing with them now, I would do nothing with them then. The difference is that then they would be clutter in a specific folder on my HD, rather than all over the surfaces in my apartment.

  33. Richard Platts Says:

    I'm a teacher working with technology integration in schools – my goal this year was to go as paperless as possible. I reduced my paper usage considerably, but sadly schools change so slowly! One of these on my desk would help to integrate my paperless lifestyle with an eminently "papered" organization.


    As an undergraduate in my final year in the university, I get new lecture materials almost everyday. Whenever I need to read them, I hardly find all and would like to have them in digital format as soon as they are gotten.

  35. Patrick Says:

    I'd love to have a shredding party as I scan all of my stuff into Evernote with a ScanSnap!

  36. Dan Palacios Says:

    I would love to get rid of the little notes I collect on whatever paper is at hand (ideas, phone numbers, etc.) Also, with my wife starting a business, it would be great to have digital organization and storage of receipts, orders, bills, and the like.

  37. Kasey Says:

    Perfect timing _ was just discussing how we need to scan our archives of work reports and data – and personally i have recipes and exercise sheets to scan…

  38. @MyIntersperse Says:

    I'd like to turn all my personal and business receipts into digital formats. Then I can upload to a cloud drive for safe keeping. That way if a fire, hurricane or any other man-made or natural disaster happens I have all my documents. I'd also have copies of all my personal documentation uploaded. Drivers licesnse, passport, social security card, credit cards etc…

  39. Jack Says:

    The S1100 is a nice small portable scanner that I would use to scan receipt during trips. No more figuring out after trips what are personal expenses and business expenses.

  40. tomwurster Says:

    I've seen these scanners get great reviews in the past. It would be great to have an archive of financial documents that is paperless.

  41. Bryan parsons Says:

    All those meeting notes at work could make it to evernote a lot faster! And that means lugging them in my bag becomes a rarity and that means my chiropractor bill might disappear!!!!

  42. sittininlab Says:

    As a teacher, I could use it to scan the stacks of donated material I get from other faculty who’ve taught similar lessons. I could digitize notes and assignments for access online.

  43. ThatGeekGuy Says:

    I'd use the ScanSnap to kill my 'paper monsters'. Regardless of how diligent I am about organizing, piles of paper build up and make it next to impossible (or just imposible) to find anything in a timely fashion wneh I need it. Having recently also started a home-based business, it's only going to get worse….

  44. Alan Says:

    I have * hundreds * of pages of journal entries from college that I need to scan and transcribe before they disappear. One of these would sure help me get started!

  45. Jerry Stevens Says:

    I would like to scan receipts for products that have a warranty, household repairs (I forget who did the work after a few years and I need them to do something else), and items I tear out of newspapers and magazines.

  46. Jonathan Hoffmann Says:

    I'd scan the receipts that pile up in my wallet. I'd also scan the stuff that comes in the mail so it doesn't pile up on my desk.

  47. Mariette Knoblauch Says:

    I want to be able to scan tax clients's paperwork on site so they never have to give me their originals and I'm not carrying folders of other people's tax stuff back and forth.

  48. George Miller Says:

    I currently scan all of the health care, financial, reciepts, warranties, donations, and kids paperwork. This is also the first year that I was able to do my tax paperwork electronically.

    I used to file everything in multiple file folders, and now I stack it in a box for each year. I use Yep on the Mac to sort the paperwork. How has this improved my life? improved household productivity on the following.
    -Filing insurance claims
    -Taxes (above)
    -Warranty claims (receipts no longer lost)
    -permission slips (e-mailed to teachers)
    -Medical Bills (I have a blended family, and costs are split between parents)
    -Dependent Care/ Health Care filing

    George Washington used to spend two hours a night writing correspondence. I used to spend 4-5 hours a week taking care of paperwork arriving at my door. I've dropped the effort by more than half. My biggest problem is still integrating my system with my other family members.

  49. Tired_ Says:

    I would digitize my old pictures. I had a house fire a couple years ago and lost a lot of pictures…if I'd had them backed up online, that would never have happened.

  50. BevL Says:

    I have 4 kids and a few thousand pics of them (okay, confession time. I have WAY more pics of my oldest two kids, who were twins, than I do of the younger two) and I REALLY need to get those pics digitized.

    And then there's my filing cabinets full of important papers, both personal and business (I've been a telecommuter since before there was even a word coined for it). I don't have any more room for yet another file cabinet and there's really just so many things that I'm never sure if I should throw out or not. And don't get me started on keeping it all organized within each file drawer.

    Yes, I've got an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax, but who has time to stand there endlessly opening and closing the scanner cover, then waiting for the scans? I would LOVE to win a ScanSnap!

  51. Jamesey Thomas Says:

    I'd like to have all my tax documents, car maintenance invoices and such just dumped into catch-all folder synced with Dropbox or SugarSync just in case I ever need them again.

  52. Didgeridoo Says:

    We're out of space for paper files – need to go digital! Especially the receipts for our rental properties – would make tax time easier!

  53. Jim Wegman Says:

    Wow those are beautiful little scanners. If I had one I could get rid of that mountain of bills, receipts and "important" papers" that I just must keep around but take up so much room on my desk.

  54. Roberta Says:

    It would be nice to scan all the paperwork that the kids bring home from school. I have boxes of the stuff

  55. @garyburkhardt Says:

    I would scan in all my receipts so I wouldn't have to worry about scraps of paper anymore.

  56. ScanSnapper Says:

    Fujitsu's ScanSnap products have been like great girlfriends helping me through my education and now my career 🙂
    I could never have made it through without my original S510. In fact, I still rely on her to help me streamline through TONS of documents and to create OCR/word searchable documents from a duplex/ADF, no less!

  57. Rajesh Says:

    I would take back up of my passport, Visa and other degree certificates by taking digital copy of those.

  58. Shoichi Says:

    Class handouts. Too much to keep but sometime I need 🙁 It’s nice to have in digital because it needs no space and is searchable!!

  59. sandra Says:

    I find when I travel, I come home with chards of paper, receipts, ticket stubs, and other random pieces of paper of which I may need, but keeping track of them all is a hassle! The ScanSnap S1100 is EXACTLY what I've been looking for in a portable, sturdy and easy to operate scanner that won't take up too much room in my suitcase.

  60. Anon Says:

    I have a rather large collection of origami paper sculptures that I would like to bring into digital form. Sadly, these scanners only scan in two dimensions.

    I'm not really interested in participating; I just wanted to leave a comment.

  61. Des Says:

    Being in the military, my husband is 'programmed' to keep original receipts, documents, product specs and warranties, even 'how to wash wool socks' instructions! With each new assignment, we have to move the piles and boxes of papers and living with them is a nightmare for a neat freak, like myself. The ScanSnap sounds like it could be the magical mediator 🙂

  62. thecancergeek Says:

    I would use it for digitizing notes from graduate school that I MIGHT have use for at some point but don't want to keep around indefinitely in paper form. Also receipts, bills, tax documents and the like.

  63. Pierre-Luc Belzile Says:

    The papers I want to digitize the most are without a doubt the innumerable receipts I have tucked away in my files. Digitizing them would free up a lot of space!

  64. andrew mccormick Says:

    Among the other thousands of papers in my home office, i want to digitize all of those insurance receipts you get every time you go the doctor. My wife and I just had a out first baby a month ago, and we've got stacks of "Statement of Benefits" from the insurance company for all the doc visits over the 9 months. Got to keep them, but they take up half a file cabinet drawer by themselves

  65. Julia Says:

    SO much I want to scan, but tax-related documents for my husband's self-employment is #1 on my list.

  66. David Mee Says:

    All the pictures my kids have painted over the years would be stored safely by scanning with the scansnap

  67. Lori Paximadis Says:

    I have EIGHT file cabinet drawers full of miscellaneous *stuff* I've hauled around with me over the years — and believe it or not, do occasionally have to refer to. I would love an easy way to scan it all and free up the space for comfortable reading chair!

  68. brian h Says:

    where to start. hundreds of receipts and statements. man i need a scanner bad. also when working from home or on the road, can come in real handy to sign and scan documents. fingers and toes crossed

  69. Kimberly Says:

    I have a pile of reports and old paper bills to scan, a bunch of them double sided. I’ve been procrastinating, don’t even have a scanner!

  70. Juan Torres Says:

    tax records, all warranties and receipts, rebates, flex spending reports, all my concert ticket stubs so I can have a collage and record of when I saw a particular band

  71. Skip Preble Says:

    I would scan all of my daily notes into Evernote as PDFs, so they would be searchable (and would be off my desk!)

  72. Bob Says:

    This would be a great help in collecting, archiving, and getting written student's work back to them at our elementary school herein Japan. They would enjoy seeing their friends 'in print' and as part of the class instead of only textbooks. Recycling artwork and reports that otherwise get lost in the stream of things is a real plus.

  73. @pikamookie Says:

    As a medical student I am constantly inundated with pdfs of lectures and rotating schedules and who knows what else. This would help tremendously!

  74. Joe Blow Says:

    I have boxes of old bank statements that I definitely need to digitize. The double-sided scanner would certainly do the job!

  75. Walter Says:

    I want to make digital copies of my antique postcard collection

  76. Ran Barton Says:

    I want to scan all of the medical documents stacked up in my mind.

  77. Alexa F. Says:

    Personal receipts, bills, notes, old papers, letters, tax documents, sketches, news/magazine articles, recipes, work notes, fliers, childhood/youth items for safer keeping, important work letters/documentation, pet/medical documents, photos (old and new).

    Home business receipts, invoices, estimates, tangible correspondences, mailing receipts, tax documents, freelance paperwork, documentation, invoices, receipts, product/equipment documentation and chemical documentation.

    Home business/freelance is all the significant other… and he's really not good at keeping it organized, or all in one place, or not everywhere, or somewhere where he can find them. Oy. But, he's great with digital storage.

    And we live in a small studio. One of these would be awesome. Awesome.

  78. Neal Says:

    I would use it to start scanning in the paper files I have filing a file cabinet in my basement.

  79. Rob Lewis Says:

    I have a smal computer business and have lots of paper to digitize from packing lists, bills, and contracts to personal items from receipts to the kids grade cards. The Snapscan is the perfect scanner!

  80. JPW Says:

    Imagine an archivist with years and years of irreplaceable newsletters (did I mention they’re double sided?) from the oldest cinematography club in existence in the USA. . . .


  81. bcarpenter Says:

    Souvenirs when travelling. Eg. menus, brochures, etc. Anything that will be useful for digital scrapbooking! We already carry a laptop & a camera, so it's really not much more to add a ScanSnap S1100. Looking forward to the opportunity…

  82. Kyle Becker Says:

    I'm ready to bring something like this to class (along with my external kb and mouse), so that I can immediately scan in handouts. Really, profs… you don't distribute by hosted PDFs? Is this 1999?

  83. R. Turnbull Says:

    I'd Scan years of tax records then shred the dead tree copies.

  84. Chris Says:

    All my bills!

  85. John Says:

    Easy – I'd scan important receipts, tax and financial records, important bills, and health records. I also have quite a few old photos I'd love to digitize. I travel quite a bit for work, so I also like the idea of scanning ephemera I collect while on the road and on numerous side trips. A ScanSnap would be a great tool to have!

  86. Steinar Says:

    I would use the Scansnap to replace my current flatbed scanner and finally leap into paperless heaven. There is too much paper to keep current. If it comes in paper and needs to be kept, I would scan it and file it.

  87. Shinzakura Says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Amazing what the right item will do. ^_^ That being said, it'd be nice if it could directly upload my scans to Shoeboxed.

  88. Paul Koenig Says:

    Archived memos and research notes.

  89. @chanskat Says:

    One of the best uses would be to scan magazine articles for future reference. I can tear out all the articles of interest, scan with OCR and then recycle all my magazines. Plus, I then have a PDF that is searchable with X1, so I can find that article whenever I need it.

  90. @mymac Says:

    I have been scanning in all our family photos for years. Not just ours, but both my wife's and my extended family. Recently, my wife and I have been scanning our older kids' old school work in the computer, and saving them electronically if they ever want to go back and look at them when they are adults themselves. This cuts down MASSIVELY on clutter!

  91. Jen Says:

    I not only WANT, but NEED a fast, easy, compact scanner! I have 2 desks full of business papers, business cards, kids art work, school papers, cut out recipes from magazines…the uses are endless and obtainable with a sweet "little" baby like this! Oh, organizing is so exciting 🙂

  92. Mat Says:

    My wife and I have two boys in elementary school. Our boys bring home pounds of great work every week. We would love to scan that work so we can view it electronically when we're old and gray.

  93. Judy Says:

    I have been wanting to digitize my household for a long time. Currently, I have two four drawer filing cabinets that are crammed with paper documents and records: financial, employment, home furnishings and appliances, insurance, medical, taxes, and personal, etc.. To be able to scan and shred most of these and get rid of the file cabinets would be quite sweet.

  94. Nick Says:

    First of all, great job with Technologizer. I read it all the time. I would scan the shoe boxes full of photos, documents and family tree materials I have sitting around. Thanks for the contest! – Nick

  95. R Guehl Says:

    I travel a lot in my law practice, and always carry the Scansnap S1300 with me. Our office has two others and the larger S1500 – but we can use another!! On our way to a paper-less (i.e., less paper) office.

  96. Ruth Hiner Says:

    Quick and easy way to get rid of a ton of paperwork. Plus it would be so much easier to find the document you are looking for.

  97. TinaZBlogs Says:

    Oh, the paper that is RULING our life right now is the preschool art work. Every day it is at least two different items. I hate to throw them away, but know there just isn't enough room for them. I want to scan them so that I can use them in digital scrapbooks and things like that.

  98. Laci Morgan Says:

    I started my own freelance design business 2 years ago, and since then, my office has been piling up with various contracts and receipts. Plus we just bought our first house, so trying to keep track of all the important documents has been a challenge. I keep having to buy bigger file cabinets to house them all, yet there's STILL paper everywhere, and we can never find the ones we need! Add to that a mischevious kitty who literally eats paper, and you have one big papery mess. It would be a godsend to have an avenue to simplify and organize our documents digitally!

  99. Mark C Says:

    My tax records take up too much room

  100. John P Says:

    I've gone mostly paperless; this would help with the occasional dead-tree stuff that needs to be digitalized.

  101. Mojo Says:

    Save A Tree: Use a ScanSnap!

  102. Archana Says:

    Well there is couple of paper which i want to convert into digital like old family photos, few of son's drawing when he was 5 years old.

  103. Archana Says:


    Thanks for keeping the rule simple for this giveaway.

  104. t.w. cook Says:

    What would be really nice is to not have to haul all that paper home in the first place (creating the piles in my home office) but to be able to use this sort of scanner remotely. Looks plenty portable enough for that to work…

  105. Kris Says:

    I’ve got tons of these double-sided bills and school papers.

  106. @bradleymiller Says:

    I would love to be able to get rid of my old files and the space they take up. I also want to be able to scan every piece of paper that enters my office when it enters my office.

  107. Tommy Says:

    Everyday bills

  108. Jonathan Says:

    Financial records and genealogical data.

  109. BJ Stoops Says:

    I've been shopping both of these models for some time now (the S1100 would be ideal) waiting for my bank account to tip a bit more in the positive direction(!). Sitting at my desk in my bedroom office, I'm surrounded on 3 sides by papers begging to be digitized. Receipts are the top need probably – for expense reimbursements and record keeping, and because the heat in AZ tends to fade some of them, rendering them unreadable. Like others, my kids' stories and artwork also rank highly.

  110. Dennis Rome Says:

    I have a ton of old faimily recipes that I would love to scan. Recipes and old letters and postcards from my parents and grandparents that I would like to preserve.

  111. Samir Says:

    I would scan all bills, service bill, my legal documents, old photos and convert them into digital copy. Mainiting digital copy is definitely time saving and greener too.

  112. Max Says:

    Would be great I could scan all this stuff from my insurance companies.

  113. Catherine Says:

    Okay my turn! First off, I work from home almost entirely but communicate with the other employees multiple times a day. We deal a lot in consumer credit reports for the purpose of home loan funding. When credit bureaus send us paper reports, they send them entirely "double sided" which is already annoying. Worse, we have to communicate to our realtors, our lenders, our customers, and keep records in-house.The amount of time we spend doing this every day is staggering and we have piles of credit reports under lock and key.

    A professional double sided scanner can cut the amount of time we spend on paperwork, mailing, and other *@%# by a great deal. Plus since most of our other employees work from home, we can almost entirely digitize our workspace saving time, money, and resources! We want to be a 21st century business operation.

  114. Susanna Says:

    I have a lot of pages ripped from Magazines that I would love to put in digital form.

  115. Ramasamy Says:

    All important documents and photos.

  116. L. Thanh Huynh Says:

    No more paper clutter on my desk! This does the job!

    I use it for bills, homework assignments, books, magazines, receipts, and whatever I need to have on my phone.

  117. Chirag Says:

    Would scan all medical bills, 1090 form, shopping receipt etc.

  118. Brent Evans Says:

    I'm working towards digitizing all of my papers, receipts and data. Scansnap would make this so much easier. Thanks for the contest! Big fan of the technologizer site – keep up the great work.

  119. @SickPigeon Says:

    I have plenty of stuff I’d use a scanner for but the most important to me would be my dads Army papers & important papers he saved. Fitter would be his medal letters. His Silver Star paper from the Korean War is quite aged & should be saved for family history. He has a lot of other letters from the army that would be nice to save. I have a 3 in 1 unit but the scanner software quit working & the printer is bad anyways but it’s all I have so it stays. Oh its huge, yuck!

  120. Jay Says:

    My reason for wanting a ScanSnap is self-serving and a little embarrassing. I desperately don’t want to be featured on an upcoming new TV episode of “Paper Hoarders”.

  121. David Sherman Says:

    A scanner is necessary for today's worker.

  122. Barry Holtslander Says:

    I have two main areas in which I would use a scanner. I have three daughters (4 to 14) who are extremely creative and their artwork and illustrated creative writing would be great to scan and send to the far flung family members. The other is in my avocation as an interim preaching person for dealing with a huge backlog of written material that does not exist in any sort of electronic form. If I could scan in both of these areas I would be able to open up a surprising (shocking?) amount of space in our very small house.

  123. RichardB Says:

    Convert paper patient records to digital format will save tons of space.

  124. ctucker10 Says:

    I'd like to digitize some of the items I receive via snail mail each week.

  125. Ann Says:

    Photos, receipts, kids art, old letters that are fading, legal papers, etc.!!!

  126. Mami Says:

    I have my eyes on Fujitsu ScanSnap the past six months!
    I'll scan books that I decided to keep even after number of relocation (although I had to get rid of most of the books over the last 10 years) since they are almost impossible to purchase again in the US because they are not written in English. I will then be able to digitize those books and read on my beloved Kindle 🙂

  127. Nick Isaacs Says:

    The scanner would be great for digitizing all your tax related information (bank and investment statements, etc). It is such a nightmare trying to keep control of all this in paper form!

  128. G. Wilson Says:

    I would love to scan all my old financial documents, medical claims and bank statements. I could probably get rid of a two drawer file cabinet if I did that! I have a S510 at work and I absolutely love it! I cannot imagine working without it now.

  129. Virginia Says:

    I'd like to scan all my old photos and get rid of the stacks and boxes under my bed!

  130. Kara Says:

    I am an auditor of non profit organizations. I would use a ScanSnap scanner to organize all the paper products we recieve while out in the field. Most of our non profits run on a very tight budget and in order to assist them in utilizing their funding where it's needed most I could scan original documents and save them electronically, essentially saving the organization money by decreasing the reproduction of documents.

  131. Gene Waddell Says:

    I want to scan my insurance policy pages

  132. Mike Seinberg Says:

    I think I'd really like to get rid of the old paid bills that seem to breed like bunnies in my files.

  133. Tonya Says:

    With older parents, we're now taking care of details not just for ourselves, but also for them. This includes everything from medical forms, prescriptions, home management expenses, insurance–it doesn't seem to ever stop. ScanSnap products would allow us to take the paperwork burden off of their shoulders–without weighing us down! That'd mean less time *doing* for them and more time *being* with them.

  134. Chuck R. Says:

    I want to scan the many medical documents I receive including insurance statements etc and I would like to use it to scan in my bank statements and bills so that I don't have to keep the paper copies that keep piling up month after month.

  135. Joaquin J. Alemany Says:

    This scanner would allow me to start scanning two file cabinet-fulls worth of paper (the file cabinets are a real eyesore and I would win big brownie points with the wife).

  136. Norma Meccay Says:

    Hi My Name is Norma Meccay Office Mgr for a 6 Physican medical office. I have tons of paper and very important documents that I need help with organizing. If I won the scanner that put the documents in the proper place and neatly organized it would make my life soooo much easier and happier. My job entails working with Sublease contract's, confidental patient information/billing, Sublease payments, Monthly invoice payments and reciepts, Staffing time off, credentialing for my Physican's and many more job duties that I need help with organizing. Winning this scanner would change my daily work life dramatically. I would even love to have one at home for my own personal needs.
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    Norma Meccay, Amherst Medical Associates LLP

  137. dennis chavez Says:

    Just wondering if scanner accepts flimsey paper such as w-2s , That might motivate me to jump on the band wagon and send all their paper support back with them.

  138. Monica Says:

    I would love to scan all of my documents that go back to 1960! They are getting difficult to read and an electronic version would help them last a longer lifetime! With these documents scanned, so many can learn from the past (some are even newspaper articles).

  139. Nick Says:

    I use the S1100 now and its great! Portable. Convenient. Excellent quality. I use it every day and highly recommend it!

  140. Tom Allen Says:

    I truly believe the scan snap can make most people go paperless, finally. My household has been using a desktop scan snap for about a year and we have cut about 90% of our paper filing needs.
    Thanks Fujitsu.

  141. Sandi Weber Says:

    I would love to be able to scan and electronically store all of those receipts/Explanations of Benefits. Managing all the paper documents for medical expenses is a mess.

  142. Vickie Maples Stanton Says:

    As a REALTOR, I collect too many business cards to count. It is my pleasure to scan these cards and toss the hundreds accumulating in ziplock bags in my desk.

  143. David Kovacs Says:

    Hoping to one day be able to link scanned pages to my online Quickbooks so I can attach a scanned bill to the bill entry. How cool would that be?!

  144. David Cone Says:

    I have used a SnapScan scanner at work for several years. It would be incredable to have one at home to eliminate the many boxes of past year's files and set everything up for the future.

    David Cone, Houston, TX

  145. SEAN WONG Says:

    I’m a small business owner with 6 employees. We are extremely diligent about preserving documents. My office is currently running in an almost paperless environment which has helped improve office efficiency & increase productivity. One of those Fujitsu mentioned above will certainly compliment with our existing all-in-one devices. In addition to the portable size, it will also ensure business continuity when one of us is out in the field.

  146. Hawk Wala Says:

    Few years ago I decided to go green and get rid of all paper – at this time I have only two drawers of paper left – thanks to Scansnap scanner. I am now considering a portable scanner to take care of all receipts while traveling.

  147. Laura Clemens Says:

    I want my whole office to go paperless so I will need many scanners. Going paperless will make us so much more efficient!

  148. Alan Fontana Says:

    Our school has to scan everything to follow federal guidelines and be prepared for an audit. Meeting agendas, sign-in sheets, minutes, newsletters, calendars, lesson plans, you name it! If it makes its way onto paper, it is very likely that I have to find some way to turn that paper into a digital document!

  149. George Says:

    scan anything I can get my hands on:-)

  150. DOUGLAS Says:


  151. Steve Sanders Says:

    I have 20 years of music scores from shows I've played. I'd love to scan them all to free up space in my music library.

  152. Sandy Barrett Says:

    I have piles of "things to do" papers with instructions on how to do them. I have piles of greeting cards that I just can't throw out. I do online shopping for just about everything and have package slips from everything. I figure a scanner would eliminate the stress I feel everytime I look at these piles of paper!!! Helllllllp!

  153. John Says:

    I like to scan all the paperwork for my business to keep from paying for additional file cabinets as the business grows, and to eliminate paying for the office space that they occupy.

  154. Catherine Cornell Says:

    I'd like to scan snap all my old family medical records and financial records so I can get out from under the clutter and unlabeled file boxes.

  155. Pam R Says:

    I have used this scanner at work – it is THE best. I'd love to have one for home so I could scan in all the stuff I have in file cabinets (health records, warranty docs and receipts, correspondence, photocopies from books/magazines, report cards and sports records of my kids….). Help me to eliminate all of this paper clutter from my life, but not lose the memories!!

  156. c golson Says:

    I have two of these scanners already…. invaluable for scanning everything!!!

  157. DocBubba Says:

    Everything paper – that's what I want a ScanSnap scanner to handle. I want to convert to digital filing & storage, no more paper. Photos, receipts, documents, insurance policies, tax returns, snips from magazines, billing invoices, medical records, legal documents, mortgage paperwork, academic notes and paperwork, professional papers, old calendars, banking records. If it's paper I want to scan it, file it and shred the paper. Not only is this a way to reduce the clutter of paper, it's also much easier to find the document when it's filed on a hard drive. Spotlight is way faster than me manually thumbing through a box or file cabinet of paper. Plus, it's easier to store duplicates backed up on a second hard drive in a safe deposit box paper copies of paper documents … thus, better security to boot! I'd love a ScanSnap scanner … pick me!!! <grin>

  158. Angie Phillips Says:

    As a routine user of my S1500 at my home office, I dread opening my briefcase when on the road and when returning. Having the 1100 to quickly deal with receipts for meals, gas, cars, etc. while traveling would certainly make dealing with that mess a "snap" as well… Fewer things lost, less clutter, less time wasted – heavenly!

  159. marissa Says:

    A paperless environment would help me to organize household purchases, warranties, and manuals. These are all paper items which are useful over the life of the product but certainly add to paper overload. I would also use a scanner for capturing receipts for my business rather than just saving them in a paper folder.

  160. Matt Says:

    I have a large amount of magazine articles that I would like to keep but don't want to hang on to the whole magazine. The scanner would do a wonderful job at organizing my collection of articles.

  161. William Baumeister Says:

    If I am going to be that road warrior estate planning attorney, I need to find a portable scanner I can take to appoitments out of the office. Scanning a signed will at the appointment sure beats taking the origninals back to the office, scanning and mailing the documents back to the client. While my desk has the wonderful ScanSnap 1500 on it, tied to the desk is so early 21st Century.

  162. Jason Says:

    I've got a Scansnap at the office and love it. I scan almost all of the paper that comes across my desk. Much easier to find things and send them off in an email if someone needs something. I'd love to win one of these to scan all of my receipts so I won't have to save boxes of receipts for tax time.

  163. Nigel Says:

    I use my existing S1300 so much it must be almost worn out! Bills, Receipts, Client documents, trusts, wills, statements, tax returns, they all go through the S1300 with ease. I've been using one at my clients houses for so long now, I can't imagine how I managed before seeing this for the first time at MacWorld! I'd love to have a replacement and if the old one still works it can go on my desktop at home for personal use!

  164. NeoGeo Says:

    I would use it on everything; paperwork is just out of control in my biz and home office. Scanning takes a little time, but saves huge amounts of time compared to filing and moving and storing real papers. Yeah!

  165. Tsung-I Hwang Says:

    I want to turn almost all of paper items into digital form as possible as I can.

  166. Joat Says:

    This scanner would be very helpful.

  167. andrew french Says:

    I am a photographer and educator
    and I teach at 3 schools. I am always tearing out magazine pages for
    image references, i have hundreds , and hundreds of them. They show
    composition, color, light, styling, content, historical references,,etc..
    I want to scan them all, so they are easy to send to students, and archive
    for future classes , and work inspirations.. WIll be so easy to travel with, ( thumb drive )
    easy to print out, and eliminate the paper clutter, that my wife is always complaining about ..
    Its NYC, we live in a small apartment !!
    Thank you !!!!

  168. Lynette Joseph Says:

    I do a lot of side jobs; programs (weddings, funerals), flyers, business cards, etc. Digitzing my old work would help me better organize my filing system. So when I want to show my work I won't have to thumb through paper copies. It would also help me to better organize the pictures I put in the funeral programs.

  169. William Stunkel Says:

    Having such a scanner would allow for easy scanning on-site with clients rather than taking it back to the office. I would save time money and hassle each and every day.

  170. Leja Says:

    I want to scan all paper receipts and have them organized by data, vendor, amount, payment type. Can your scanner do that?

  171. Art Anders Says:

    I would like to file my receipts for my business expenses.

  172. Tni LeBlanc Says:

    I would be able to get rid of a few filing cabinets of files and store everything on my server and back up remotely. Life would be lovely.

  173. Linda Hesson Says:

    2 ideas … 1st of all, I have so many medical receipts to track for tax purposes … how much easier would it be to scan them and get rid of all that paper!

    2nd, my husband just passed away 3 weeks ago. I've received so many notes and cards and old photos, etc. I'd love to scan these items and make an electronic scrapbook to share with his family all over the U.S.

  174. John Shackelford Says:

    I have the same problem as many other men. I have a pocket full of receipts and notes that just get tossed onto my bedroom dresser that need to be saved "somewhere"! I wonder it these scanners can do business cards.

  175. Fran Says:

    I'd scan bills and documents and become paperfree

  176. Tsung-I Hwang Says:

    I want to turn almost all the paper items into digital form as possbile as I can.

  177. Shuman Tsai Says:

    I want to turn almost all the paper items into digital form as possbile as I can, too.

  178. Bill Says:

    I would use the scanner to digitize and all of my bills and other paperwork into Evernote… would love this scanner!

  179. Johnny Says:

    Paper bills and various physical documents that I want to index on my computer would be the most useful to scan – even if I maintain a physical copy, it is extremely useful to be able to search for the information without opening up a dusty file cabinet.

  180. Peter luedtke Says:

    I live in north Texas in tornado alley. I want to scan 6 bankers boxes of important personal records so I can store them on a USB and keep them in a safety deposit box. Them all I have to worry about is myself! I feel so bad for what happened to Joplin, MO.

  181. Corey Says:

    I've got a 4-drawer filing cabinet next to my home PC that has all my paper records in it. I've used a SnapScan (albeit to scan photos) before, and it was amazing. I love the units, it's just not something I can AFFORD.

  182. Mike Shaffer Says:

    Reciepts and all the paper work my wife refuses to throw away. Plus a bunch of stuff from when my kids were little.

  183. Jim F Says:

    I'd like to scan it all: bills, memos, mail, etc

  184. SteveW Says:

    I could scan all my research papers using this!

  185. Ed C. Says:

    Winning the Fujitsu Scansnap will help me get on the road to recovery from paper hell! Please pick me.

  186. Bill House Says:

    As a Real Estate Agent, I can see a great advantage to having a great scanner as this to make quick PDF's and for filing them. I can see great potential for filing receipts for all purchases, business or personal for later use. Most receipts are on the heat sensitive paper and fade out too fast. This could create a pemanent record.

  187. John James Says:

    Business cards, receipts, invoices, health insurance documents–you name it. There's so many items that should be digital by now that aren't; it would be great to have something for on the go to eliminate the need for as much paper as possible.

  188. Jason Says:

    I could scan the photos that my in-laws always send of the kids, since they won't get a digital camera! Also, all of these receipts keep piling up in a drawer, woudl be nice to have a way to keep them electronically.

  189. Dan Gentry Says:

    Financial Papers – Tax returns (before TurboTax did PDF), receipts, warranty agreements, bank statements
    Appliances/Electronics – If a PDF of the manual isn't available from the manufacturer, I'd love to scan those little books that clutter my filing cabinet right now.
    Documents from clubs and volunteer work
    I have a large pile of old family photos that I need to organize.

    So many things!

  190. Belinda Says:

    I want one for home. I have one at work and it is wonderful. the two sided scanning is huge. I want to scan receipts, photos, homework, family art work, recipes, tax forms, EVERYTHING!

  191. Amy Says:

    Receipts, invoices, other random bits of mail I have to keep track of, but I'd rather not have sitting around — I'd like to digitize all those things.

  192. Josh Kirby Says:

    As a member of multiple committees, boards, panels, and organizations, I have learned that awareness of the history of those entities is important for delivering effective leadership. However, my sense of service should not mandate a punishment of insurmountable clutter. When possible I try to filter out the documents that I think would be useful for future reference and then trash the rest, but I have learned that my prognostications are not always accurate, and I'm left frustrated without the information that I need. Adding a fast and simple document scanner to my life would allow me to keep documents on hand while preventing my office from growing new mounds of paper.

  193. Drew Says:

    I would use it to scan all the student assignments I grade, so that if there was a question two months later if an assignment was turned in, I would be able to go back (date-wise) and check the records.

  194. @mickeyhayward Says:

    I'll use my new ScanSnap Scanner to get rid of the tons of paper records which take up so much space in my office now.

  195. Bryan Says:

    I want to scan all my medical records so I can shred two file drawers of paper. I also want to scan in all the brochures and information that I collect whenever my family goes on vacation, then I can create a digital memory book of each event. I want to scan all my financial records, power of attorney, will, beneficiary forms, etc. so it will be easier for my estate to be settled when I die. Like Heather, I want to digitize all my son's school work and art work, or at least the ones that don't require a large flatbed scanner.

  196. drcolema Says:

    These portable scanners are great for scanning receipts (and other documents) while I am traveling. I also use Rack2 Filer for the organizing all of these scanned documents. I like the ability to automatically turn simplex documents into duplex PDF's. Saves space and easier to read.

  197. Warren Hiramtsu Says:

    I've been scanning my docs & records since the early 90's. Like everything else, the amount paper we generate far exceeds the amount of time it takes to scan them in. Given this conumdrum, I still persevere. I'm always on the look out for a better and faster scanner. I wouldn't mind having another scanner at all.

  198. Ronald Coupe Says:

    Already using scansnap and have no problems, used to have dozens of paper files to fill every month and now just put all the corespondence in the ScanSnp folder and everything is done and dated. A real time saver and organizer.

  199. Zanne Horvath Says:

    I have medical documents and legal documents that all have to be scanned so I can eliminate the banker boxes that now take up too much room in my little cottage. I also have plans and notes for projects I want to do, but hunting around for the paperwork keeps me from completing some things.

  200. @cwdoty Says:

    These scanners would never have been brought to my attention without a post ( from Michael Hyatt about how he gets them in his workflow. I usually just snap picture or re-enter the data from my notes, with a Scansnap I could also take care of receipts, bills, etc

  201. Steve Silberman Says:

    I am trying to get my law practice as paperless as possible, so everything that is law practice related.

  202. Wendy Says:

    At work, I love my ScanSnap S510, I use it for everything and all is organized digitally for the whole office. The fact that you can search for words within documents makes this many times more efficient than paper filing. And yea – no more paper cuts or torn cuticles (ouch) from filing!! I tell everyone I network with from work to get one for their business, and a number of people have. I would LOVE to have one for home too!

  203. Kayza Says:

    I'd probably scan bills, statements, order confirmations, receipts and other documents that I think might come in handy one day. I'd probably dump them into something like Evernote.

  204. Rebecca Albers Says:

    I would like to get rid of the filing cabinet and declutter my lifeI would like to get rid of the filing cabinet and declutter my life, one piece of paper @ a time. My "To be filed" box is overflowing…

  205. Keith Says:

    I most want to move my wife's recipes and parenting magazine articles into digital form. She can never find what she needs!

  206. Sharon Eisworth Says:

    I love my ScanSnap S1500. It's so fast and helps me stay organized at work. I would love one at home.


    As a government relations professional, ScanSnap has allowed me to stay on top of my small business. With a variety of clients to support and almost 5,000 bill introduced during the current legislative session, ScanSnap is the only tool I have found that allows me to stay organized. I can scan all the documents I need and store them in one easy to use format and in one easy to search place. I can easily email my handwritten notes and drafts to clients so they can make important decisions quickly–a must in this fast paced environment. I couldn't do my job without ScanSnap!!!

  208. Mike Lenoir Says:

    Scanning and keeping the 'incidental memorabilia' of our kids has always been a goal of mine. Yes of course we keep paper copies of the really important stuff, but there are so many cute notes, letters, drawings, scorecards, articles, reports from their teachers, photographs, flyers, announcements, birthday cards and other things that we'd love to keep digital copies of. That is my plan!

  209. @marcopivetta Says:

    In short: paper is the old way to get the information. Scansnap is the new way to manage info. I must get it!

  210. Eli Gadd Says:

    I'm a recent high school grad and I've got piles and piles of notes left that I'd love to turn into images on my hard drive. I'm moving cross country for college and carrying piles of papers simply won't be worth the hassle.

  211. Jose Chama Says:

    I would love to make a nice flower pot with my files cabinet!

  212. Bob Murdock Says:

    I switched to a high deductible medical plan this year and the amount of paper needing to be filed and managed for a family of 5 is unbelievable. I really need a way to get it all scanned and organized.

  213. Glenda Grow Says:

    ScanSnap is the best piece of equipment we have ever discovered! I am in real estate and all of my business files are scanned so we can hopefully soon be paperless.
    Now it is time to get my personal affairs digitized also! I use a separate computer for personal and have been wanting to add another ScanSnap. It will be wonderful getting all my invoices, family memories, art work categorized and much more. Being able to have all the receipts, plans, paperwork for my home in one location — PEACE OF MIND!!!

  214. Ira Goldstein Says:

    I would love to scan all of the tax, insurance and all those other documents that we need to be able to access but rarely ever do.

  215. Jim Says:

    I have used my Fujitsu desktop scanner to scan a lot of old financial records which has been great. It would be nice to have a portable scanner to use outside the house.

  216. Janet Says:

    Using Scansnap to input info into Evernote has become my daily routine.
    Other then bringing it with me everywhere, eg. Scanned the notarized document in front of the lawyer and email right a way to clients. (had to go back home and make a copy first before mailing out before)
    This technology saved me a lot of time and money.

    Other then business, I scanned all my photos from the non-digital periods. And then post up on my Facebook where my 80 years old parents who live 1000 miles away from me can see their previous photos from their TV (by logging into my Facebook account on their TV). You would know how happy they were when they saw those photos when they were 50-60 years old
    playing with my kids. ( now my kids are already 22, they are twins)
    Thanks for the scansnap which is fast and can scan high resolution image.
    Also greatly appreciate their OCR technology that make find document easily.
    Anyway I will give 10 stars for it.

  217. George Harris Says:

    I want to go paperless in my office and consolidate old information. I believe the scan snap can make this happen especially the double sided one.

  218. Howad Says:

    I could shred about 35 box equivalents of trees nually with versaility this product offers.

  219. Stev Says:

    Archive documents, reduce file cabinets

  220. Carol Says:

    I would love to win a scanner. I have personal bills, birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, pictures, warranties, tax returns and more, that I could to turn into digital form. Also, I am a small business owner that has several business documents. I have 15 file cabinets full of paper and would love to go paperless. It would save me so much time, space and money. I could turn my file room into another office. I could be much more productive. So excided.. Can't wait…Hope to win…

  221. Cheryl J Says:

    I would like to scan all of my old letters from friends, old photos, and then clean out every file box that I have! We recently moved and ended up moving into a much smaller home, so being able to empty out all of my file boxes would clear out some desperately needed space!

  222. mss Says:

    I wish these scanners could also scan plastic cards, like drivers' licenses, loyality cards or id cards.

  223. C Troxell Says:

    I would use it to reduce paper clutter and bring some organization to this place.

  224. Earl Park Says:

    I need a way to organize all the business cards into a usable form. Also, same for real estate contracts

  225. Janetta Garton Says:

    I would use the scanner to digitize samples of my daughters school work, achievements, and mementos to create a digital portfolio.

  226. Jonathan Says:

    So long as the document is 8.5" wide, I'll scan just about *everything*…because I won't know a year from now where I've put all those misc receipts for the upcoming year's tax filing season, or maybe the other misc. receipt for that arbitrary item that has a 5 year warranty on it (and it doesn't have to be an expensive item, either), maybe research on my spending habits, refer to HOA documents, preserve samples of my child's schoolwork, heck, anything worthy of keeping but not worthy of occupying precious physical space in my modestly-sized residence.

    Probably the greatest purpose served is scanning all the critical documents (insurance, financial records, etc) that wouldn't survive a catastrophic home fire. I'll have the portable hard disk in my possession if I need to walk out with nothing else, save photo albums.

    If you see yourself as a average homeowner, taxpayer, and parent you will do very well to have one of these devices in your household. It's not strictly for small-office-home-office (SOHO) environments or private practices.

  227. JMarlene Says:

    I want one!

  228. John Says:

    I have stack and stacks of bills, receipts warranties, and stuff that I need to scan! I need to declutter my life.

  229. Tim Hurley Says:

    I would scan pictures of me holding my new S1300 and pass it out to all my friends.

  230. Rick Colosimo Says:

    Best thing for scanning is bank statements, bills, and receipts that are important all year, trouble to keep, organize, and share, and then almost instantaneously useless after tax time (except you have to keep them “just in case”). Scan, store, search, share — so much easier.

    Rick Colosimo

  231. Joseph Turner, Sr. Says:

    My plan is to scan all the documents I've accumulated over the years–childhood photos, academic papers, career highlights and awards–and create a digital archive for my grandchildren. They may never be interested but if at some point down the road they wonder about their origins, they'll have something to delve into that will hopefully provide them with some interesting insights.

  232. nmerwitzer Says:

    I want to scan receipts with an automatic tag such as gasoline, supermarket, etc., so that I could organize the images by category.

  233. Robert Says:

    I have already scanned in close to 4000 charts onto a database and have access from all terminals in the office. It does not get better than this. It has worked out better than I have ever expected. The difficult part is not the scanning but the shredding of the scanned charts. Can't you develop a auto shredder as part of your scanner to scan and shred! That is just a joke of course?? I have also scanned all of the old EOBs from the office and organized them into folders. This is GREAT!!!

  234. Tyson Shih Says:

    i am finally going to clean up years of paper that is filling our home; a promise for my wife's birthday with my snap scan and a new laptop with external back up.

  235. Art Says:

    I'd plow through all of my archives of magazine articles and other reference material that I wanted to save and have indexed for easy searching. It would help shrink my inbox to nothing.

  236. Walter Says:

    The move from scanning nothing to scanning everything is a frightening prospect.

  237. Amy Says:

    I am overrun with paper – and dream of having time to work on scanning records to try to alleviate both the mess, and the stress from not being able to find what I need when I need it. I want to work on digitizing committee meeting minutes from nonprofit boards I am on, correspondence from friends, recipes (anyone know good software for organizing the scanned recipes?),family tree research, financial records, and other misc stuff, in hopes of getting my floor back!

  238. Roy N Says:

    ScanSnap portable scanners would be a wonderful way to scan my clients' paperwork when I visit their homes. I know they will be impressed with technology, and very happy that I won't be taking their paperwork with me.

  239. @TechSavvyLaw Says:

    My current scanner is slow and needs an upgrade. Fujitsu's ScanSnap is compact, easy to use, and fast! Love it!

  240. Susan Sermoneta Says:

    I'd like to scan all the handouts I give to my students in short fiction and composition classes – then store them on Google docs, handy when I need them.

  241. Chris Orme Says:

    I need to scan receipts the most. It will eliminate the pile of receipts on my desk and no more lost receipts!

  242. Fred White Says:

    Loved scanning in a printed spreadsheet into excel.

  243. RCappuccio Says:

    I would like a portable scanner

  244. Skip Coghill Says:

    All my hand written notes. I want to scan them into OneNote

  245. sam chulee Says:

    Fujitsu scanners can not be beat.

  246. Donna Says:

    I find it impossible to list all the documents I want and need to digitize. I guess I would start with all the research, briefs, and memoranda I'd like to organize in my legal practice for possible future reference and then move to our personal papers at home that seem to be winning the war over household space,such as the childrens' school documents, medical invoices, EOBs, bills, etc.

  247. Gary Bolenbaugh Says:

    I have an accordion style folder full of receipts and warranty information. I would love to get all of that scanned in for ease of access and management.

  248. Zuckerman Says:

    I'm an attorney in a one person firm. In my state, I am required to retain files for at least five years. My small office space has about reached it's maximum capacity and the choice is to store files electronically or rent expensive off-site storage space. I have an MFC but it is relatively slow when it comes to scanning massive amounts of material. The Scanner would allow me to turn my files into PDF files and store them on a hard drive (with backup, of course.

  249. Craig Rispin Says:

    I'd love to scan all my love letters from my girlfriend (now my wife of 21 years!) so they don't ever get lost.

  250. Alan Duchan Says:

    The ultimate goal is to have no paper at all. If there was a single thing I'd like to digitize, it's performing and visual art programs that I've collected over the years. Currently, they fill 10 file drawers and are essentially unsearchable.

  251. Rick J Shew Says:

    These scanners work great !!!!

  252. Bruce Avery Says:

    To get all of those articles and documents I'm saving because they have some good idea in them into a digital searchable format. OCRd pdf.

  253. Jill O'Sullivan Says:

    At the office, I would love to have the ability to scan all incoming correspondence and medical records. At home, I want to scan all of my old bills and receipts so I clear out my filing cabinet.

  254. Clarence K. Says:

    I have a choice. I could either let the stacks of paper remain where they are for my cat to sleep on or be cruel by eliminating her favorite resting places with ScanSnap. Those stacks of paper also affect my life and sanity when i have to find something. I think I'll be curel to the cat. .

  255. David Breen Says:

    I have had a Snapscan double-sided Mac scanner for several years; used it to scan legal dockets for a client. It had literally scanned thousands of pages and is still going strong. I’d love to tackle my own file cabinet and get rid of the hard copies of old bills, etc. The I have sitting around… Time to free up some space!

  256. Raymond Says:

    I work with a lot of paper day after day. Copies of receipts, Invoices, Order confirmations and backup documentation. Another thing is; Who wants to carry around a Rolodex full of business cards or even worst, when do you take the time to go one by one and type in all the information into your contacts? When I read about this feature on the ScanSnap 1300 product I fell in love. I can't wait to get my hands one of these. We are well into the second decade of the 2K, it's about time we really went GREEN.

  257. John Says:

    My wife needs one of these so she can get all those recipes she cuts out of magazines out of my liquor cabinet!

  258. Harvey Says:

    Receipts and auto maintenance paperwork/history are some of my favorite scanner fodder. I hate keeping track of that stuff in hard copy!

  259. Bambi Anderson Says:

    I am a paralegal student 3 semesters from completing my courses. I also am a mother of 4, 2 of whom I have been in and out of court on custody/visitation disputes. (That doesn't include the SSI paper work and reciepts I have to keep up with for my autistic 6 year old.) Funds are limited right now so for me to purchase a ScaSnap scanner is not feesable but with all it can do and all the court documents, paper work and school work that can be scanned on to my computer, I would be so glad to get rid of my ugly green file cabinet and the several boxes of stored papers and still have all those important documents safe and secure not having to worry about any of them being damaged.

  260. Sue Burns Says:

    I'd use it to clean off my desk! I always have papers "stored" on my desk because I know I will need them soon. If I had them scanned, they'd be at my fingertips without causing piles everywhere.

  261. Paul Leichty Says:

    With multiple papers for multiple organizations in multiple offices, a portable scanner would be wonderful, allowing me to clear off my desks simply and easily.

  262. Andrew Says:

    I am about to start my own law practice after years of work in a variety of public interest organizations. Since I'm starting fresh I am absolutely going paperless. My plan is that every piece of paper will go into the scanner as soon as I get it. Some will then be shredded, though some I will have to keep. I'm also going to avoid having a fax machine by using an online fax service and a scanner. While there are inexpensive multifunction printers out there they don't support the amount of scanning I want to be able to do and you still need a fax line so a scanner is critical to my business plan. I was actually planning to buy a scansnap in any event so winning one would be a great help to my new biz. Thanks.

  263. A. Parker Says:

    The daily correspondence in client files. Too bulky to physically lug to meetings, but they need to be available to document activity on the matter. Scanning is a perfect solution.

  264. Jere Says:

    I am planning to archive all my past bills found in my filing cabinet very soon. This would be just the ticket!

  265. Amanda Says:

    I've been drooling over these. I so want one!

  266. Sam Bachman Says:

    What I think would be best to scan immediately is the gazillions of product manuals, receipts and warranty information for various toys, gadgets, hardware, etc.

  267. Rebecca L Says:

    I would give it to my husband so he could also move to the paperless world also. He does a lot of genealogy work as a hobby, so paper seems to be everywhere. I have the ScanSnap S1500 and it has been amazing. I have used it to go paperless for almost everything in my world and to eliminate filing cabinets. I volunteer extensively as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) so this scanner has been priceless for the legal documents. I used to home school my son and am active in the home school community and have written many posts about this scanner, steps to take to go paperless and ways it can be used in a home setting to reduce clutter and become organized. I'd love my husband to also use one to eliminate his clutter on his half of the room.

  268. Melissa Riner Says:

    The paper things, how about all the client copies, and file items we need to keep around just in case. Everything from receipts to copies of client originals, they multiply faster then rabbits in spring. Easily scanning these and getting them into document management is essential. Given the difficulty of most scanners, the scan snap would be ideal to scan on demand.

  269. Jim Riner Says:

    I echo my wife's comments, with all the papers we get that must be kept for a variety of reasons, scanning them is the only way to keep up!

  270. Steve Seiple Says:

    I would love a scanner to help eliminate the boxes of paper from my life 🙂

  271. Keith Collins Says:

    For the past six years I have been working my way through old files and current workflow to replace paper with pdf files wherever possible at work. What I want the new Scansnap for is to put it next to my easy chair and laptop docking port so I can scan papers at home while watching the tube – recreational multi-tasking!

    S. Keith Collins, a technolawyer list member

  272. Edward Rooney Says:

    I agree with the many previous commenters who would like to turn the kind of receipts that wind up in your pocket into digital documents. Even if you’re committed to minimizing paper in your office, these many little pieces of paper are easily overlooked.

  273. D. Lambert Says:

    I'd love to try to go paperless; I started scanning stuff at one point with an Epson all-in-one printer/scanner, but it just wasn't built to process stuff as quickly as the ScanSnap is.

  274. Steven Antolak Says:

    I would love not having to file again! Pass on the original letter to my client after I scan it in. No more filing, no more copying and my client already has the original, so I don't have to worry about storage or safety. It's in my client's hands!

  275. Bruce Caraway Says:

    Huge fan of Scansnap! Would love to win a new one to replace my much larger and getting-long-in-the-tooth Fi-5110OEXm.

  276. BenRR Says:

    I have a bad tendency to just jot down notes on whatever paper I have laying around. I have no really good way to organize my notes, would love to digitize them for easy reference.

  277. William M Briggs Says:

    I want to use a scanner to organize all my old paper files and to scan poems, passages from books, and other literature which I want to file and save. It is so much easier to file such notes in electronic form under a subject heading than to have to create a hard-copy folder, decide what to name it and figure out where to put it physically. Another benefit of electronic filing is that I can easily file the item under multiple subject headings, so that I can find it no matter what thought stimulates me to look for it again!

  278. Joe Dipierro Says:

    I live in a small apartment and work in a small office. A scanner is the difference between this and renting warehouse space to store files, both business and personal. Not to mention, having everything scanned allows me faster access to everything. My home scanner is an older Fujitsu, and I'd love to have a newer one, hopefully with faster OCR than my old one.

  279. David J Domin Says:

    I am really tired of my home fireproof file cabinets! Scanning it all into E-form would be awesome.

  280. Joanna Says:

    I have mountains of receipts, recipes, notes, doodles, insurance documents, mounds and mounds of paper and it is too much for our family of four living in a 550 square foot space! help…

  281. David Says:

    I want to turn all the miscellaneous paper in my house into digital form.

  282. Dave Deitrick Says:

    Would like scanning solution mostly for receipts and for the paper documents I get from work.

  283. Rick Says:

    I'd like to scan 5 boxes of old tax and financial records – then shred all the paper

  284. Judy Chilcot Says:

    I work at a full service marina that has been in business for over 50 + years and storage has always
    been an issue here. As you can imagine they have acquired a lot of paperwork over the years, and
    we would really love to be able to compress what we have in storage on the computer. We have old sale folders and work tickets that take up a lot of storage that can be utilized for other things.

  285. Gregory Woods Says:

    I will scan the three tiered shelf full of boxes with all my "important" documents from the past thirty years.

  286. James P Says:

    I would use it to scan the thousands of genealogical documents I've inherited from my family in order to prepare a cohesive, comprehensive family record.

  287. LizardLiquer Says:

    My wife is a pastor/writer and has tons, I mean TONS of commentaries and bible studies that are not on disk…… GROAN. She is getting better now but has a backload of four file cabinets of past work that I would love to digitize. Am waiting for us to save up for one of these or a 1500 Fujitsu for her office.

  288. Jerry Moore Says:

    I am in serious need of some scanning ability. Many closed files must go.

  289. Oliver Weppner Says:

    .My S1500 has work flawlessly to scan purchase orders, photos and a variety of official doumuments.

  290. Patrick Russell Says:

    I already own two ScanSnap scanners that I use in my paperLESS law office. Quick, efficient and a real time saver. I could use a third for home to eliminate paper clutter there as well!

  291. Mary Says:

    I have used this brand at work and would love to have either one of these for my bills etc. at home.

  292. Laura Edwards Says:

    I have a ScanSnap S1500 at work and it has been the pioneering technology to get my office totally organized! As a Legal Ofc Admin I needed to organize all the paper attorneys feel they must keep. It has gradually allowed me to have to keep far less paper in my office. I would love to utilize this at home as well when I take work home and for also getting my life simplified and paperless at home. I can think of so many ways to use it as ScanSnap is on every secretary's desk now at our office and it is helping to lead us one step closer to letting go of all the paper! Love my ScanSnap!

  293. Rick Wagner Says:

    I would love to catalog both my daughter’s artwork that they have created from daycare and elementary school. We must have hundreds of little drawings they make every day to show us how much they love our family, including the pets. Both of them have piles of paper we need to get better organized since we have a hard time throwing things like these away. A ScanSnap 1300 would allow me to organize them into year groups and prepare them in a book format to present to them when they turn 16. After this project, I can finally start on developing a filing system for receipts and forms.

  294. Wayne Vogt Says:

    We have about 19 file boxes of real estate documents we would like to get scanned to open up space in our office storage closet.

  295. Phillip Laurin Says:

    I am a true solo attorney, always finding myself buried in paper. What I would most like to do is be able to scan an entire litigation file and stop carrying around pounds of paper every time I work on a file, even for a short time. ScanSnap take me awaaaay!!

  296. Joy Murray Says:

    I use an S1300 scanner at work. It is the best. You can scan anything with this scanner.
    It is very clear and clean scans, very easy to use. I love that it is so portable. You can use it anywhere. I would love to have one at home. This scanner can get anyone organized. You can scan your bills, important papers, photos, greeting cards etc.

  297. Jeremy R Says:

    Besides the obvious tax and legal docs – my wife collects lots of recipes and if she could just scan all of them instead of typing them individually into her computer or collecting folders of it – it would save a lot of time.

  298. David Bourbon Says:

    We have letters, documents, and photographs going back several generations and would scan them and distribute them to relatives in several parts of the country. This would be an amazing reference for the genealogical research that two of my cousins have compiled and a family history for generations to come.

  299. Tom Sands Says:

    I would love to scan all of my financial statements so I can always refer back to them whenever I need to. Having clean scanned copies that only a Fujitsu can create would allow me to know that they can truly replace the original copy.

  300. AnnVan Says:

    My office paper nightmare–I need to digitize everything. I am a lawyer hoping to start a different business, so currently playing nightowl as a consultant—-my paper (receipts, biz cards, etc.) has quadrupled. It would be nice to have a clear space to sit upon again.:-)

  301. David Ticzon, DDS Says:

    I own my own business and every year I have to use my living room and dinning room floor and tables to organize all the papers of recepts for my taxes. As soon as Christmas is over, the tree is put away and my papers go on the floor. My wife and kids are not allowed to go into the living room and dinning room, or they will be in trouble with Daddy! It would take at least 2 months to go through my box of papers. With a scanner, I could scan and dump scan papers in the box (and organize the scans on my computer), and my wife and kids don't have to worry that I could get grouchy at them if they enter the living room and dinning room. A scanner would make my wife and kids happy during tax time.

  302. Allison Rice Says:

    I am consumed by paper in my office. I want to be able to scan every little scrap and organize it digitally so I can find it.

  303. Paul Stern Says:

    Already use two of the Scan Snap scanners. They are older models and still work great. It is such an integrated part of our office operations that we now need more of them. We are also considering using the system to keep track of our tax clients personal information, such as marriage licenses, birth cert, deeds, etc. Then we will need bigger equipment. Love it.

  304. Old Luddite Says:

    Seeing the tornado devastation on tv makes me want to digitize all the important stuff.

  305. Paul M. Says:

    I just got back from Asia, and I have many items, including those in foreign languages, I want to preserve and catalog.

  306. KPL Says:

    I would love to scan all my divorce documents in 3 bankers boxes because my Ex keeps trying to take me back to court and I can't seem to quickly find the right document for my attorney when I need it! Most of all I don't want to have to look at the boxes!!!

  307. David Says:

    I would use either scanner to get my family's paper life in order. I am a graduate student and full-time employee at a local college, and organizing my physical papers via ScanSnap would help heaps.

  308. @spokenlikeageek Says:

    I have been scanning pretty much everything that drops through the letter box (with the exception of junk mail obviously) and putting it into Evernote for the last few months now and it is great but laborious as I am having to do it on a flat bed scanner that can only handle single sided sheets.

    And when I mean everything, I mean everything: statements, letters, invoices, bills the whole lot. Once in Evernote I can tag it. Then when I need it I just search and there it is.

    By doing this I save 15% on a new Mac as I was able to pull up my Student details and show that I was entitled to the discount.

  309. @sofiaquintero Says:

    I'm a novelist and two of my books are now out of print. Now that the rights have reverted back to me, would like to scan the hard copies I have and turn them into ebooks. This way I can sell them myself online. I bet I generate even MORE revenue than I probably ever did with a major publishing house.

  310. jerry clark Says:

    Hey, I love it. What a great way of getting rid of that pile of office papers.

  311. Mark Cooper Says:

    Wow! I love my ScanSnap fast, efficient and helping me to do my part to in going green has never been easier.

  312. Terri Foley Says:

    Paperless world yes. I am an alternative care practitioner for animals. I have amassed hundreds of articles from magazines and the internet over the last 15 years. They are all very organized in binders that take up much bookcase space. I also have hundreds of business cards that should be organized and sorted. Instead I spend hours looking for an article or a business card. Organize me please.

  313. harvey Peterson Says:

    Our facility here at Superior Montana has over 16,000 inches of medical records, stored all over the place. I am the new Medical Records Supervisor at this hospital and need to find a solution to be able to scan all the medical reocords for the past 10 years and then the core records for years 10 to 20 years as per Montana state law. this is a maddening situation but we need to do this.

  314. ScanSnap S1500 Says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. Definitely planning on reading more.