Here Comes iOS 5

By  |  Monday, June 6, 2011 at 11:11 am

While iOS 5 is slated to have “200+ new features,” at WWDC we only got to see ten of them. The first is something that probably would remind you of Android: the notifications list. Instead of the old way of notifications being displayed as they arrive, they’d now be in list form accessible by swiping down from the top of the device.

Another new feature is the “Newsstand,” essentially a formal launch of Apple’s subscription option for iOS content. A dedicated section would now be included in the iTunes Store, with a companion app created to read this content exclusively.

As earlier rumored, Twitter would be integrated into the operating system, allowing for the feature to be used across apps. Photo, Maps and Camera would be among the first official apps to see such integration.

Other features were intended for Safari. The Reading List option would allow a quick way for content to be saved for later reading. Reader view would allow just the contents of a web page to be e-mailed, not just a link.

Reminders is pretty neat: finally a to-do list for the iOS! But this one’s pretty cool: you can actually not only set it to remind you at a specific time, but also a place: once the iOS device detects you entering near that preset location, the notification you set would appear.

Apple has finally realized iOS needed a camera button that wasn’t on the touchscreen, and is officially making the volume up button another way to take a picture. The camera would also now be accessible from the ¬†lock screen. That’s convenient. Various picture enhancement functions would also be built into the application.

Mail is also getting a makeover, including searching that spans both the device and messages still on the server. Basic WSIWYG mail design functions will be supported.

What may be the biggest new function is something called “PC Free.” Activations are now going to be done completely over the phone, and updates to iOS devices would now be delivered “over the air.” Jobs on stage again stressed the “post-PC world” idea, and certainly this goes a long way to realizing that dream.



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  1. Mark Hernandez Says:

    Oh great. Now twitter streams will have even more stuff streaming through them faster and faster. ha ha

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