I’m Feeling Endangered

By  |  Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 6:28 pm

According to Google Operating System, Google is testing a spruced-up home page and search results with one striking change: they remove the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button that’s been part of Google forever (or  at least since 1998).

Google has a gazillion tests going on at any one time, many of which never turn into permanent, pervasive changes, so it’s a tad early to mourn the loss of I’m Feeling Lucky. And I’m not sure when I last used it–or used it at all, except as an experiment rather than a feature I liked and needed. Still, I’d miss it. I think that’s because it’s a reminder that Google wasn’t always the Web’s dominant company–there was a time when it was an up-and-coming search engine invented by a couple of Stanford students.




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  1. @philosophygeek Says:

    "I'm feeling lucky" should be eliminated – it's based on the now-antiquated philosophy that there's a *single* page on the Web that matches a search. Whereas that's true for navigational searches, there are plenty of searches for which a diversity of results is far better than a single page. I'm happy to see Google evolving beyond this button.

  2. nick dafo Says:

    i never use it…. plus, if you have google instant it will never have any use, the results appear automatically and you dont have any time to click on im feeling lucky…. the same goes for the search button…. they could remove both buttons for those who have google instant on and show them only when you have instant off…. until they make instant the only option like what happened with auto complete (which you cant turn off) and then the buttons are gone for good!

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