Picasa and Blogger No More?

By  |  Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Years ago, Google bought two cool products: Picasa and Blogger. It improved them, but kept the old names. Now Mashable’s Ben Parr is reporting that the Google+ rollout will involve redubbing these services as Google Photos and Google Blogs. Sounds logical to me–especially since the offering I think of as “Picasa” is actually “Picasa Web Albums.”


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  1. Beth Says:

    Man, you scared me – I read your headline and thought Google was going to ditch Picasa. Noooooooooooos!

  2. Mark Hernandez Says:

    Classic. You read a title, and then you go WHAT? and then you click on it, and then you go OH. And someone gets paid. :-

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    I didn’t mean to mislead anyone with that headline (and for the record, nobody at Technologizer made any money if anyone clicked on it). I kinda hope that anyone who reads this site on anything resembling an ongoing basis understands that we’re not into sleazy linkbait titles.


  4. Max Says:

    Clicking the title takes you to this technologizer page and the external link is anchored on the text ‘redubbing these services as Google Photos and Google Blogs.’. Even the linked site’s title uses the word ‘brands’ to qualify what is being retired.

    I hate sensationalism and clickbaiting as much as anyone, but can’t see that as misleading, let alone intentionally so.

    Harry does deserve his rep for respectable tech journalism. 🙂