More on Unhappy Netflix Campers

By  |  Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 6:37 pm

People aren’t happy about Netflix’s effective price hike. I wonder what the odds are that it’ll address their concerns–or at least do a better job of explaining its actions?



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  1. Stilgar Says:

    It's going to keep getting worse for streaming users:

  2. ahow628 Says:

    Discs are something like 10x more expensive to turn around than the equivalent amount of streaming. I'm not sure how this DOESN'T make sense.

    But of course people get that anchor price in their head and can't come to terms with the fact that raising prices isn't just for pocket padding but to actually cover costs.

  3. seabasstin Says:

    That would mean that Netflix should specifically offer cheaper streaming only versions to tempt people without raising the price of disc rentals doesn't it?
    It might seem logical but like many have said, if netflix really had everything on streaming this would not be a big deal.
    but it just doesn't

  4. Taylor Burt Says:

    I'm just going to get rid of the discs….it figures, I just cut the chords from the cable company and Netflix prices increase. Good ol' Murphy.

  5. Mark Hernandez Says:

    I find most negative opinions and reactions to be uninformed. But because they are sensational, the media would never pass on the opportunity to focus on it. It's everywhere.

    As for the streaming part, all I have to say is try Hulu+ for a few days. It's a horrible experience with the overly oppressive ads repeating the same ad a mind-numbing number of times, for the same price as Netflix. Is the difference in shows worth it?

    As for the disc part, I agree with everyone else, it's expensive and dying. I'm backing off to one DVD out at a time and the total for me will be the same and I'll never notice the difference. Most DVDs sit around till the weekend anyway.

    And I agree that separating streaming and disks and avoiding the "incomprehensible and confusing mix of services that cable companies and mobile operators impose on us" may well be a strategic, long-term move that they can't come right out and specifically admit.

  6. Robert Woods Says:

    Mark said: I find most negative opinions and reactions to be uninformed.

    I agree with Mark. Separating streaming and disk services is the next logical step. NF has been making a lot of changes on their website to make it easier to follow the TV series. I’m sure other changes are coming.

    I do find, thought I need to keep the disk service since, often, they are not complete on the TV stuff. There is always one or two segments that are not available on streaming. As soon as that is remedied I’ll be streaming only.

  7. Adjeff8 Says:

    The frustrating thing about stream is 95% of what I’m looking for is not available. I challenge anybody to try this simple test. Type in the search box 100 movies from the past. Anywhere from 1 year ago to 50 years ago. 95 times out of 100 it will not be streaming. And it’s only getting worse due to Starz, Sony Etc.