Google+’s Circles: Popular!

By  |  Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 4:21 pm

A lot of us early Google+ users have spent a lot of time wondering whether Circles–the social network’s feature for limiting your sharing to a subset of your friends–is as killer a feature as Google seems to think it is. Maybe so. Over at All Things Digital, Liz Gannes takes note of an intriguing factoid: two-thirds of Google+ updates are private, not public.



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  1. Marty O Says:

    Circles wouldnt be such a huge deal if people actually knew that Facebook's Friends 'lists' existed. These allow the same (it seems) features as Circles does.

    My brother posted something to Google+, pointing out how he was able to limit who could see it due to this Circle feature. I told him about Facebook Friend lists, and he (being a pretty knowledgeable Facebook user) had no idea the friend lists existed!

    Facebook needs to both streamline the use of these lists, as well as actually tell people the feature exists.

  2. Laurențiu Says:

    Facebook doesn't really care in which list you post your stuff as long as you post it to as many people as possible o they could serve a related ad to as many people linked to that post as possible. I am not saying Google is not using your data to serve you ads but it won't do it on your friends page just when you search something or browse a site that uses Google ads.

  3. David Worthington Says:

    All that I do is add people to my circles. I do not spend any time looking at the posts.