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By  |  Monday, July 25, 2011 at 3:49 pm

I continue to like the new version of Gmail which Google is letting users sample (at least in part) by switching to a new theme. One of the things I like best about it is that it’s not packed to the point of illegibility with messages, options, menu bars, and sidebar items. Google aired the interface out with a lot more white space, and for me, at least, that makes for a far more pleasant, efficient experience. So I’m slightly worried by Google’s report on initial overall response to the new version:

What you like

  • The clean and minimalist look of the new design
  • Seeing a consistent “look” across Google products

“The new Preview theme is wonderful! It’s clean and crisp, easy to read and really focused on the one thing that matters most in Gmail — the mail! Thanks!”

What you want to change

  • Too much whitespace and not enough information (though interestingly, many people reported that they appreciated to lower information density after a while)
  • Not enough contrast
  • Darker theme options

Fine by me if there’s a dense version and a lighter, airier one. (There already is–the new theme is available in two variants.) But for purely selfish reasons, I hope that Google doesn’t react to the “Too much whitespace” feedback by cramming more stuff back onto the page. My eyeballs are very happy with the new look just the way it is.


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  1. Madison McPheeters Says:

    I like the new Gmail a lot! The white space is nice and clean.

  2. denesh patil Says:

    hai iam denesh patil from india . iam new friend to you okay…….. where are you and what is your job and your place tell me__

  3. Jason Says:

    I think the biggest whitespace problem is that they've foregone borders, for the most part. Borders are useful visual cues that, at least for me, I know help my eyes navigate quickly. Google+ is even worse for this, in my opinion.

  4. Art Johnson Says:

    When will Gmail be an "engine" inside of 3-D virtual architecture (Google Sketch-up based) that people can do business "inside" of?..

    It's time to have something way better than Second Life…or Google's first failed meta-universe attempt

  5. Wilma Clinton Says:

    I do not like the new gmail. I just want the old style , where an 82 year old lady and handicapped,
    can get in to my email and they don't tell me I am wrong, when I know which school I graduated from and not told that I am wrong. Please get me straightened out and back to getting my email.

    wilma clinton

  6. nicholascontramundum Says:

    I don't know what that means…

  7. Jo Ann Gaggens tye Says:

    I miss getting my shopping alerts and when friends post and birthday invites for friends

  8. Brian Says:

    So what happened to the settings menu, how do I check out my camera.
    The only settings I seem to have are to do with emails

  9. heather Says:

    I DON'T LIKE IT. I can't now access the e-mails I had under the old system. I can't access the google group I was in.
    What on earth do I do to get all the things which were still in my old account until about an hour ago?

  10. denesh patil Says:

    what are you doing__

  11. M BISHOP-BROWN Says:


  12. elizabeth Says:

    i am confused and frustrated and find great difficulty getting my gmail – WHY did you make his change????? it is a lemon! Please give us back the format that is familiar and functionable most of the time – change is not better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Marci Says:

    I can't view images on some of my e-mail and can't find where to change settings even when I click on show images nothing happens!!!!!!!!

  14. corinateascu Says:

    how can i find my e-mails?

  15. Suckered Again Says:

    I detest the newest revision of gmail!! The upgrade means I can no longer reply to any of the e-mail messages I receive. I get messages that my browser is "outdated" and is no longer "supported by google!" I have a G4 PowerBook that works GREAT! My current browser is the last one that didn't require OS 10.4 or greater!

    In other words, to continue to access e-mail via google, I have to spend more money!! Google SUCKS!

  16. Joseph Weimortz Says:

    I have been a Gmail User for years. Now when I sign in I am told I do not have the right pass word. It has not changed for overt two years. I also get told that I am applying for a new account and my Account information has not been taken. If you cannot correct you problems me know so I can completely remove Google from my computer. It is a pain in the A–

  17. Phillip Fayers Says:

    "But for purely selfish reasons, I hope that Google doesn’t react to the “Too much whitespace” feedback by cramming more stuff back onto the page. My eyeballs are very happy with the new look just the way it is."

    My eyeballs are happy with the old, cramped, higher contrast version. But I appreciate that some people prefer the new one. I just hope Google are sensible enough to allow us to continue to choose.

    In the long run I expect the fixed themes will disappear. I'd like to be able to select a colour theme (high contrast obviously), decide on whether to have borders between content or not and decide on spacing – rather than have to pick a combination of all of those things.

  18. Matt Says:

    I find it funny that we started out with "simple and clean" interfaces way back when because that's all the browser could handle. Then more crap got thrown in at each step, and now we're back to "simple and clean" as if its a revolutionary concept.

  19. ebpp Says:

    i like the new format, but there are a lot of bugs I'd wish Gmail would try to focus on. Attaching files is always a crapshoot…you never know if it's actually going to open the attach box

  20. Julien Says:

    I personally do not like the new version, I don't know … I just never got used to it. Still using the old one on a daily basis.