Targus Lap Lounge: A Nifty Accessory for Couch Potatoes

By  |  Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 11:03 am

Since buying my iPad 2, I’ve found myself consuming more digital video than ever. This is especially true in the mornings, as I lay in bed trying to catch up on the news of the day (and watch Al Jazeera through its awesome iPad app).

Enter Targus and its upcoming Lap Lounge, an iPad 2 stand that is meant to do exactly what its name suggests: sit comfortably in your lap when you’re lounging around in the house, on the plane, and so forth.

Apple has done a good job in bringing down the weight of the iPad 2 to make it a whole lot easier to hold for extended periods of time. That said, after awhile it still becomes a pain, sometimes literally. That’s why I really like this accessory.

Just snap the iPad 2 into the stand, and then adjust the angle to your liking. A cut out in the plastic casing allows the sound from the speaker to be amplified and directed towards you. It’s the same concept as cupping your hand around the speaker, which I’m sure many of us have been done at one point or another (hey, it works!).

The bottom of the stand is a canvas bag filled with the same stuff that’s in bean bags, and adds practically no weight. Having this sitting in your lap for extended periods of time isn’t going to be bothersome at all. I’ve actually also used it to place the iPad on my nightstand and adjust the viewing angle to watch content like it was a television, and it worked well.

Certainly if you’re a heavy digital media consumer on your iPad, a stand like this would be of some value. The downside is the price — $50 — which some might consider a bit steep. Then again, iPad 2 cases average about $35 to $40.

Targus says the Lap Lounge should be available shortly from Targus.com as well as its network of retailers, although no exact ship date has been set.

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  1. Bernie Graham Says:

    Sweet almost as nice as a PadPivot.