Zune HD Gets A Few New Apps

By  |  Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 10:55 am

Microsoft may never build another piece of Zune hardware, but Microsoft is still moving forward with software for it, at least. On Wednesday, the company released nine new apps for Zune HD users, which owners can grab by heading  to the Zune Marketplace.

The apps include eight games: Finger Paint, Trash Throw, Slider Puzzle, ColorSpill, Splatter Bug, Vine Climb, Decoder Ring, and Tug-O-War. Microsoft has also released a calendar app. Updates for Email, Echoes, Zune Reader and Penalty! Flick Soccer were also part of the update.

With the additions, there are now 62 apps available for the Zune HD. My understanding is that Zune development had been transferred over to Windows Phone, so I’d think this is probably the beginning of the end of new apps for the platform.

Of course, there’s a bit of confusion out there in the blogosphere as to why Microsoft would bother even still developing for what is essentially a dead platform. I think it makes perfect sense.

Let us remember that there were millions of consumers out there that took a chance on Zune, and the HD itself is still less than two years old. I think it’s Microsoft’s responsibility to support these folks at least for the near future: after all, they could have gone out and bought an iPod Touch instead.

How long does this go though? Probably not too much longer. If you’re a Zune HD fan, I’d start weighing your options. Your smartest move is probably moving on over to Windows Phone 7 since it is now carrying the Zune torch.

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  1. lawyer in Long Beach Says:

    Just pointing out the obvious maybe, but who in the world buys a zune instead of buying an ipod? I mean its so much better!