Rumor: HP to Spin Off PC Business

By  |  Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 9:44 am

Bloomberg’s Jeffrey “No Relation” McCracken, Serena Saitto, and Aaron Ricadela are reporting that HP plans to spin off its PC business and might announce so as soon as today. Big news if it happens–but not necessarily big news that would have much of a visible impact on HP customers. (Betcha that the brand name they adopt will be…HP.)



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  1. Tom Ross Says:

    I just watched Mossberg’s 2010 interview with Steve Jobs again where Jobs predicted that PC are eventually going to be like trucks, and most people would buy compact computing devices instead of PCs. Walt asked him when that would happen. Surely not next year? Steve Jobs just smiled. It seems that HP is trying to stay ahead of the curve. In a shrinking PC market there might not be sufficient space left between high-end Macs and the low-end, zero margin Asian products. On the other hand, together with the Moto purchase on Monday, this could become a quite sad week for traditional American engineering. Let’s hope that HP can keep their hardware expertise alive in other fields.

  2. Dave Says:

    Any word on who may pick up HP's PC biz? and does that include laptop as well?